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A high-quality car cover helps protect your valuable vehicle from many hazards. After examining dozens of covers, I discovered the NEVERLAND Heavy-Duty Waterproof Car Cover is the best car cover for a Tesla Model Y.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the five best car covers, so you can see which fits your needs.

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Best Model Y Car Cover Reviewed

NEVERLAND Car Cover for Tesla Model Y – Best Overall

It is a heavy-duty waterproof option that acts like your personal fortress. This car cover features 300D Oxford cloth with a 4500 mm water pressure rating.

Five layers combine to ensure complete UV and rain protection. The soft interior layer doesn’t scratch your Model Y, while two separate barriers lay on top of the Oxford cloth. They’ll stop the elements and stand the test of time.

This Tesla car cover’s superior protection is enough to make it stand out from the other options. But it goes far beyond the rest by including a zippered charging port and driver door access. 

Plus, there are reinforced straps to connect to each wheel and an elastic band for a superior fit. Reflective strips help ensure visibility at night.

The way this car cover combines convenient charging and door access with a secure level of protection is commendable. After all, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a giant hassle to top off your battery.

It folds up pretty compact and slides into a nice storage bag, so this ensures the car cover stays clean when it’s not in use.


  • High-quality 300D Oxford cloth 
  • Impressive 4500 mm water pressure rating
  • Easy-access features for charging port and door


  • The reflective materials are only in a few small strips

BougeRV Tesla Model Y Car Cover – Best Warranty

It comes with a soft inner liner that hugs your Model Y around every corner, plus a thick water-repellent material on the outside of the cover. And this precision fit is one of the reasons I like this car cover more than others.

The BougeRV Tesla Model Y Car Cover also incorporates a zippered charging port. You can easily keep your battery full before hitting the road. And the front mesh area ensures proper ventilation if the battery management turns on the cooling system.

When you get it in your hands, you’ll find three adjustable ties that help keep it in place. One for the front of the car, one for the back, and one in the middle. These straps make it so this Tesla car cover stays put even when the wind cranks up. 

I tried this out during some rough storms and despite being easy to put on, it stayed put during some intense wind.

It comes with a nice storage bag. When you take it off your car and quickly roll it up, you have a nice place to store the cover and keep it free from dirt and debris.

I also love that BougeRV offers a lot of support. There’s available email contact and a lengthy one-year warranty. This company stands behind its products, and that gives me a lot of confidence to buy from them.


  • All-weather protection with a windproof design
  • Ventilated mesh and a zippered charging port
  • BougeRV guarantee and customer support


  • Lack of specifications on the fabric used

Farasla Car Cover for Tesla Model Y – Best Fit

Without being too tight, this Farasla Car Cover hits every body panel, corner, and feature of my Model Y perfectly.

This Tesla car cover uses layers of waterproof woven polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane. This creates a remarkable outer barrier for rain and snow. The inner layer is a soft flannel fabric to cover the Model Y paint with a cushiony surface.

Farasla uses robust double-stitching throughout. And a full elastic sewn hem stretches around the vehicle. These two elements showcase a commitment to quality that some car covers failed to have.

The reinforced grommets are available if you want to button them down. But since it fits the Tesla Model Y so well, there’s very little reason to use them.


  • Incredible all-around fit for Tesla Model Y
  • Durable layers with a thermoplastic polyurethane middle
  • Double-stitched seams and full elastic hem


  • Due to the tight fit, adjustment was sometimes needed to line up perfectly with the charging port

KouKou Waterproof Car Cover – Best Price

I generally prefer the car covers made for a Tesla Model Y, but the C6 model’s universal fit is spectacular and it offers a lower price point so you can save cash for other needs. It also uses windproof straps at the front and rear to stay in place during strong winds.

This car cover also comes with a waterproof bag, so you can easily store it when not draped over your Tesla.

Since I often park in blinding sunlight, UV protection is one of the highest needs on my list. This KouKou Car Cover has a silver exterior coating that reflects the sun’s rays, keeping my Model Y free from harmful rays. It also helps it stay cool.

The materials have an 1800 mm water pressure rating, great for those heavy rainstorms and snow. Although it’s less than the best model, it’s still an impressive level of waterproof protection.

Reflective stripes and zippered door access are a couple of nice features thrown in as well. But if you need charging port access, that’s one element you won’t find on this Tesla car cover. The universal fit isn’t custom-made for EVs like the Model Y.


  • 1800 mm water pressure rating
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Reinforcement straps for windy days


  • Lack of charging port access

Xipoo Fit Tesla Model Y Car Cover – Best Lightweight

By utilizing an ultralight fiber cloth, this Model Y car cover is effortless to use and compact to store. It’s made from a cushy, elastic material that makes it easy to put on and take off. Plus, it doesn’t have the wrinkled look that other car covers often have. And the soft material won’t scratch your Tesla.

You can bring it anywhere to drape over your car and protect it from dust, wind, and scratches. When it’s not over your car, you can store it inside the included storage bag and then toss it in your back seat or cargo area.

But this isn’t a waterproof car cover, the fiber cloth is amazing in many ways, including a miraculous self-healing design. Yet it’s a mesh-like material that water will go right through.

Nonetheless, I still like this car cover for certain applications. It fits well and keeps UV rays off your Model Y. If you just washed your Tesla Model Y and want to keep dust off, you can use this no matter where you park.

The side mirrors fit well into the small pockets and the overall fit is nice and snug. It’s one of the tighter-fitting models but since the material stretches, it’s the ideal design.


  • Extremely lightweight material with UV and dust protection
  • Self-healing fabric can remove any imperfections without a hassle
  • Amazing fit for Tesla Model Y


  • Not waterproof
  • No charging port opening
  • Difficult to distinguish the front from the back

Our Verdict

To keep your Tesla Model Y in pristine condition regardless of what happens, go with the NEVERLAND Waterproof Car Cover with its incredible protection.

But if you only need a lightweight option, the Xipoo Fit Tesla Model Y Car Cover or the KouKou Car Cover are both great options.

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