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Let me guess! You’re likely here because you have ever lost your Tesla Key Card and intend to hold onto your current one. Or maybe you’re just looking for the best way to keep your key card safe. The best solution is to look for a Tesla key card holder. 

We tested Tesla key card holders and found the Seven Sparta holder to be the best overall. 

So how do you find the best Tesla Key card holder? Worry not; I have highlighted below the best options for you to consider. 

Our Tesla Key Card Holder

Best Tesla Key Card Holder Reviewed 

Seven Sparta Key Card Holder – Best Overall

We specifically liked the Seven Sparta holder for its soft silicone material, which limits cases of scratches.

Additionally, it’s tight enough and cases of the key card slipping and ripping are non-existent.

Also, the material is cold and heat-resistant. Therefore, you’ll use the holder for a long time without it cracking.

Furthermore, it’s designed with a key ring that makes attaching the card to a bag or key chain easy. We’re certain you’ll like its hollow back and 3D design. Well, the hollow designs clearly outline the Tesla logo. 

Most importantly, customers get a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product fails to meet their expectations.


  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with all Tesla Models except Model S
  • It has a 3D design
  • The product is heat resistant


  • Only available in red and black

RFID Blocking Minimalist Card Holder – Colorful Choice

The Small RFID Blocking card holder is available with 6 card slots. It’s very slim and well-designed with RFID-blocking features. Therefore, it’ll block RFID signals to protect your cards. In addition to holding your Tesla key card, you can also use it to keep your credit cards safe. 

This card holder is designed with leather materials making it highly durable. What’s more, both men and women can comfortably use it. You can keep it in your front pocket to access your Tesla key card faster. 

Finally, the card holed prevents electronic pickpocketing. And to your advantage, it’ll protect your identity.


  • Cheap and durable
  • Allows faster and easier front pocket access
  • Has 6 card slots
  • Supports RFID-blocking


  • You can easily misplace it

TANDRIVE Key Card Holder – Best Budget

The TANDRIVE 2PCS Silicone is a set of two cards for securing your Tesla key card.

They use flexible black silicone materials on the back that have proven to be long-lasting and flexible. The front is made up of hard clear plastic. Generally, the product is very smooth and sturdy.

Additionally, the product is lightweight, so you to easily carry it anywhere you want. We liked its secure fit feature that prevents your key card from falling. 

Furthermore, you get to enjoy four color options. You can choose according to the color of your car, or two different colors to identify between the two key cards.

In conclusion, this is a must-have affordable option if you want convenience and color options. 


  • A variety of color options
  • Waterproof


  • The clear panel plastic may break into pieces rather easily

Tesla Model 3 Key Card Holder – Best for Valet Parking Pick

If you buy this key card holder, you will get a black plastic bag inside hard plastic with a keychain.

The solid black key ring looks the same style as the key card. The key is not easy to bend because of the hard plastic material

Enter and take out from the side recess. It’s very easy to slide in and the small pressure tabs are anchored in pretty tight. Easy take it out to valet or garage from wallet.

Easy to carry, you can put it and house keys together. Or you can easy to put it in your purse or wallet.


  • Cheap
  • Hard to get the key card out


  • Slip on the floor may crack.
  • Excessive pressure or twisting movement may rupture

Ridge Minimalist Wallet – Best Durable

The Ridge slim card holder is a slim and high-quality wallet with military-grade materials that guarantee lifetime durability. Also, it has a metal body that protects it from powerful RFID chip readers.

Although this cardholder is thicker than other key holders. It fits in the front pocket or back pocket very nicely because it’s small. You also can put your phone and wallet into the same pocket.

Additionally, there is an integrated money clip to secure your bills. You can carry all your cards and cash in this wallet.  

Finally, you get a lifetime warranty allowing you to get replacements if the product fails to meet their expectations.

If you are a person who spends money on a lot for the quality and something that will last a long time. You must love it.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Small and lightweight
  • RFID-blocking features
  • Fits lots of cards


  • Expensive

KE-KE Card Holder – Best Fashionable Pick

The KE-KE Card Holder is lightweight to carry wherever you want. Additionally, it’s made from leather materials, making it long-lasting.

Generally, it looks elegant and neat. Additionally, the leather grain texture makes it non-slip. Furthermore, it has a key ring and hook to attach your Tesla key card. 

Finally, the sleeve reveals a Tesla logo. This way, signals can function without any interruptions. 


  • It doesn’t interrupt signals
  • The leather texture makes it easy to hold


  • Only available in red and black

Our Verdict

In conclusion, a card is extremely helpful in identifying your vehicle when using a valet or taking the car in for service. Therefore, having a cardholder is a great way to protect your card and makes it easy to use a valet. 

Overall, we recommend Seven Sparta holders. For high-quality durable wallets with key cards, you can choose Ridge Minimalist Wallet. It’s about time you kept your Tesla card safe. 

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