Best Tesla Model Y Sunshade Roof

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In the summer, you’re likely to feel the top of your head hot “smoke” when driving a car. Purchasing a sunshade will be a good idea.

We found the Topfit for Model Y Sunshade to be the best product for model Y. Still, the market is full of alternative sunshades with good qualityto choose from. 

Keep reading to know the best sunshades for keeping your Tesla’s interior safe from the harsh sun. Let’s get started. 

Our Best Model Y Sunshade Roof

Best Tesla Model Y Roof Sunshade Reviewed 

Topfit for Model Sunshade – Best Overall

The Topfit for Model Sunshade doesn’t make it to our list by accident. It’s designed with thin mesh that blocks sunlight. At the same time, it doesn’t make the car’s interior too dark. Additionally, the frame is designed with a foldable steel ring which makes it easier to store. 

This sunshade has an upgraded custom design according to the Model Y’s original size. We also noticed that it blocks maximum sunlight from getting into the car. In the process, it prevents the Model Y interior and driver from UV rays attack. You don’t have to worry during the hot summer since the sunshade reduces the interior temperatures. Additionally, it reduces the air conditioner’s (AC) energy consumption. 

What we liked most is the sunshade’s ease of installation. Trust the product instructions and need some patience when installed. Just slid it into the top position and you need clips to fix the sunshade.


  • Easy installation
  • The sunshade reduces AC energy consumption during hot summer
  • Let some light get into the car


  • The clips are cheap plastics that easily get damaged

Xipoo Model Y Sunshade – Value for Money

The Xipoo sunshade is a transparent product offering maximum solar protection which means that you’re safe from skin irritation, resulting from too much exposure to UV rays.

Apart from preventing UV rays, the Xipoo sunshade keeps your Model Y cooler. We also notice that it doesn’t sag easily and is highly durable. You’re likely to get many years of great performance from this sunshade. 

While most sunshades come with cheap clips, the Xipoo sunshades are designed from UV-resistant materials. There is no better sunshade to get you through summer than this Xipoo product. 


  • The clips are designed from UV-resistant materials
  • The sunshade is highly durable


  • It downgrades the car’s interior beauty

OtriFowd Tesla Model Y Sunshade – Best for Good Budget

This Roof Sunshade is a full retractable sunshade for Tesla. You can open or close at anywhere and anytime and it doesn’t need to remove for the fall.

This Roof sunshade is made from PET molecular material combined with aluminum foil. It makes them durable and flexible. In the meantime, achieving heat resistance and UV protection.

You can slide the sunshade to adjust the area where the sun comes in. Open front the close the back or open the whole sunshade. It depends on your demand.


  • No need to remove it.
  • High-quality material, thus durable.


  • Expensive

KIKIMO for Tesla Model Y Sunshade – Best Anti-UV

If you’re after an excellent UV-resistant sunshade, look no further than this Kikimo for the Tesla Model Y sunshade. With UV resistance percentage of 99.8%, it is one of the best in the industry. 

We tested these sunshades and found that they rarely sag. They are designed with anti-sagging magnets that let you install them at any position of your sunroof. 

Removing these sunshades from your car is quite straightforward. In fact, they come with a dustproof bag where you can store them upon removal. 

Thanks to the second-generation encrypted fabric, this product has the best shading properties. This creates the best environment in your car, even during the hot summer. Additionally, it helps save the air conditioner energy. 

Finally, the Kikimo sunshade is easy to install. Just follow the installation guidelines to make it successful. If you purchase this sunshade, Kikimo will give you a one-year warranty. 


  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • The sunshade reduces AC energy consumption during hot summer


  • It sometimes sags in the middle

YONZEE Roof Sunshade – Best for White Interior

The YONZEE Roof sunshade is a high-tech, lightweight product designed to reflect at least 99% radiant heat. It has a high-quality barrier layer meant for reflecting UV rays. Additionally, it’s designed with a silver coating for heat dissipation purposes. 

Its eco-friendly polyester lining interior is made to fit tightly in the car without affecting the appearance. We noted that it leaves no gaps upon installation. 

If you don’t have any installation experience, consider this YONZEE sunshade. Clipping isn’t required here, and no mess is left after installation. If you choose a white interior of Model Y, then this white sunshade roof is perfect for your car.


  • It is easy to install
  • The sunshade reduces AC energy consumption during hot summer
  • The sunshade is lightweight


  • The sunshade might sag after long-term use

Our Verdict

The panoramic glass roof in model Y is amazing. Unfortunately, the car gets hot quickly when parked outside on hot summer days. Installing a roof sunshade makes you cool down in extremely hot states. I‘m sure the air conditioner doesn’t work so hard and will save on energy.

For effective performance, we recommend the Topfit for Model Sunshade. Still, depending on your preference, you can select from any of the above options.

Always invest in a quality sunshade. Your safety should come first before anything else.

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