Best Tesla Armrest Box Cover For Model Y

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By getting one of the Tesla armrest box covers, you can get extra comfort. They also protect the leather armrest from dog scratches and daily wear and tear. 

I’ve located the best Tesla armrest box covers and compiled this list so you can buy them with confidence. Every one of these covers is an excellent, durable option you’ll be happy to use for many years.

Our Tesla Armrest Box Cover

Best Model Y Armrest Box Cover Reviewed

KMMOTORS Tesla Center Console Cover – Best Overall

Topped with a quilted cushion and covered in supple vegan leather, this Tesla armrest cover is our favorite. It turns comfort to the highest setting and looks great while doing so. 

I can objectively say this product 100% improves the comfort of your arm when resting on the cushioned foam layer compared to the stock armrest. It adds about an inch in height, but it’s soo comfy, and the material feels great.

It’s a well-designed cover. The installation is a breeze with wide elastic bands. It slips into place and will stay put exactly where you want it. The only con is that there is a 1” gap toward the back of the armrest. It’s not noticeable from the front seats, but can be seen from the back.

This cover also adds a hidden storage area under the armrest, giving you a secret place to stash your things.

It’s available in black, red, and white, as well as three other styles with and without the Tesla logo. The black is slightly different from Tesla’s black color so it does clash slightly.


  • Soft material with superior comfort
  • Six different color choices
  • Incredible customer satisfaction


  • Not as thin as other covers

Basenor Tesla Leather Armrest Cushion Pad – Best Budget

To get one of the best Tesla armrest box covers, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It protects your armrest with a padded surface and looks great while doing so by using a design similar to the Chanel Classic Diamond Pattern.

The installation only involves slipping it over the armrest. It stays in place without any adhesives or sticky residue.

Some budget-focused options can let you down, but I tested this for many months and it held up well. This product acts great and excels at its job, even though it’s so affordable.

Tucked inside is a memory foam pad that’s supportive yet soft. After using it in my car, I am impressed with how much more comfortable it makes my drive. I can lean on the console with my elbow for a long time without any discomfort.


  • The excellent price point for a premium product
  • Comfortable memory foam support


  • Only available in black with quilted stitching

CEBAT Center Console Armrest Box Cover -Most Durable

The CEBAT Tesla Armrest Box Cover adds a scratch-resistant layer. The construction features a double-stitched robust design that’s crafted to fit your Tesla and easy to clean.

You’re certain to find the color that matches your Tesla. It’s offered in five different styles, including blue, red, black, carbon fiber, and black with red stitching. The red pops out on any color, while the blue is a more relaxing tone.

I like that I don’t have to worry about the center console after installing this cover. My dog won’t scratch it, also, anything that gets on it can be easily cleaned off. It offers great peace of mind.


  • Ultra-durable leather material
  • Five unique color options
  • Easy-clean surface


  • Doesn’t include a thick cushion-like other options

Seasider Center Console Cover – Best Style

Our vehicles say a lot about our personalities. This Tesla armrest cover amps up the internal style like no other. The wave-like stitching pattern looks like a custom armrest cover but at a fraction of the price.

It matches the black leather interior with incredibly soft and luxurious leather that’s very nice and comfortable. The elegant pattern features a stitching design that’s so well done, it looks like it came with the car.

Not only is this cover my favorite style, but it’s also very comfortable. The pad is one of the thickest I’ve ever used, making me wish I could have the entire interior covered in the same product.

On top of everything else, this product has a low price. It’s the best of everything in one great Tesla armrest box cover.


  • Stylish stitching on a waterproof leather surface
  • Ultra-thick padding that retains its shape well
  • Low price without cutting corners


  • Isn’t specifically tailored for Tesla
  • Elastic band is thin
  • Feel like it will rip when moved

LFOTPP Tesla Armrest Cover – Most Streamlined

Available in white, black, and carbon fiber print, it fits your vehicle and looks great. The faux leather is nearly an identical match to the car’s faux leather, or at least pretty damn close.

Covered in environmental leather, this provides a soft touch while also increasing durability. My favorite thing about this Tesla armrest box cover is that it’s easy to clean,even the bright white option transforms into a like-new look with a quick wipe.

It’s also a great way to cover up any imperfections, scratches, or other damage on your original armrest. And the elastic bands are adequate for securing it.


  • The sleek look and factory-like fit
  • Easy to clean environmental leather cover
  • Three different looks to match your Tesla interior


  • Does not include a thicker pad

Our Verdict

When you want to add a cover to your Tesla armrest, there’s no shortage of excellent options. The best choice is the KMMOTORS Tesla Center Console Cover. It’s available in six different styles all with a supple cover and soft cushion.

If durability is your priority, check out the CEBAT Center Console Armrest Box Cover. It features a scratch-resistant leather material, also, it comes in five different colors with premium double stitching.

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