Best Tesla Bed For Camping

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If you’re intrigued by the idea of using your Tesla for overnight camping, you’ve come to the right blog. 

We’ve tried many Tesla beds and have found a few worth your time that you might want to buy for your camping trip. 

Our Tesla Bed

The Best Tesla Camping Bed Reviewed

Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress – Best Overall

In our opinion, the Milliard tri-folding soft but supportive certified memory foam mattress is the best option for your Tesla. This 3-pound mattress will let you get a comfortable sleep no matter where your travels take you to. 

This is thanks to the bed’s therapeutic qualities, comfortable 4.5-inch supportive foam base, and ventilated airflow design that regulates your temperature while sleeping. 

Although this mattress isn’t specifically made for a car, it’s designed to be multi-purpose and its tri-fold design makes it easy to put in a car. You can also purchase a convenient carry case for this bed for better storage and ease of use when camping. 

Additionally, no matter how often you fold or sleep on it, it’ll never lose shape. This is because this mattress features superior high-density construction. 


  • This patented design bed is available in size.
  • With a removable machine washable cover. 
  • It has a very cool return policy.


  • Some users have complained the mattress is made with fiberglass. 
  • When opening it there is a bad smell that goes away quickly.

CertiPUR-US Roll-Up Mattress – Best For Versatility

If you’re seeking a versatile mattress for your Tesla, you can’t go wrong with the CertiPUR-US memory foam roll-up mattress. 

This 3-inch thick hybrid design portable mattress features 1 inch of memory foam and 2 inches of dense foam. This makes it supportive and comfortable for most people. In fact, its hybrid design allows the base to remain firm and support your weight while the soft, moldable top conforms to your body as you sleep. 

This mattress can be placed in your Tesla easily, and you can store it daily with its convenient tote bag. Yet, the thing that makes this mattress the most versatile is that it can be carried like a backpack when rolled up. 

This means you can easily take it out of your Tesla and with you on a hike to a new camping spot if you fancy a night under the stars. Yet, it does need to be rolled tightly to be conveniently carried. So keep your hands on the edges while rolling to ensure it packs away easily. 

You also don’t need to worry about it sliding to anywhere while you sleep. It has a skid-free bottom and an ultra-plush cover that protects it from the back of your Tesla’s seats. 


  • The cover is waterproof, durable, and machine washable. 
  • The travel bag cover has built-in pockets to easily store small stuff. 


  • This bed is more expensive than other comparable models with cheaper materials. 
  • Heavier users find this mattress uncomfortable. 

TESCAMP Memory Foam Mattress – Best For Ease-Of-Use

You need a portable mattress that is comfortable and uber-easy to use. Thus you should consider the TESCAMP memory foam mattresses.  This mattress is one of the easiest to use for camping and trips.

Unlike the other mattresses on our list, this one has been specifically designed for a Tesla and maximizes your sleeping space. It is also great for boondocking and car camping.

You’ll also love that it is uber-easy to set up and pack away and more convenient. It will only take a few seconds to set up and a minute or two to pack away. It also includes a nice mattress sheet and two zipper-carrying bags, adding an extra convenience layer. 

Also, although it might not be the thickest memory foam base car bed at only 2.4 inches thick, it is still super soft. Luckily, you can buy another 2-inch full mattress to put on top of it for superior comfort. It also has hard boards added to ensure you enjoy proper neck support. We promise it gives a bed-like feel, which you need when away from your home. 


  • Features a space-saving design.
  • It can be stored in the frunk or sub-trunk of a Tesla. 
  • There is Velcro on the bottom to keep it from shifting during use.


  • It isn’t recommended for those who weigh more than 180 pounds. 
  • It is far more expensive than other Tesla beds. 

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Matrix Roll-Up Mattress – Best Budget Pick

Not everyone has the money for an expensive bed for their Tesla. So if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune, you should look at the technologically advanced Matrix Cell memory foam roll-up mattress. 

This mattress can be used for your car, or you can use it outdoors. This is thanks to its waterproof fabric cover. It’s also machine washable, and the cover is 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin. 

Another plus is that it has an anti-slip bottom that doesn’t let the mattress slide while in use. This will ensure you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. 

Yet, what you’ll likely love the most about this budget pick is that it is versatile, lightweight, and easy to set up and pack away. It also has a comfortable length of 80 inches which helps you easily pull the mattress toward the headrest to prevent pillows from falling into the cracks. 


  • Six months no-questions money-back asked guarantee. 
  • Easy to carry and includes a convenient storage bag and packing straps. 
  • High-density foam base and memory foam topper. 
  • 6 months no questions asked money-back guarantee.


  • The dense foam material is a bit expensive. 
  • It doesn’t fold up small and takes up way too much storage space.

Topfit Inflatable Bed Pad Mattress – Best For Short Trips

One of the best inflatable mattresses for Teslas is the one sold by TopFit. This air mattress has been specifically designed to fit various Tesla Models. So, you can trust that this bed will fit. 

Since this bed takes a little longer to set up than the others on our list, it’s usually best for those going on short trips. This is because you will need an air pump to inflate it, and you might need an electrical source, so it could get tricky. It also takes about 5 minutes to inflate and deflate.

You can look forward to an air mattress made from high-grade, durable PVC material. This mattress also has a soft touch, is super easy to clean, and is waterproof, so you needn’t worry about messes. 


  • Easier than other Tesla air mattress beds. 
  • A one-year warranty backs it for natural damage. 
  • This one doesn’t leak any air.
  • It can be readily stored in the bag provided.


  • The pump it comes with is of not good quality and does not work properly later. 

Our Verdict

With so many options on the market, finding the perfect bed for your Tesla adventures can be challenging. Hopefully, it will be easier now that you know more about the best beds for your Tesla. 

Each of the beds we mentioned about is worth buying since they are all premium quality, durable, mostly affordable, and comfortable. In our opinion, the Milliard tri-fold mattress is the best, but you might prefer one of the other options depending on your needs. 

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