How To Fix Tesla’s YouTube Low-Resolution Problem: 360p Up To HD

Since the January 2023 update, Tesla users have started to complain that the YouTube resolution is now locked to 360p.

This is the second lowest resolution offered by the platform, reducing the quality from 4K/HD.

We’ve discussed below this low resolution, why the setting is locked and some quick fixes to get your videos playing in HD again.

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    Tesla’s Low-Resolution Streaming Services

    Tesla’s streaming apps are not native, but instead links to load the sites up in the Tesla browser.

    As these are links to websites, platforms like YouTube can update their UI or features at any point. This can then in turn affect how they appear on your Tesla.

    The main reason why YouTube has a low resolution on Tesla is that Google updated its UI for YouTube. This makes the interface on the screen the same as mobile users.

    As YouTube now appears the same as it does on mobile, this means it’s defaulted to 360p, the standard quality. The settings button has moved to the top right corner of the page. When pressed the drop-down menu does not appear.

    It’s not the first time Tesla’s Chromium browser has had issues. The grayed-out options to change resolution are likely a glitch in their browser. This is combined with the updated UI for YouTube.

    Yet, it appears that other platforms like Disney+ and Netflix are appearing at a lower resolution too. This means updates might not be to blame, instead, it may be Tesla’s interface itself.

    Why Is Tesla’s Youtube Stuck On 360p?

    The reason why you can’t change the resolution could be down to a few reasons. The most likely cause is that there is a glitch in Tesla’s built-in chromium-browser. This forces it to load the mobile version, limiting the resolution.

    Some Tesla users said that reducing the resolution means it’s cutting costs on AT&T mobile data usage. This benefits Tesla as it saves money.

    Streaming full HD videos on Tesla consumes a large amount of data. Tesla has the right to limit connectivity bandwidth if data use is excessive. Still, this wouldn’t explain why you can’t change the resolution when connected to Wi-Fi.

    This resolution change isn’t as noticeable on the Tesla models S and X which have the 8-inch rear screen. It makes a big difference on the front dashboard screens which measure 15 inches on all the models.

    If Tesla is to blame, this explains why streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube have a lower resolution too. It is possible they could be trying to cut costs on streaming data. Tesla has not confirmed anything, yet.

    Also, if data was a concern, one would argue Tesla wouldn’t provide free Tidal Wi-Fi. T

    Tidal is a music streaming platform included in Tesla’s entertainment system. It allows you to download high quality music for free. This is included in the standard connectivity package which comes with your Tesla.

    The standard connectivity package comes for free with your Tesla for lifetime if your car was purchased before July 20, 2022. For cars purchased after this time, it is available for eight years from the time you start using your Tesla.

    Premium connectivity connects your Tesla to cellular data providers local to you. It allows you to use all entertainment features like video streaming. This costs $9.99 a month for all models.

    How Do I Change The Youtube Quality Of My Tesla?

    It can be frustrating to stream videos of such poor quality on your Tesla. Luckily, you can trying this way to solve the issue. You can currently fix the Tesla resolution in two ways:

    First by changing the link URL. To do this follow Reddit user’s user u/taska9 instructions. He states “If you use the YouTube embed link with the vq parameter, I can get 1080p”.

    An example of this is “Say the link is Then you enter this link to the browser, It works.”

    The second way to fix the YouTube quality is by going to the YouTube app.

    Then select the settings icon, and press it twice.

    Then you can scroll through the different resolutions. Do this with your left scroll button on the steering wheel and select the resolution you need.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla is yet to confirm an update or solution that has fixed the low-resolution YouTube issue. For now, many users have had success with the two following fixes above.

    It’s not clear if this is a YouTube glitch or a Tesla browser problem, but hopefully, a future update from Tesla or Google will fix the issue. 

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