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Almost all Tesla models have a screen that lets users control the car’s functionalities. The constant interaction with the screen exposes it to stains and damage. Therefore, a screen protector is required for theb safety purpose. 

Luckily, there are many screen protectors for the different Tesla models. For instance, I tested different screen products and found the Model Y and Model 3 protectors are best for models Y and 3. 

Whether you were looking for a Tesla screen protector for your new Model S or older Model Y, we got you covered. Keep reading to find out. 

Our Best Tesla Screen Protector

Best Tesla Screen Protector Reviewed 

Model Y and Model 3 Protector – Best Overall

If you have a Tesla Model Y or 3, this protector is the perfect for you need. For starters, it offers an easy installation. In fact, you’ll get a step-by-step installation video for a bubble-free installation. 

The protector has a matte finish that eliminates the sun’s glare while you drive. Additionally, it is a multi-layered tempered glass for the best protection. No wonder it’s rated 9 on a 1-10 hardness scale. We guarantee your screen will be free from scratches unless it’s scratched with a diamond. 

Furthermore, it is sold as a complete kit having a glass protector, guide stickers, dry/wet wipes, dust absorbers, an installation guide, and microfiber cloth. You won’t spend more on buying additional components.

Finally, you get to enjoy a limited 10-year warranty. If your protector gets damaged within the warranty period, you can contact Elon Accessories for a replacement. 


  • It is available as a complete kit
  • It doesn’t experience touch response loss
  • Functions effectively with polarized glass


  • The protector is slightly expensive
  • It doesn’t work with polarized sunglasses

Carwiner Matte Screen Protector – Best Budget Buy

The protector’s surface is fingerprint-resistant, thanks to laser engravings. This means that your touch is smooth and won’t leave any fingerprints. 

On a scale of 1-10, this protector offers a hardness of 9H. Normal collisions won’t affect your screen in any way. 

We also observed that it is easy to install. The package comes with an auto-alignment kit that makes installation straightforward. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be done with the installation. However, should you encounter challenges during installation, contact a professional. 


  • Comes with a smooth screen surface
  • The protector is fingerprint and glare resistant
  • It’s oil resistant
  • The protector is waterproof
  • Has an auto-alignment kit that reduces the installation time to 5 minutes


  • It easily raptures in transit

Topfit Tempered Glass Model S&X Protector – Best For Multifunction

The Topfit tempered Model S&X protector is customized for Tesla Model S and Model X. If you’re looking for a multifunction product, look no further. The protector is designed with laser-cut tempered glass that offers resistance to shock and scratch. This provides high durability that you won’t find in other protectors. 

For its fair price, the quality is top-notch. We tested the protector and found that it has HD transparency. Additionally, it’s designed with a hardness of 9H on a scale of 1-10. 

Generally, the protector is easy to install. You’ll take a few seconds to complete the installation. 


  • It has HD transparency
  • The protector is scratch and shock resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Easy installation


  • A slight deviation from the instruction can severely damage the protector

Spigen Tempered Protector – Anti Fingerprint

The Spigen tempered protector is best for those with Tesla Model X and S. We tested the protector and found that it comes with an auto-alignment tool. This allows for an effortless installation. 

The protector is also highly durable, thanks to the tempered glass. It boasts a hardness of 9H on a scale of 1-10. 

We were impressed with its anti-fingerprint feature. Additionally, it is touch-responsive, thus offering hassle-free access. 


  • Has an oleophobic coating that eliminates oil absorption
  • It’s scratch-resistant thanks to tempered glass
  • Easy installation 
  • Functions effectively with polarized sunglass


The protector isn’t matte “black”.

ShowEv Tesla Model Y/3 Protector – Easy to Install

The ShowEv Tesla Model Y/3 protector offers full compatibility with Tesla Model Y and 3 screens. It fits perfectly without affecting the touchscreen’s color, capabilities, and icon size. 

Many Tesla owners love it thanks to its straightforward installation. It comes with an installation frame and cleaning kit. 

It’s designed with a hardness of 9H, thus limiting scratches and external damage. Even in cases where the screen breaks, it still sticks together. You won’t have to look around for pieces.

The ShowEv Tesla Model Y/3 protector is designed to be anti-glare and anti-fingerprint. This reduces the amount of light hitting your screen thus better visibility. Additionally, it has an oleophobic coating that limits oil absorption. Consequently, there is limited visible dirt and dust on the screen. If you want a smooth operation, this protector is the best option.


  • The protector is anti-glare and anti-fingerprint
  • Its oleophobic coating prevents oil absorption
  • Easy installation
  • Limits scratches and external damage


  • It reduces well-defined glare by diffusing light. This makes it difficult to view certain larger screen parts in certain lighting. 

Our Verdict

It is recommended to wait for the car to be delivered before purchasing in case the product is damaged in transit, but you have already missed the return time.

Overall, the best protector that we recommend is the 2022 & 2023 Model Y and Model 3 protectors. However, depending on your car model, you can select from any of the protectors above. 

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