Best Tesla Model Y Air Freshener

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Keep your car smelling fresh and clean with the best Tesla air fresheners on the market. 

These Tesla air fresheners will infuse your vehicle with a delightful fragrance, and make your drive more enjoyable.

Our Tesla Model Y Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener – Best Overall

This incredible Tesla air freshener stops odors in its tracks. It doesn’t rely on fragrances to cover ugly smells. Instead, this innovative product uses the odor-absorbing capabilities of charcoal.

The PURGGO Air Freshener features eco-friendly bamboo and hemp. It naturally soaks up smells using materials that grow rapidly, and doesn’’’t even rely on plastic. It is completely chemical-free and safe for the whole family, including kids and pets. Be warned though, it will also soak up any good smell too.

My absolute favorite part is how long-lasting it is. Yet this bamboo charcoal can keep going and going for more than a year. Just toss it in the sun about once a month to recharge it.

Between the gym, my dog, and all sorts of take-away food, my car is no stranger to funny smells. But after getting this air freshener, I’ve been able to enjoy a scent-free interior. 

And for my friends that don’t have it yet, I’m going to get this as a gift for them. Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling car?


  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Great for breathing sensitivities
  • Product lasts more than 365+ days


  • Doesn’t add a fragrance
  • Absorbs both good and bad car smells 

S3XYWORLD Tesla Air Freshener – Best Scented

This sleek aromatherapy device sends comforting essential-oil-based scents into your car. And it comes with a sleek modern enclosure that matches Tesla’s style.

While the scents are all incredible, the thing that impresses me about this product is the design. It fits perfectly into the Tesla lower air vents and has a built-in grip, so it doesn’t slide around while driving. It sits tucked away while still providing a fresh scent whenever you want. 

I started with it on the driver’s side, but noticed it prevented accurate control of the directional airflow. Since that was annoying, I moved it to the passenger side to avoid that. If you’re particular like me, I highly recommend placing it on the passenger side vent.

It’s available in four distinct aromas. The Rainforest After Rain scent is my favorite. It fills my mind with a dense canopy covered in fresh dew. But the White Tea Valley is another woodsy aroma that smells great. This scent paints a vivid scene of an orchard filled with lovely aromatic gardens. 

Or you can have your choice of two more floral scents. Both make it seem like your car is a private floral shop filled to the brim with the season’s best picks.

The scent sticks are SGS Certified and made from natural essential oils, so you can be confident that they’re safe. The scent still lasts after two weeks of use. Since they’re placed in the air vent, it produces a lot more fragrance when the air conditioner or heater is turned on.

You can buy the refill sets separately for an excellent price. Replacing the scent stick is easy as could be. Unscrew it and pop in the new stick.


  • Sleek design made for Tesla
  • Four pleasant aromas
  • Super strong scent


  • There is no control for the scent level

LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener – Best Budget

Made by the same brand that makes the iconic little tree car fresheners, this product brings the same powerful aromas in a new design. It’s a small clip-on device for air vents that you can clip onto your Tesla’s rear passenger air vents. But I suggest you add some plastic between the insert and the car vent. Since it’s black, it blends in well with Tesla’s interior design.

This Tesla air freshener comes in three scents. The New Car one is my top choice. Every time I hop in, it reminds me of the day I bought my car. But the other two scents, including Sandalwood and Black Ice, are also amazing.

You can’t beat the price either. Each package includes four individually wrapped fresheners, providing about 60 days of fragrance. I like to keep these in my car and open one whenever my car needs a little boost.

In comparison to the other more innovative products, this one tends to feel a little dated. But it’s also an icon in car air fresheners and for good reason. There’s no doubting this product’s ability to get the job done.


  • Three available scents
  • Up to 60 days of fragrance


  • Does not clip onto the front air conditioning vent

DAILY LAB Star Glow Tesla Air Freshener – Most Luxurious

The minimalist design uses a magnetic aluminum alloy with velvet-processed AG glass. It has an undeniably high-end feel and looks.

Hiding under the impressive exterior is a plant-based fragrance tablet that provides a fresh scent for up to 60 days. There are four different scents to choose from, each alluring in its way. But my favorite is the White Peach Oolong. It’s fruity yet also warm and gentle, light and not strong. 

This Tesla air freshener has a unique and cool look that is similar to a reflective rainbow. There is color on the surface itself and gold aluminum on the case and body. You can also get a white one if your Tesla has a white interior or paint job. Between the amazing scent and the elegant look, it has what it takes to beat out the rest.

The price might surprise you. It is higher than other car air fresheners. But once you get it in your hands, you’ll see and feel the quality difference. The case will last a long time and even the scent tablets outlast almost anything else on the market. Plus, two come in each package, providing up to 120 days of fragrance. 


  • Beautiful design
  • Long-lasting scent tables
  • Fits Tesla air vents


  • Premium price

JMEY Car Air Fresheners – Most Appealing

The car air freshener fits Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vents perfectly. The streamlined look is one-of-a-kind that reminds of an Apple-esque design. It matches Tesla’s minimalist style and integrates with the whole vehicle. And the scent that emanates from within is remarkable.

The Sea Breeze scent reminds me of being on a secluded beach on a nice summer day. There is a hint of ocean spray mixed with a tinge of sun-kissed grass and flowers. The Mint Scent is very pleasant and not overpowering. In fact, it is fresh and herbal.

The scent inserts last an impressive 60 days, making them one of the longest-lasting products on the market. This capability, plus a show-stopping design, creates a very appealing Tesla air freshener.


  • Precision design for Tesla
  • Lovely aroma
  • Not an overpowering scent


  • The brand logo is too large

Our Verdict

The eco-friendly PURGGO Car Air Freshener uses the power of charcoal to eliminate odors, but it doesn’t add a special scent.

The JEMY or DAILY LAB are great options that insert into the Tesla air vents. To stop them from sliding around, place the air freshener in the vent and then slide it to the right until it reaches the narrower section. This will pinch down on the air freshener and keep it in place.

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