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Keeping your car looking great has never been easier thanks to 3D Mats USA. By using 3D mapping technology and premium construction, 3D Mats bring perfect-fit liners to your vehicle’s floors and cargo areas.

3D Mats has also released a range of car accessories for outdoor adventures. They offer roof racks, awnings, and cargo boxes. And they produce other top-quality interior car protection devices.

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    About 3D Mats

    3D Mats USA commits to high-quality automotive aftermarket products. Everything they create encompasses the ideal combination of style, quality, and protection.

    By refusing to compromise, this company creates a new standard in perfect-fit automotive liners. They’re made using soft yet durable materials and add a polished touch to any car.

    After using 3D Mats in my cars through mud, snow, and punishing environments, I am thoroughly impressed. The removable floor mats clean off with a quick rinse. It always reveals a brand-new appearance underneath.

    3D Mats USA History

    Founded in 1985, 3D Mats is a well-established brand with a wide reputation for its high-end automotive accessories. 

    Backed by an award-winning team of engineers, the automotive company holds patents in 30 countries. It has also won multiple SEMA awards. Their focus on premium materials and construction is recognized around the globe.

    3D Mats USA has its center of US operations in Fontana, California. This office handles US sales, distribution, and customer support.

    The 3D Mats products are not outsourced to other manufacturers. Instead, they’re made in 3D Mats facilities in Taiwan and China with plans to open a US facility soon. You can trust that every item 3D Mats crafts is under a high standard of care.

    3D Mats USA Brand Lines

    3D Mats USA sticks to three brand lines. This level of focus allows their research and expertise to shine.

    3D Mats USA’s most popular product line is the Perfect Fit Floor Liners. Each one uses a laser-measured 3D digitized design to match every curve and corner of your car. And they feature an easy-clean multi-layer construction with a non-slip base and a fashionable upper.

    Perfect Fit Liners Recommend

    3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Liners

    Featuring a soft-touch thermoplastic upper, XPE comfort foam middle, and a patented MAXpider anti-skid base, these floor liners are far more sophisticated than most. They provide superior all-weather, waterproof protection with a stylish look.

    The precision design tucks into every corner and curve of your car’s floor. And it incorporates a raised edge surrounding to trap every bit of sand, dirt, and water. There’s no way for anything to get through this impenetrable barrier.

    My favorite aspect is how easily they come out and clean off. After brutal muddy days, I blast them with a hose to bring them back to new.

    Besides this amazing protection, the 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Liners also dial up the interior look. They impress everyone who steps in my car.

    • Amazingly durable, high-quality construction
    • Full coverage waterproof protection
    • Easy to clean and restore to like-new condition
    • This set does not include cargo coverage

    3D MAXpider Kagu Fit Rear Cargo Liner

    The cargo area might not see the bottom of your shoes, but it deals with spills and messes of its own. Rather than worrying about mishaps, this 3D MAXpider Liner provides the protection you need.

    I have been using this in my Tesla Model Y for months and it’s already been a lifesaver. After one nasty grocery run spill, it paid for itself. 

    I’m also a big fan of the fact that it matches every bend in the trunk design perfectly. This product includes two patches for the odd-shaped areas.

    Like the other 3D Mats perfect-fit floor liners, this Cargo Liner features a layered construction. It’s tough and easy to clean. The XPE foam helps absorb vibrations and noise. It makes a big difference in the sound coming from the cargo area, especially at highway speeds.

    Since it fits so well, it stays put and doesn’t move around while driving. It helps secure my cargo and has raised edges to trap every bit of dirt and debris.

    • Ideal precision-fit cargo coverage and protection
    • Low-maintenance and long-lasting materials 
    • Waterproof surface with raised edges
    • Although it folds, it still hides the hatch for hidden storage

    3D MAXpider Kagu Frunk Front Cargo Liner

    Finding premium, customized car accessories can be a challenge. And one area that most companies ignore is the frunk of my Tesla. I understand that not everyone has a frunk, but to those of us that do, they’re an important feature!

    It’s also an area where I like to store items that are great to have in my car, like windshield washer fluid and a car cover. The only problem is that these can spill or drop a lot of dirt, snow, or other messes into my frunk.

    Thanks to 3D Mats USA’s Frunk Front Cargo Liner, my worries have disappeared. Even on the worst days, I can take off my car cover and stash it in my frunk without worrying about any damage.

    Like all 3D Mats USA Liners, the frunk coverage is extreme. It has edges, waterproof materials, and a perfect fit. It’s the best solution around from Tesla frunk protection.

    • Perfect frunk cargo liner
    • Stops spills, dirt, and messes from reaching the floor
    • Fits seamlessly without taking up any space
    • This set is the frunk liner only, you must buy the separate rear cargo liner


    When adventure calls, the gear has to come with. 3D Mats USA offers an array of versatile and feature-packed outdoor accessories. My favorite is the car roof basket. It lets me securely strap on anything and everything to my roof. 

    No matter which 3D Mats USA Outdoor accessory you buy, you can have confidence. It’s made to the same high standards as the rest of their products and will combine style, quality, and protection in one sleek package.

    Interior Accessories

    The floors aren’t the only part of a car’s interior that worth protecting, 3D Mats USA understands what life can throw at you. So it delivers big time with its lineup of Interior Accessories.

    I love the headrest covers the most. Available in leather and suede, they dial up the cushiony comfort while also adding an elegant touch.

    And whenever my dogs come along for the ride, the seat defenders provide the coverage I need. No more scratches and no more worrying about the mud they’re running through away from home.

    Our Verdict

    The automotive aftermarket industry is no stranger to 3D Mats USA’s undeniable expertise. This award-winning company uses high-tech engineering with robust materials to protect your car.

    3D Mats USA delivers big on its Outdoor and Interior Accessories. You can enjoy life without worrying about damage or dirt in your car.

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