How To Adjust Mirrors In a Tesla

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Tesla has made adjusting and folding your exterior mirrors very easy. As with most of their tech features, you can adjust the positions via the touch screen or scroll button on the wheel.

In our simple guide below we will take you through the steps for adjusting your side mirrors on all models as well as the rearview and how to fold.

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    How Do You Adjust The Side Mirrors On Your Tesla?

    Adjusting the side mirrors on your Tesla is simple but how you do it varies between the models.

    How To Adjust The Mirrors On Tesla Model 3 & Y 

    For the Tesla Model 3 & Y, you can adjust your mirrors by going to your touch screen, tapping controls, quick controls then mirrors.

    Choose which mirror you want to adjust by clicking left or right. Then use the left scroll button on your wheel to move the mirror. To move the side mirrors up/down, move the scroll button up/down. Then move it inwards or outwards to move them left or right.

    You will also find that the driver’s side mirror automatically dims at night when driving to stop the glare of headlights. To turn this off/on go into controls, mirrors, and select auto dim. This doesn’t work when you are reversing.

    How To Adjust The Mirrors On Tesla Model S & X

    The 2020 Tesla Model S allows you to adjust their mirrors by pressing the buttons located on the driver’s door.

    To adjust, select the window either left or right then the button will light up. You can then adjust the mirrors with the arrows according to the position you want. Make sure to press save on the touchscreen when you’re happy with the position.

    The latest Model S in 2023 allows you to adjust the side view mirrors by going to controls in your touchscreen then selecting mirrors. You can then adjust the position with the left scroll button on your wheel like the Model Y and Model 3.

    As with the Model 3 & Y, the driver’s side mirror automatically dims at night. You can control this option via the touchscreen by going into controls, mirrors, and auto-dim.

    To adjust the mirrors on the Model X follow the same steps for the Model 3 & Y.

    Tesla includes heated mirrors on all its models, this was made a standard inclusion on the Model X and S from 2018. 

    Since 2020 the Model 3 and Y also include this as a standard, before it was part of the add on premium package. These heated mirrors defrost to improve vision in the colder months.

    How Do You Adjust Folding Mirrors On Tesla?

    There are a few different folding options available for all Tesla models when it comes to mirrors.

    You can fold or unfold your mirrors in tight spaces by going to the controls on your touchscreen. Then select fold/unfold mirrors. Mirrors will unfold when you’re driving faster than 31 mph.

    There’s also an option to set your mirrors to fold/unfold automatically via controls, mirrors, and mirrors auto fold. You can override this automatic function by pushing or pulling the mirrors manually.

    How To Set Folding Mirrors At Location

    To set your mirrors to fold/unfold via location, drive to the location then fold your mirror and press ‘save location’. You can also go to your mirror controls and press ‘always fold mirrors at this location’.

    Make sure you’re stopped or driving at a speed of less than 3 mph for this setting to work.

    Your mirrors will automatically fold/unfold when you are within 7.5 meters of the specified location. There’s also an option to set it with your HomeLink.

    Tilting The Mirrors

    The mirrors on all Tesla models have an option called auto tilt which tilts the mirrors downwards when reversing. 

    You can adjust the positions of the mirrors when you’re in reverse. After this, they will automatically tilt to this position when you reverse.

    If you want to turn off auto tilt then go to controls, mirrors, and press mirror auto tilt off.

    How Do You Adjust The Rear View Mirror In Your Tesla?

    The rearview mirror adjusts manually in all Tesla models. In drive or neutral, the mirror will automatically dim at night or in low-light conditions.

    How Do You Use The Vanity Mirror In Your Tesla?

    To find the vanity mirror in your Tesla go to your sun visor and fold it downwards. Use the tab to reveal the mirror and it will automatically illuminate. When you close the mirror the light will turn off.

    Our Verdict

    Adjusting the mirrors in your Tesla is simple via the scroll buttons on the wheel or buttons on your car door depending on your model.

    You always have the option to change when your mirrors unfold/fold. You can change them manually when needed like a regular car too.

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