Best Tesla Car Trash Can

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Adding a small Tesla car trash can is a great way to ensure your car’s interior stays clean. Whether you want a spacious option or a more modern compact trash can, there’s something on this list to match your needs.

Let’s solve your garbage and organization needs by reviewing the best Tesla car trash cans.

Our Tesla Car Trash Can

Motrobe Model Y Trash Can Faux Leather – Best Overall

From the start, this Tesla trash can’s unobtrusive and fashionable design captivated me. The leather material looks great and features embossed lettering to match my Tesla. It also provides an ideal balance of size. The flexible fabric is spacious when you need it, but slim and out-of-the-way when you don’t.

The installation couldn’t have been easier. It slips onto your seat back with convenient hooks. Then four other anchor points hold a small plastic bag in place to make clean up easier. And even without an inner liner, the bag itself is leakproof. No more worrying about messy spills.

The magnets used to keep it closed are perfect. Strong enough to keep the trash can closed while driving, yet still easy to pop open with one hand whenever you need to throw something away. It even has a magnetically actuated LED light that runs on a single CR2025 button cell.


  • Sleek and flexible design with embossed model name
  • Convenient clips and magnetic closure with LED light
  • High-quality leakproof material


  • Takes up some legroom in the rear seat
  • Magnetic latch might open when it gets too full

Accmor Car Trash Can With Lid – Best Compact

This small Tesla car trash can has an adorable design that is available in five color choices. If your car has a white interior, the white trash can flawlessly fits in.

Most of the time I have it on the inside of the driver’s door, right at my fingertips. But when I want, I can also quickly throw it on the seat backs to make a little space for trash in the rear seat.

The clamshell design works very well. And it even comes with a set of bags. Whenever you have something to throw away, you just push it through the top opening and it automatically closes. 

I mainly use this as a place to throw away chewing gum and tissues. It is pretty small, so it works well for this purpose. But if you want a larger Tesla car trash can, it’s likely to fill up way too fast.


  • Clean look with multiple color options
  • Easy clamshell design with easy-to-use top flap 
  • Comes with a set of garbage bags


  • A very small trash can

SINSEN Car Trash Can With Lid – Best for Cupholder

The diamond-shaped modern appearance of this trash can has a lot of aesthetic appeal. I got the 2-piece and put the other one on my nightstand. The ABS material and finish look elegant.

It has a compact fit, yet somehow, it holds an amazing amount of garbage. In my Tesla, I keep it right in the front cupholder and always have a convenient spot to put my trash. The press-top opening is easy to use with one hand, so I don’t have to fumble while driving.

And when it comes time to empty it, this one is one of the easiest products around. The top comes right off and you can dump it out anywhere. And if you have a nasty spill, it’s as easy to clean as any cup. A little rinse with water is usually more than enough to get it ready to go back in my car.


  • Stylish diamond-shaped appearance
  • Slips into the cupholder and is always at your fingertips


  • Takes up a cupholder

Multipurpose Car Trash Can -Best Big Capacity

With a generous 7-liter capacity, this Tesla trash can is much larger than other options I’ve used. It’s been amazing to use on long road trips and when the car is packed with my friends. No more having trash scattered about.

Plus, it is made with flexible panels. So when I don’t need this spacious car trash can, I can slide it under the seat and keep it out of the way. Then I pop it out, throw it in a bag, and have a nice large trash can in my car.

It’s made from a waterproof material that ensures I don’t have to worry about leaks. It even has rubber flaps to prevent spills. It’s easy to clean out. And if you want, you can put a bag in there to make it easier.

This one also goes above and beyond by having external pockets for extra storage and an adjustable strap. It’s super easy to strap to your middle console. I like to keep extra bags in a pocket but have used them countless times for other items. I have found that the elastic strap does an excellent job of holding it in place. But Velcro on the bottom helps it stick to the car floor too.

If you have a passenger in the middle seat in the back, their feet will have to straddle the trash can. 


  • Spacious 7-liter capacity with attached lid
  • Foldable design to put under the seat when not in use
  • Made with waterproof material and adjustable strap to prevent spills


  • Takes up more space in the back seat

Jawjut Tesla Car Trash Can Organizer – Most Hidden

It’s made with a high-quality TPE that has an OEM design. The plastic material is easier to clean. It fits with precision, showcasing the thought put into the way it will sit in your car.

It’s very easy to install. Just add a little strip of Velcro to the back of your center console and it sticks right on. I have kept this one in my car for many months and can’t begin to tell you how useful it is. But when I did have a spill, I was able to easily remove and clean it.

I use this as a storage box too. It’s perfect for a couple of bottles of water and some extra tissues. But when I need a space for trash, it tackles that job amazingly well. The only problem is that when I use my weatherproof floor mat with a lip, it doesn’t sit quite as flush as I’d like.


  • OEM design that fits perfectly inside a Tesla
  • Works well as an organizer and trash can


  • Doesn’t fit well if you have a floor mat with a lip
  • May not fit other car models

Our Verdict

The Motrobe Tesla Model Y Trash Can is made from elegant faux leather and provides a larger solution for your garbage without clashing with your car’s interior. Another great option is the SINSEN Car Trash Can which fits snugly into the cupholder and has a sleek diamond-shaped look.

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