Summer Tesla Cooling Car Seat Cover for the 2016-2024 Model 3/Y


Do you suffer from hot, sweaty seats during the summer?
Beat hot, sweaty seats with cutting-edge cooling tech—8 fans for instant comfort. Adjustable settings, premium materials ensure durability and perfect fit. Drive cooler, drive better with 3D perforation fabric for ultimate summer comfort.

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Instant Cooling: Experience immediate relief with the Uireefly cooling seat cover designed for Tesla Model 3 & Y. Featuring 8 powerful turbo fans, our seat cushion ensures instant cooling, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest days.

Efficient Air Control: Benefit from extensive testing and upgrades. The internal fan layout and airflow paths are optimized for aerodynamics, ensuring smooth, strong, and even cooling airflow.

Cooling and Massage—Enjoy a 2-in-1 experience with three fan speeds for personalized comfort. Our seat cover also includes a vibration massage function to reduce driving fatigue effectively.

Custom Fit: Tailored specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, our seat cover fits models from 2016 to 2024 perfectly. Designed with precision at the head, waist, and tail sections, it stays securely in place without sliding
Premium Quality: Crafted from premium leather, our seat cover combines softness, smoothness, and durability. It’s dirt-resistant and wear-resistant, protecting your original seats while enhancing your vehicle’s interior with sleek black or pristine white options.

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