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Once you are used to Tesla, you won’t return to diesel or petrol cars. As the world is moving to limit greenhouse emissions, Teslas have become future cars. However, it could be challenging to get a new Tesla because of its high price.

Maybe you are considering getting a used Tesla. Also, you may have heard that Teslas never get old. While that remains a saying, you should know a few things before buying a used Tesla.

This guide will take you through crucial factors to consider when buying a used Tesla.

Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla

Used Teslas are Cheaper

A brand new Tesla costs more than the average car. The high prices force many people to save for several years or take loans to purchase cars. Consequently, others have given up on owning these classy cars.

Used Tesla offers a cheaper option for most people in the car market. It is possible to get a used Tesla at 40% less than the price of a new Tesla. You will enjoy the luxury of a Tesla at a lower price.

You will Save Time

The demand for electric cars is growing every day. You may have to wait a few months if you place an order for a new Tesla today. The waiting duration depends on the premium add-ons you want the car to have. Some cars, notably the Tesla Model X, take longer than others to be delivered.

To own a Tesla fast, you should consider getting a used car. There is virtually no waiting time if you buy the car from its current owner. Once you have settled the price and closed the deal, you will drive home in a Tesla.

Better Performance

Tesla cars come in different configurations depending on the owners’ preference. The company gives buyers an option to customize their cars before purchase. Some of the best-performing cars end up in the used car market.

You can possibly get a high-performing car at a relatively low price. You will review the customized specification of a used car before placing your order.

Easy Financing

The high price of a new Tesla complicates the financing structure. You may have to get a mortgage to buy a new Tesla. The cost of the mortgage or a loan adds to the price of the Tesla. Such a financing structure makes cars more expensive.

 Financing the used Tesla depends on the terms of sale by the dealership. You may find a dealer with trade-in options if you want to dispose of your current car. Moreover, you won’t need to save money for long because of the reduced price.

Less Car Depreciation

Depreciation is unavoidable for vehicles and begins when the car leaves the lot. Cars depreciate massively within the first few years of operation. A new car will lose over 30% of its value within the first year.

A used Tesla depreciates less than a new one. When you’re driving off the car, it is beyond its significant depreciation. A used car will retain most of its value than a new car.

Where To Buy A Used Tesla?

Tesla On A Car Lot

Buying a Tesla from its current owner may be the most uncomplicated process. However, it may not be the safest method of getting the used Tesla.

You may not get the necessary or authentic information in the car lot. We advise you to purchase used cars from trusted sources.

Private Car Dealerships

Dealerships are offering used Teslas at great prices. Private sellers are willing to negotiate the prices of a used Tesla. You should be keen to avoid paying more, especially if the used Teslas are unavailable.

Tesla Certified Pre-Owned Program

Tesla has a program where you can get used cars. The cars go through the 145-point quality assessment to ensure they are safe. Tesla has various locations from where you can get a used car. Depending on your location, you will collect them at a nearby pick-up station.

When placing the order, you will add between $500 and $2500 non-refundable fee for delivery. If you take the car after inspection, the delivery is added to the cost of the car.

Moreover, you have a chance to enjoy the remaining part of the original warranty. However, the prices are non-negotiable.

Online Marketplaces

Today, you can meet Tesla sellers online. There are platforms such as Only Used Tesla where sellers post their cars.

You can find a Tesla near your location for a test drive. To avoid fraud, sort out all the legal requirements before you pay for the car.

Tips for For Buy A Used Tesla

When buying a used Tesla, you will have to do a thorough inspection. You will need to check the car’s history to check its accident and maintenance history. This information is available once you get the chassis number of the used Tesla.

The battery pack is a crucial part of Tesla cars. The failure of the battery pack is rare and very expensive. Ensure the battery is healthy when buying a used Tesla.

The battery range decreases with battery degradation. The battery pack of Teslas should last for years before significant degradation. Ensure the battery range has not reduced significantly before purchasing a used car.

You should check the wheels and tires. If they have worn out, consider replacing them before using the car. Ensure the brake system is in good condition. Poorly maintained brakes cause safety concerns.

Check the exterior and ensure it satisfies your preference. Some car owners wrap their cars to protect the original paint. It is cheap to wrap a car in the color of your taste.

Our Verdict

Generally, buying a used Tesla comes with several benefits compared to new cars. Used cars are cheaper, and you will drive the car immediately after purchase. Used cars depreciate less than new cars. Moreover, used cars are easy to finance because of their reduced prices.

The Tesla Certified Pre-Owned program is the best place to get a used car. You can also approach private dealerships. However, buying from a stranger in a parking lot is not recommended.

Always check critical features such as the battery pack and the brakes are in good condition. You can wrap a used car to suit your taste.

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