Can You Cancel A Tesla Order? – Everything You Need To Know

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If you’ve changed your mind about ordering a Tesla, you might be looking to cancel your order. But is it possible to cancel a Tesla order? Will you get your money back?

We’ve discussed everything you need to know below, from if you will get your money back to the cancellation process and how it works.

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    Is The Tesla Order Fee Refundable?

    If you’ve decided to go ahead with the Tesla cancellation process, you will get the cost of the car back. The order fee is not refundable, which currently stands at $250.

    In 2021, the non-refundable order fee was only $100 and has now doubled in cost. Many assumed this was due to higher demand and more cancellation. People were waiting for the 4680 batteries too and there were supply chain limitations.

    These new order fees came around in 2019. Tesla used to need a $1000 refundable deposit fee and a $2,500 order fee.

    Step By Step Guide To Canceling A Tesla Order

    Canceling a Tesla order is easy. You can cancel via phone (which has a long waiting time) or online, but it can take up to thirty days for the cancellation to be processed.

    1. To begin the cancellation process, click on manage the order via the app or site, then scroll past your model’s details and click cancel the order.
    2. This will then take you to the cancellation page with your Tesla order number. You will click why you want to cancel then press next.
    3. Now you can submit your cancellation, and the order fee will not be refundable.

    Can You Cancel Your Tesla At Any Time?

    If you are already further down the ordering process, canceling your Tesla should still be straightforward until the delivery day. You will still lose out on your $250 order fee, which is not refundable.

    Can You Cancel Your Tesla Order After Being Assigned A VIN?

    If you have already been assigned a vehicle identification number to your Tesla, you can cancel your order until the delivery day. They will just un-assign the number.

    Can You Cancel Your Tesla Order After Scheduling Delivery?

    You can cancel your Tesla order up until the day of delivery at any time, but the order fee is still non-refundable.

    You can cancel your order after scheduling a delivery in three ways –

    • Contacting your Tesla advisor – After placing your Tesla order and scheduling delivery, you would have received texts from your Tesla advisor. They will contact you to confirm delivery dates, and you can also ask them to help you cancel your order.
    • Calling your local Tesla store – The local Tesla store will handle your shipment and delivery. So they are the best place to contact about your cancellation.
    • Contact support: 1 (888) 518-3752 – At a last resort, contact support. They will help you cancel your Tesla delivery and order. The wait time can be up to an hour on the phone.

    Will Tesla Cancel My Order If I Keep Delaying Delivery?

    If you keep delaying your scheduled delivery date for your Tesla, it will eventually be put on hold. Depending on your order country, Tesla will usually pause your delivery date for 7, 14, or 30 days. This can change depending on circumstances.

    If you have yet to take the delivery of your Tesla during this period, they will automatically cancel your order.

    How Does Tesla’s Seven-Day Return Policy Work?

    Tesla, back in 2019, had a 7-day no questions asked return policy. This allowed Tesla buyers to return their cars within seven days of delivery. As long as they had no visible damage and were under 1000 miles.

    In October 2020, this return policy was canceled and now redirects Tesla users straight to the support page.

    You can no longer return Tesla cars. You can return merchandise and accessories for your car within 30 days.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla has a generous cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel your order up to the delivery date and edit your design before shipping.

    The easiest way to cancel is by contacting your Tesla advisor to avoid waiting times. If you’re looking to change models, we recommend asking to switch cars rather than cancel to avoid losing your $250 order fee.

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