Best Model Y Mud Flaps

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If you live in areas with harder/corrosive material like sand, salt, rocks, or gravel on the road,and you want to protect the side paint by adding mud flaps to your Model Y.

Well, we tested different mud flaps and found the BASENOR Mud Flaps to be the best overall products. Still, there are other options to choose from.

Here, we highlight the best Model Y mud flaps for you.

Our Tesla Model Y Mud Flaps

Best Tesla Model Mud Flaps Reviewed 

BASENOR Mud Flaps – Best Overall

Basenor mud flaps molds perfectly to fit on your 2022 Tesla Model Y. They’re easy to install thanks to high-quality screws. The installation will take about 2 minutes for the front flaps and 5 minutes for the rear flaps. Additionally, Each mud flap indicates where it should go (FR front right, FL front left, RR rear right, RL rear left). If you use these flaps, they’ll blend with the look of your car and add to it a sporty look.   

Furthermore, the mud flaps have strong ABS thermoplastic materials and can work in harsh conditions. Finally, the mud flaps are highly durable. So, if you want a long-lasting performance, count on Basenor mud flaps. 


  • Installation takes about 15 minutes
  • The mud flips are highly durable
  • Works in harsh conditions


  • You’ll struggle to remove the screws after installation

Model Y Mud Flaps From Tesla – Premium Pick

The Model Y Mud flaps don’t top our list by accident. We noted that the flaps come with superior materials. The upper part of the flap is made of hard plastic, while the lower one consists of soft, flexible rubber. So, you’ll get high durability and impact resistance. 

Additionally, the flexible rubber bends when it encounters an obstacle. It means that the flap won’t easily break like with other alternatives. 

Furthermore, the flaps are slim enough. If you want your Model Y to look good, you can count on this product. 

One downside to this flap is that it leaves a ground clearance of 3.5 inches after installation. Therefore, it’ll contact the surface, especially when you drive over bumps. 

All in all, it’s a reliable mud flap that will only take you 5 min to install.


  • Offers better protection
  • They won’t touch your car’s paint
  • The flaps are slim enough
  • Easy to install


  • Leaves a small ground clearance
  • It’s more expensive 

Nansure Mud Flaps – Best For Durability

The Nansure mud flaps are also made from sturdy and durable ABS thermoplastic materials. Installing these mud flaps doesn’t need pro-level experience. It’ll take 15 to 20 minutes to install them on your car. Just fit the flaps in the hole position using plastic pop rivets.

These mud flaps are nicely curved to fit well on your Tesla car. To install it on your car without problems, turn the wheel inside for easier access. 

However, Nansure flaps have challenges relating to screw quality. The screws will likely break if you don’t handle them with care. 


  • They’re easy to install
  • Guarantees high durability
  • Works in harsh environment


  • Low-front mud flaps
  • Poor quality screws

A-Premium 4PCs Flaps – Best Anti-Crack

The A-Premium 4PCs flaps are popular for their outstanding materials. These flaps will withstand possible cracking or corrosion.

The flaps come with simple instructions making the installation process easy. During installation, you don’t need to drill the car. 

Unlike other flaps, the A-Premium 4PCs flaps are wider enough and cover your tire’s full width. You have to install four flaps if you need to fix four positions. Generally, these flaps are more secure and safer. 

Finally, they are made from outstanding pp+tpo (Polypropylene + Thermoplastic Polyolefins) materials. The materials are not only lightweight but also durable and sturdy. 


  • No drilling during installation
  • They’re wide enough to cover the full tire width


  • Weak plastic bolts

KIKIMO 2021 2022 Mud Flaps – Best Budget

For those working with a tight budget, consider the KIKIMO mud flaps. Apart from being affordable, they also offer full protection and high quality. 

Additionally, they’re designed with strong ABS thermoplastic materials, which are recyclable and durable. 

They come with very good instructions making the installation process straightforward. You just screw the mud flaps onto your car without drilling anywhere. 

Any KIKIMO mud flaps you buy have a 1-year warranty. It means you’ll get replacements if there is damage. 


  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • It is recyclable


  • Has a poor fit


Do You Need Mud Flaps On Tesla Model Y? 

snow on tesla model y


Model Y wheels are wide, and the shape of the body curves in and back out while driving. Therefore, rocks and mud can hit areas closer to the wheels, thus scratching or dirtying them.

Consequently, you’ll have to paint and wash your Model Y more often. This will increase the car’s maintenance cost. Having mud flaps will protect against debris and mud hitting your car. Remember, your car should make your life easier rather than bring financial burdens.   

Do Mudflaps Affect Tesla’s Range?

Yes! The flaps are small and close enough to the tires to ride in their slipstream.  Normally, they affect the Tesla Model Y ranges. But, such effects are almost negligible. 

Does Model Y Have Rear Mud Flaps?

The old  Model Y cars were delivered without mud flaps. However, Tesla is now including mud flaps on newly built Model Y cars. Newly built Tesla model Y cars are designed with mud flaps, which was lacking in older versions. We recommend installing rear and front mud flaps to protect your car against debris. Consequently, you’ll increase its lifespan. 

What Should You Do If You Are Afraid Of Any Damage Or Scuffing To The Paint When Removing Mud Flaps?

You can rub some soft candle wax under them.

Our Verdict

Having a reliable mud flap can help you deflect obstacles from your car. As a result, you’ll increase the car’s lifespan. Additionally, you can paint and wash it less often. 

We recommend any of the above mud flaps to protect your Model Y. But, for better performance, go with the BASENOR Mud Flaps. And if you’re working with a tight budget, consider the KIKIMO mud flaps. If you’re afraid that paint might damage while removing mud flaps, rub some soft candle wax under them. 

Treat your Model Y with care, and it’ll serve you well. 

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