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Getting one of the best Tesla USB hubs can declutter your car and keep all your devices charged. It can also add a sleek look to your center console. And it’s the perfect way to plug cables into your Tesla to charge your phone, without having to reach into the dark compartment to find the USB ports.

Our Tesla USB Hub

Topfit Tesla USB Hub Docking Station -Best Overall

This Tesla USB Hub features seamless integration with your center console. An OEM-style design houses two USB-C ports and two regular USB-A ports, with both data transfer and charging capabilities. It has a dual plug that uses both boards at the same time. You can quickly lift one side for pops out.

Top-notch electrical boards and long-lasting chips have been thoroughly tested. This is ready for frequent use. The aluminum alloy housing includes an elegant wrap-around blue LED light. It’s bright enough to help you see the ports but doesn’t blind or distract you while driving at night. 

What I like most about it is the way it fits into the center console. It looks like it was designed like that from the factory. The unit snaps into place very securely. You don’t need to worry about it moving around while in use, even through curvy or bumpy roads. 


  • The carbon grey color matches the rest of the interior
  • High-quality aluminum and glass construction
  • Incredible OEM-style design


  • Does not fit Tesla models from 2020 or before
  • No switch to control the LED lights

VIJIM Tesla Car USB Charger Multi Port – Sleek Design

The sleek and classy look of this Tesla USB Hub fits in well with the minimalist Tesla interior. The LED lights surround a glossy black surface. It has four USB ports, two type-C and two type-A.

The four ports provide a more unified experience. You and your passengers can plug in phones and devices while on the go. And since two of them support data transfer (if the vehicle is equipped), you can connect a game controller. Or you can play audio from a phone to the car’s sound system.

It’s basically a dual plug that uses both boards at the same time. And then you can just lift one side and this pops out.

The LED light knows when the car is in use. It comes on once you start it up and drive, then will shut off when stationary for two minutes. Even when it’s in use, the power draw of the light is very low, at only 0.35W.


  • It doesn’t have the brand name on it
  • LED light helps with visibility


  • Two ports are charging only without data transfer
  • No switch to control the LED lights

ELENAT for Tesla USB Hub – Most Convenient

The tech-forward look is designed to fit perfectly within Tesla’s interior, it integrates well as if Elon Musk’s team themselves engineered it. 

There are two retractable cords built into this Tesla USB Hub, keeping your center console tidy. They are an ideal 31.5 inches (80 cm) long. You’ll never have to worry again about having a cord in your car. 

There are two USB plugs that connect to the car’s ports. If you reach under and unplug the one on the driver’s side (in America), the Tesla logo light turns off. But you’ll still get juice from the lightning cord to charge an iphone or other devices.

It’s made of durable ABS material that promises longevity and stands up well for daily use. The center display shows the Tesla logo in a blue LED light. 

Since this includes Apple and type-C charging cables, it’s a great deal as well. Others are about the same price without the cords, so it’s like getting them in for free. 


  • You never have to deal with tangled wires all over
  • Easy installation takes seconds
  • Many charging options to keep juiced up on the go


  • Retractable cords are not long enough for people in the back seats

ANKEWAY USB Hub Docking Station – Best Budget

I was skeptical of this Tesla USB hub at first due to it’s unbeatable price, but once I got it in my hands, I found it’s the real deal. The high-quality ABS construction looks identical to the center console. And I like that it goes without the lights found on some other ones. It’s a more minimalist look that matches the rest of the car.

It’s also clean because it keeps the two USB-C ports on one side and two USB-A ports on the other. Like the rest of the Tesla hubs, it easily slips into place and doesn’t obstruct the use of the center console in any way.

One stand-out feature of this model is the silicone centerpiece that has a slit and two cord holders. If you don’t want to use the hub, you can bypass it to plug in directly to the Tesla’s USB ports, then slip the cords through this silicone opening. The console cover can fully close, so it provides a much cleaner look. 

If your car is equipped, you can use all four ports for data transfer. One USB-C port supports up to 27W quick charging, while the other USB-C and the two USB-A still manage a respectable 15W speed. 


  • Unbeatable price
  • Center slip-through silicone piece


  • Lacks the LED lights found in other Tesla USB Hubs

TAPTES USB Hub with 5 Ports – Best for 2020 Teslas

If you have a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y built in 2020, this is the Tesla USB Hub for you. It uses the existing ports, one USB-C and one USB-A, and transforms them into five usable ports. This is more than nearly any other hub on the market.

Four of the USB ports are on the face of the device, including two USB-C surrounding two USB-A ports. But one is tucked inside a secret compartment with a cover. This is a great place to keep a flash drive to back up and protect Sentry mode videos or dash cam footage. Or you can keep a Bluetooth receiver plugged in and out of the way for gaming controllers.

I also like that it doesn’t take up much space and essentially replaced the factory placement with a more suitable four ports. The never-ending need to keep my devices charged up was made a lot easier with this device in my Tesla.


  • Five USB ports to choose from
  • One hidden port in a secret compartment for added security
  • Designed to stay out of the way but easily accessible


  • Only works with select 2020 models with this arrangement of USB ports

Our Verdict

If you don’t like the placement or amount of USB ports in your Tesla, a USB Hub is the right fix. Go with a glossy futuristic Topfit Tesla USB Hub Docking Station to see my favorite choice. Or save a little cash and get the ANKEWAY Multi Port for Tesla instead. If you put drinks in the cup holds, be careful not to spill anything in the USB hub.

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