Tesla Tires At Costco Guide

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I put my nine years of tire experience to find out everything you will need to know about Tesla tires at Costco. This is why I want to build a complete guide.

Can You Get Tesla Tires At Costco?

Costco has always sold tires for Tesla. You can order them online, ship them to your home, or buy them in-store. 

Since Tesla fits their vehicles with low-profile and high-performance tires. It will be standard for them to not have these tires in stock and need to place a special order.

The best way to pick out new tires for a Tesla is to utilize their online fitment guide. 

Search tire on Costco website

When you first visit Costco’s website, it will prompt you to punch in the year, make, and model. While you can also shop by tire size, the fitment guide recommends options to meet the load index, speed rating, and correct size. 

Choose tire size on the Costco website

Once you have entered the required vehicle information, it prompts you to verify the tire size. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, this page also has step-by-step instructions on selecting the right one. 

After you have done these steps, you can choose from all the available tires. Picking out the right tires is going to be the challenging part. I recommend using the filters found on the left-hand side.

Use the filters found on the tire

The filter option allows you to narrow down the wide variety they have. And suppose you want the original equipment option. 

In that case, a blue box will be next to the tire model. This identifies what vehicle they came with from the factory. 

Pricing and tire option availability will vary depending on where you are located. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 installed out the door.

Can Costco Change Tires On A Tesla?

Yes, there is some confusion on whether or not Costco can service Teslas. This is because a few years ago, only select centers were willing to do so. As of 2020, all Costco service centers can replace tires on a Tesla. 

Costco’s tire centers can be extremely busy because of their competitive pricing and service. I recommend scheduling an appointment for tire replacement. 

Without one, you could be waiting around for hours. Still, the appointment typically has the vehicle ready to go within an hour.

After adding the tires you want to the cart, proceed to checkout. The site sends you a confirmation email and allows you to set up a date/time for installation. 

They only install tires bought from Costco and charge a fee of $18.99 – $20.99 per tire. 

Why You Should Change Tesla Tires At Costco

Tesla’s service centers are no different than traditional dealerships. You will find that tires and installation fees are far higher than Costco.

When you purchase tires through Teslas service centers, you are paying for the promise that it is done correctly. I have worked with people who have left to change tires at Tesla. And they have told me that Tesla’s training program is no better than average shops. 

So are you really paying for more competent work?

At the time of writing this guide, Tesla centers are mainly found in major cities across the country. For example, If you live in a rural region, odds are you’ll have to drive multiple hours to even get to a service center.

Not having the Tesla jack lift pucks was the most significant reason Costco wouldn’t service Teslas. These pucks have been made available since 2020. With these new pucks, employees were trained to use this new lifting method to avoid damaging the battery.

This means you can trust that your Tesla will be serviced safely and efficiently. 

Does Costco Do Tesla Tire Rotation?

Costco performs free tire rotations on all vehicles they install tires on. On top of free rotations, your purchase will also come with tire balancing and flat tire repairs at no extra cost. 

If you did not buy the tires from Costco, don’t worry, they can still perform your services. The fee ranges from $20 to $25 to have your tires rotated, balanced, and checked air pressure. 

The wait could be very long due to how busy they are. The average walk-in wait time is anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. 

I recommend having an appointment scheduled if you don’t want to drop your car off for a few hours. An appointment takes roughly less than an hour to get you back on the road.

Costco is strict when it comes to requirements for service. If a Tesla has tires that do not meet the load index, recommended speed rating, or tire size, they will not perform service. 

Keep in mind Costco requires a membership to shop at their locations. This includes the tire centers, so you will need to have or purchase a membership to have your tires serviced. 

Does Costco Fix Tesla Tires?

Tire Center on Coscto

If you have a punctured Tesla tire, Costco will attempt to perform a repair. However, there is one type of tire they will refuse to fix. 

Some Model X Teslas will come with a Continental tire with Conti-Silent technology. This technology consists of the inner liner having a foam layer and a black tar-like substance that adheres the foam to the rubber. 

The adhesive takes a long time to remove from the punctured area and may cause the patch to not hold up. For this reason, Costco will say no to fixing it. You can only take this tire for repair at Tesla service centers. 

If you do not have these Continentals, Costco will charge between $10.99 and $15 to fix a tire not purchased from them. And free if you bought the tires at Costco.

Our Verdict

Costco is a much better option for tire replacement than going directly through Tesla. Their pricing is very competitive, if not better than other retailers. Especially when they run instant $100+ rebates. 

You will be required to have or purchase a membership to take advantage of their service. This is an annual membership, so you will be required to renew it to receive the services in the future. Memberships range from $60-$120.

If you’re already a member and can kill a couple of hours shopping, I recommend buying your next set of tires for your Tesla at Costco.

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  1. Great read! I need tires for my 2022 model Y Performance. Which tires should I go with? The Pirellis or the Michelins this time? First change since brand new.

  2. Your article make the technical things easy to read to layman. Thanks! Costco tire website need to improve though, as they use 3-rd party when you place the order — then all over again when switching to 3rd party. probably place the order at costco store?

  3. I was told today that all Costco’s are now equiped where they don’t need to use pucks because the lifts have changed. Is this accurate? Or did I get lied to after I saw them not use pucks on my Tesla?


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