Model y Garage Door Opener – HomeLink Guide

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In previous models, Tesla owners utilized built-in HomeLink functionalities to open garage doors. In Tesla Model Y, HomeLink functionalities are an add-on, and the user has to buy them for installation. The installation and programming procedures are simple.

However, Tesla recommends contacting qualified and authorized technicians to do the installation.

Please continue reading to learn more about the HomeLink garage control system.

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    What is HomeLink?

    Homelink is a wireless control system that allows you to automate jobs from your car. These include: opening gates, switching on lights, and operating home security systems. The technology is based on radio frequencies and has no Internet capabilities.

    Until 2019, Homelink was a standard feature in Tesla cars. The company removed the feature from its model 3. Homelink is available to any customer at a price tag of $350 for basic functionalities.

    Additionally, you can easily customize the capabilities of the HomeLink system. You can limit the distance of operation. We recommend setting up a series of functionalities such as switching on lights when you come to the range of your home.

    Moreover, Homelink is compatible with typical garage door designs. If you have a slim garage door, it is possible to have the side mirrors fold when you approach your home.

    Furthermore, you will be safely and easily controlling your garage door. Homelink saves you time when you usually open and close your garage whenever you go out. The system is easily installed and can operate several pieces of equipment simultaneously.

    However, getting Homelink for Tesla Model Y is an extra cost. Homelink is no longer a built-in functionality in Tesla cars. Also, you may have challenges arranging the installation appointment.

    Which Models Are Equipped With HomeLink

    All Tesla cars can be equipped with HomeLink and Tesla used to take it as a standard module.

    In May 2019, Tesla decided to remove this feature from the models 3. But even so, you can still install the module for an additional $350 after the vehicle is delivered.

    Different Tesla model HomeLink module fact. (see table below)

    ModelsEquipped FeeInstallation time
    Model XFreeBefore delivery
    Model SFreeBefore delivery
    Model 3$350After delivery
    Model Y$350After delivery

    How to Install and Setup HomeLink

    Once you place an order for a HomeLink system, Tesla will mail the equipment within a few days. When you get the box, you should keep it safe without opening it, and only a Tesla Service Centre can install it.

    Tampering with the box can void the warranty, and Tesla will not replace it when it gets faulty. We recommend letting the tesla technical team do the installation. You can then synchronize it with the garage gate.

    Also, it is crucial to glimpse the HomeLink working principle. The Homelink communicates with a radio frequency device usually installed within the house. There are two main operation modes.

    The HomeLink control system has a standard mode of operation which you can use for remote control. Standard mode is applicable when you want to control your gate automatically. Also, this is the most used mode of operation.

    Moreover, HomeLink has a D-mode or UR mode which is used when the radio frequency device does not have a remote. Your car will link directly to the receiver of the mode and will rule out the need to pair a remote.

    Take the necessary precautionary measures during installation. The gate may close and open several times. Please follow these steps:

    1. Position the bumper of your car next to the door of the garage.

    2. We recommend that you replace the battery of the device’s remote before programming. Proceeded to ensure that the remote of the device is working as required.

    3. Next, press the HomeLink icon at the top of the device’s display.

    4. Proceed to select the preferred mode of operation. You can select either standard, D-mode, or UR mode. Click create HomeLink.

    5. Next, input the gate’s name and press Enter to Create HomeLink.

    6. Proceed to press the Start button and follow the instructions on the screen.

    7. Also, when programming, you may see the message “Train the receiver.” This is a procedure limited to 30 seconds. Move to the vehicle and hit the Continue button. Proceed to push the Learn/Program/Smart button on the device’s remote. On the HomeLink device, press the name of the gate twice. Some people have a challenge navigating this step. When you encounter challenges, you may ask for help.

    8. Next, proceed to complete the programming process by touching save.

    9. Sometimes, you may need to program severally for the HomeLink system to work as desired.

    Cheaper Alternative Solutions

    The HomeLink garage door control system is expensive. However, there are other options in the market.


    Tailwind has a variety of garage control systems. The systems are relatively cheap compared to the HomeLink system. The Tailwind systems are easily operated from mobile applications.

    For instance, the Tailwind IQ3 automatic garage controller pro is a quality system. It can automatically secure and operate garage doors. The device can work with Axela, Amazon, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Apple Homekit.

    Also, the Tailwind controller allows personalized integration. The system has a local control panel to use for the integration. The device allows unlimited access, and you can share with as many people as you like.

    Furthermore, the tailwind system has a gate-disable feature. You can lock out remote operations when working in the garage.

    The Tailwind system will give more customization options. Also, it is cheaper than the HomeLink system.

    MyQ Chamberline Smart Garage Control

    MyQ controller is among the cheapest garage control systems on the market. The system works over the Internet and has no radio frequency capabilities. Using a mobile phone application, you can open or close the garage from anywhere.

    Also, with the MyQ system, you can schedule the opening and closing of the garage. Hence, you won’t worry when you leave it open at night. The system allows access from different devices, hence you can share with family.

    Moreover, the MyQ control system is compatible with most gate openers. You may need additional sensors when controlling more than one garage door.

    Furthermore, the MyQ system has an improved setup. The system allows Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE) integration.

    Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

    You can control the door of your garage from the Meross mobile app. The system works over wi-fi and has no radio frequency operation capabilities. The Merros system is cheaper than HomeLink and has unique capabilities.

    Also, you can give voice commands to turn On or OFF any connected devices. The Meross system is compatible with Axela, Google Home, and Apple Homekit.

    In addition, the Meross system is compatible with over 200 garage door models. Usually, any compatibility issues are sorted out easily.

    The controller is stable and precised. Meross control system has accurate sensors and outputs stable control signals. Moreover, it has an easy installation process.

    Home Assistant

    Home Assistant allows you to control devices from over 1000 brands. The system scans all the devices in your house in the network for control and operation. You need to integrate all the devices during installation.

    You can use Home Assistant to turn on lights and open the garage. Moreover, you will get an alert when the garage door is open. The system keeps the data locally, and there is no need for cloud services.

    You will control home equipment using a mobile app. It is possible to manage energy consumption using Home Assistant. In addition, you can integrate Home assistant with NodeRed and AdGuard.

    Used Tesla HomeLink from eBay

    You can get cheaper HomeLink systems from eBay. These are second-hand systems that are fairly used. Many Tesla owners are offering their HomeLink systems for sale on eBay.

    However, it would be best to choose a seller near your location. The transport cost will be low and add to the overall installation costs.

    Homelink systems cost between $100 and $200 on eBay. You will incur an installation cost of $50.

    Our Verdict

    If you don’t want to touch your garage door controls forever, it would be a wise idea to invest in a garage door opener. so installing HomeLink or other alternative control systems may be a good choice.

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