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The cup holder on Tesla is a little big and they do not have any grip, so if you put any bottles or cups smaller than the cup holder then the drinks always sloshed around in the cup holders.

You can put your keys and similar items to be thrown in without scratching the original finish.

We tested many cup holders in order to find the perfect cup holder to hold cups in place.

Here is our review guide.

Our Tesla Cup Holder

Best Tesla Cup Holder Reviewed 

Topfit for Tesla Cup Holder – Best Overall

This Topfit brand cup holder has nice look and matches your Tesla interior.

The high-quality silicone material is not too thick or not too thin, you can put it in a universal cup or bottle. The rubber material makes you easily clean. Just remove it from the car and wash it with water.

I like the little lip around the edge section, it makes sure nothing slips in behind the cup holder insert.

The little coin section is a special design from Topfit. You can put 5 coins in this hidden pocket or other small items.

What makes us satisfied is that when you pick up your water bottle, this cup holder doesn’t come out together. In the meantime, this cup holder also helps you fix your key card when you driving.


  • Cheap with high quality

Easy clean


  • Not suitable for large water drinks container

Motrobe Cup holder

The Motrobe cup holder is made from premium quality soft rubber. This plastic is flexible and they had no strong strange smells. It fits great within the Tesla cub holder and doesn’t leave any gaps.

Adds some grip to the cup holders and hold a cup, water bottle, or Starbucks drink securely.

The black color and car style are consistent. The minimalist design makes you not easily found it, and it is the perfect integration of the car.

Please read the directions carefully before you insert it into your Tesla.

This cup holder has a front and back. It means it is just one right position to insert. If you install it correctly then you will get a flush cup holder on both the front and back with the console.  If not find a perfect flush cup holder, you need to turn it around 180 degrees and reinstall it.


  • Easy to clean


  • A little loose at first
  • It’s directional when installing

JOWUA Cup Holder

If you like the Jowua brand, you will love this cup holder. It’s gray in color just the same as other Jowua product colors. You’d think they were a complete set of accessories.

The Jowua center console cup holder is made from very squishy silicone.

This cup holder can withstand extreme temperatures: -40℃ to 220℃. Don’t worry about damaging it even in the summer when it’s exposed to the sun

They are easy takeout and the material is completely washable. You will easily keep your cup holder clean.

A bigger package means better coverage, and if your drink accidentally spills, just take the holder out and clean it. This cup holder not just holds your cup and good hold your Tesla key cards.


  • Super soft


  • Not suitable for larger cups

Temai Cup Holder

Temai’s cup holder is black and sleek. They have two versions to choose from classical black and beautiful gray. Honestly speaking, the gray one will be more durable than the black one, because it is not easy to see the dust. (smile)

The Temai cup holder is also made from high-quality silicone. It also has a bit more edge protection to protect your car. The interior rubber ring helps reduce the shaking of the cup.

It should be noted that it has a position designed for the key card and the key fob to prevent the emergency brake key fall.

This is available for the Tesla Model 3 / y from 2021-23.

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Our Verdict

The cup holder easily helps you solve the cup wobbling around and spilling drinks problem in your car.

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