Tesla Bluetooth Not Working?

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If your Bluetooth isn’t working, it’s likely down to some common reasons. This could be the Tesla app, your phone’s location, or battery issues. 

In our troubleshooting guide below, we’ve explored these Bluetooth issues and given solutions.

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    10 Reasons Why Is My Tesla Bluetooth Not Working

    One of the first things you should do if your Tesla Bluetooth isn’t working is turn off and on your phone, as well as the car. 

    If that doesn’t work, we have some common reasons and fixes below.

    The Tesla App Isn’t Running In The Background

    One of the first reasons why your Bluetooth connection isn’t working is the Tesla app. 

    The Tesla app needs to be operating in the background of your phone for the car to establish a connection. That way it can pick up a signal and receive/send commands.

    To fix this, load up your Tesla app in the background, making sure you’re set up and logged in properly.

    You are Not Logged Into The Tesla App

    If your Tesla app is running in the background but you still can’t establish a Bluetooth connection, you might not be logged in. 

    Your app shouldn’t log you out automatically, but it can happen. Logging in and out is also a useful way to reset your Bluetooth connection when having issues.

    To login into your Tesla app, enter your account credentials and make sure mobile access is allowed in your Tesla controls.

    The Tesla App Hasn’t Been Set Up 

    If both of the above are correct, then you may need to change or correct some internal settings in the phone to fix the connection.

    Make sure your phone is allowing access to location, local network, and background app refresh on the Tesla app. You can also clear any cache files here which may be causing the app to malfunction.

    You Need To Update Your Phone 

    The Tesla app may be out of date on your phone causing Bluetooth issues. Always make sure you’re updated to the latest version. 

    Ensure your phone software has been updated too since some apps aren’t compatible with past software.

    If your phone is updated to the latest version, try restarting it or turning it off and on to reset the connection. This will sort out malfunctions too.

    You Haven’t Paired Your Device Properly

    If it’s your first time trying to use Bluetooth on your Tesla, you may have a new phone. In this case, you will need to pair your phone again. 

    To connect your device you will need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your Tesla touch screen and select the add device bar. The Tesla will then search for a new device, displaying a number on both your phone and the screen to establish a connection.

    To stop Tesla from connecting to other Bluetooth devices by accident, set your phone as a priority device.

    You can also ‘forget’ your device and reconnect in these settings. This is handy if you want to restart your Bluetooth connection.

    Cell phones Are Too Far Away From the Car

    Location with Bluetooth is important, if you have your phone placed too far away or hidden in your pockets then it might impact the signal reach. 

    Try placing your phone nearer to the touch screen on a hands-free holder or even on the passenger seat. 

    Music Issues

    If you’re struggling to play music through Bluetooth to your Tesla, the app may be to blame. Make sure it’s updated and the audio selection is through the Tesla speakers. 

    Also, ensure the volume on your phone is up all the way. If the volume is down on your phone it doesn’t matter how high the volume is in the car, you will struggle to hear the music.

    Your Tesla/Phone Battery Is Low 

    You may run into connectivity issues when your phone battery is low and when your Tesla battery is low.

    Put both on charge, reboot then try again to see if it solves the issue.

    Tesla Software Problems 

    Just like your phone, your Tesla software will need updating every so often. If not updated, it can cause software issues with accessories like Bluetooth. 

    To check if your Tesla needs an update, check in the software section on the controls part of the menu on the touchscreen. Otherwise, you should be notified every time there is a new update for your Tesla.

    You can also reboot the Tesla system if needed by holding down the two scroll buttons on the steering wheel for about 10 seconds.

    Possible Interference 

    If you have other devices such as speakers or wireless headphones, they could be causing an interruption in your Bluetooth connection. 

    Try to remove the devices or place them further away from the screen and your phone.

    Our Verdict

    If you’ve tried all the fixes above as to why your Tesla Bluetooth isn’t working, you can always contact Tesla support to get help. 

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