Quick Find Hotels With A Tesla Charger 

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It’s possible to drive an EV no matter where your travels take you. All you need to know is where to go and what hotels to visit to charge up when the need arises. 

So if you need to find hotels with a Tesla charger, you’ve come to the right guide. I want to share my survey after 15 hours of research. They’re reliable, reputable, and convenient and can help you charge your car. 

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    EV Charger Hotel Apps and Sites

    Many EV charger hotel apps can help you locate a hotel with a charging station for your Tesla. Below we have briefly discussed each of these apps to give you a better idea of what to expect when using them. If you don’t want to use these, you can consult the Tesla site to see where they have available charging stations. 

    EV Hotels App

    One of the best international apps to use to find where to stay and where to charge your Tesla is the EV Hotels app. This iOS app is easy to use and lists more than 25,000 EV hotels with charging stations for your Tesla. 

    The EV Hotels app also shows more than 250,000 hotels worldwide. As an added benefit, it displays the locations of over 100,000 roadside charging stations. This is uber convenient when you can’t get to a hotel without replenishing your vehicle’s battery power. 

    Additionally, this charging app allows you to earn rewards. You can also select your favorite hotel and enjoy customizable features. For example, you can customize the walking distance from your Tesla charging spot to a hotel. Then you can narrow down which hotels have a charger on site. Even though the app isn’t free, $2.99 is a small price for peace of mind. 

    Download: Couchsurfing for Android | iOS
    Price: The app costs $2.99


    If you’re after a sustainable holiday, you might want to consider using the Charge Hotels app. This app aims to create a more environmentally friendly world through sustainable travel. That’s why they offer drivers the chance to search through more than 150 eco-friendly hotels. 

    Also, you can use this app to find a hotel with an electric vehicle charging station. Most of the accommodations listed are eco-friendly. Thus you won’t spend hours searching for one with a Tesla charger only to come out empty-handed. 

    This app also has many partnerships, one of which is with WheelMaps. This is an app that helps disabled people travel sustainably and safely. 


    This hotel site might not be as intuitive as the others on our list, but it helps find hotels with a Tesla charger. It’s important to note, though, that this app caters to those who live in Europe, so American drivers don’t use it as often. 

    This site will tell you not just which hotels have charging stations for your Tesla, it also tells you the estimated fee and whether the charging spot is in a parking lot or garage. This will help you with your budgeting. You’ll be able to estimate more or less how much it will cost to charge your Tesla when on holiday or a trip.


    StaynCharge is one of the best user-friendly websites to find hotels with a Tesla charger. This one-stop website lets you type in your destination and shows you a range of hotels with EV chargers. 

    When using StaynCharge, you can compare hotel prices and book through the website. This makes the entire process simpler and more efficient when you’re planning a road trip in your Tesla. 

    Also, with StaynCharge, you can view entire hotel profiles and reviews. This will help you make sure you’re choosing the right destination. 

    Travel Website For EV Chargers

    Now that we have looked at EV apps and sites, we want to tell you about travel websites. Many travel websites allow you to find hotels with EV chargers for your Tesla. Have a look below to learn more about how to use these travel websites to find a Tesla charger:


    In the search bar, type in your destination. Once done, you need to expand the ‘Amenities’ section. Then choose ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Point’. When this is selected, it will filter your results and only show you accommodations that can charge your Tesla. 

    Trip Advisor

    This is one of the most popular hotels search and review sites, especially for those wanting to filter by EV charging. Simply search for hotels at your destination, then expand the ‘Amenities’ filter on the left-hand side. Once you’ve done this, you must select the ‘EV Charging’ options and then click it to apply the search criteria. 


    Like the other two travel websites, Expedia is easy to navigate. You start by typing in your desired destination. Then you need only expand the ‘Amenities’ section. After doing this, choose ‘EV Charging Station’. It will filter to show you only the hotels that can charge your vehicle. 


    You might not have heard about this travel website, but it’s becoming popular. You must follow the same steps as the other travel websites to find accommodations with a Tesla charging station. 


    This is by far one of the most popular travel websites. As with the others on this list, choose a destination. Then select an ‘EV Charging Station’ filter to see suitable results. 

    Hotel Chains With EV Charger Stations

    Many hotel chains have EV charger stations to charge your Tesla. Below we have discussed five of them. This will give you an idea of where you can stay during road trips to charge your Tesla hassle-free. 

    Holiday Inn

    Holiday Inn is one of the most reliable options if you’re seeking a hotel with a Tesla charger. This holiday chain has many locations worldwide. Many of these locations have EV charging stations. Recent estimates show Holiday Inn has more than 1000 EV charging stations globally. 


    The Hilton hotel chain is one of the biggest globally. Unlike other hotel chains, Hilton provides four charging stations, one of which is the Tesla wall charging unit. This unit is only compatible with Teslas, and the other three are suitable for other EVS. 

    Additionally, Hilton has been pushing to expand its EV charging station locations. That’s why they have installed thousands to keep up with the demand. As you can imagine, their growing sustainability-driven customer base isn’t complaining. 

    Best Western

    In the last five years, thousands of EV charging stations have been installed at Best Western hotels. This hotel chain has charging stations for Teslas and other EVs across many locations. 

    Best Western believes having charging stations attracts new customers. They also believe that EV charging stations help them achieve sustainability goals. This move to be more eco-friendly has made Best Western hotels a leader in green initiatives. It has also made them a popular destination for EV drivers. 


    Unlike other hotel chains, this one does things differently. Marriot has equipped many of its hotels worldwide with fast EV charging stations. These are capable of charging Teslas. This hotel has more than 3,000 charging stations across all its hotels. They also have plans to install more within the next few years. 

    Also, most Marriot hotels provide EV electric charging stations free of charge. Yet, be sure to find out before charging up your Tesla to avoid any potential budgeting stresses. 


    If you own a Tesla, you might want to consider making Radisson hotels your first choice. This hotel chain has partnered with Tesla. They have done this to give drivers access to convenient, fast charging stations. The Radisson also offers free EV charger use at its Destination Chargers throughout the US. 

    Our Verdict

    This guide will help you find hotels with electric vehicle chargers for a Tesla. As you can see, you can use many online websites and tools. Many hotel chains are also guaranteed to have electric vehicle charging facilities. So consult this guide when booking a road trip with your Tesla. 

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