Best Tesla Sunglasses Holder

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Are you tired of fumbling for your sunglasses in your Tesla? Create a perfect spot to keep them with this curated list of the best Tesla Sunglass Holders.

This article has the top Tesla Sunglass Holders to deliver what you need and stand the test of time.

Our Tesla Sunglass Holder

Accmor Sunglasses Holder Protective Case – Best Overall

This is my favorite pick for a Tesla Sunglass Holder for three reasons. First, it’s much more spacious than other options. It easily fits my sunglasses with large frames. Or if I need to, I can fit more than one pair.

The second reason I love the Accmor Sunglass Holder for my Tesla is that it’s stylish. The high-quality PU leather features bold stitching that makes it pop. Since there are 20 different styles, there’s an option for any taste. 

Choose from a full rainbow of solid colors and jeweled options. I went with the Bling Colorful and can’t tell you how many compliments people give me. It’s stunning.

And the final reason this Tesla Sunglass Holder is the best is the hassle-free design. By instantly clipping onto my sun visor, it becomes part of your car in seconds. And if you want to take it off to throw in your beach bag or bring it inside, that’s no problem.


  • Spacious and roomy
  • 20 color choices
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Larger than other options
  • Must use on the sun visor

ROSON Car Visor Sunglasses Case – Best Leather

I love the minimalist look of Tesla vehicles. This leather sunglass case has a sleek look that fits flawlessly. The design is simplistic yet elegant. It is a Tesla Sunglass Holder that serves both function and form well.

The outside features waterproof and impact-resistant PU leather. It’s a very durable material that will last years. And to protect your sunglasses from scratches, the interior uses ultra-soft flocking cloth. It’s the ideal material to protect these fragile and expensive items.

You can choose from three colors, black, gray, and beige. The black goes the best with most Teslas, but the gray is a light color that can match certain interiors too. Beige tends to look dated to me, but to each, their own.

This Tesla Sunglass Holder is another one that clips onto the sun visor. So you don’t have to worry about any installation challenges. It also comes off easily, without marking or scratching your visor.


  • Clean, sleek design
  • Plushy inside for protection
  • Durable exterior finish


  • Only three color choices

Artilife Sunglass Holder for Tesla – Best Value

By sticking to a simple wider clip design, the Artilife Sunglass Holder can hit a very low price point. Yet it still provides everything you need in a Sunglass Holder. One side of the clip slips over your sun visor and the other uses a strong magnet to clip onto your sunglasses.

What’s great about this product is how small it is. Others act like large cases that hold your entire sunglasses. But these have the arms slip through. It gives you instant access and makes it so you don’t accidentally leave them behind. If your sunglasses are on the clip, you’ll know it.

I was a little concerned about the magnetic clip not holding on so well. And unfortunately, I did find that it’s not great for some of my sunglasses with thick plastic arms. But I am happy with the power of the magnetic clip and how it works with most sunglasses. It holds them in place, even when driving on bumpy streets and windy mountain roads.

If you want an affordable and minimalistic sunglass holder for your Tesla, this is it.


  • Unbeatable price
  • Strong, secure magnet
  • Provides easy access


  • Not for thick plastic sunglass arms

EVFITUS Accessories Organizer for Model Y – Most Versatile

By thinking outside the box, this sunglass holder helps you maximize your space and keep tidy. It uses Velcro-like attachments to stick to any flocked surface in your Tesla. It works on the side of the center console, the seat backs, and on most Tesla car doors.

The box features eco-friendly silicone material. It’s waterproof and easy to clean. The large clamshell top flap provides easy access to a spacious interior compartment.

I can stuff my sunglasses, phone, and a small money clip inside at the same time. Now I don’t have to worry about these things taking up space in the center console. It is nearly invisible and this case holds my sunglasses in a great spot.

It’s also useful to add storage throughout the car. I put one on the back of the rear seats to hold dog bags and an extra leash.

The Velcro material is very strong, you don’t have to worry about it falling off while driving. But it also means that you don’t want to move this Tesla Sunglass Holder around too much. 


  • Adds storage space
  • Instant installation
  • High-quality silicone material


  • Can pull flocking when removed

Motrobe Model Y Air Vent Storage Box – Best for Dashboard

I always feel that there’s a little wasted space in the area next to the steering wheel in my Tesla, and this product helps me do just that.

The Motrobe Tesla Sunglass Holder adds a great little storage box with two pockets next to your steering wheel. It is carefully designed and molded to fit the space for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars. It looks like a factory option.

I keep my sunglasses in one slot and some other handy items in the other, like a small notepad and pen. It makes purpose for this space and it helps me keep the center console free of clutter.

There is a major flaw with this product, namely, the adhesive that it comes with isn’t the best. To fix this, I turned to my trusty 3M Double Sided Mounting Tape. Two little strips will keep this Tesla Sunglass Holder in place. This tape is amazing for all sorts of projects.

Also, if you’re close to 6 feet tall (~180 cm), there’s a chance your knees or thigh might not have enough space. Sit in your car and see how close your leg is to your dashboard before getting this.


  • Factory-like appearance
  • Adds utility to open space
  • Two slots for multiple items


  • Adhesive may fail
  • Not great for tall people (~6’ or 180 cm)

Our Verdict

You can’t go wrong with the Accmor Tesla Sunglasses Holder and the 20 different style choices. But if you want a simple clip that keeps your sunglasses handy, the Artilife Sunglass Holder is the right choice.

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