How To Reset Tesla Screen Model Y ?

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If you are one of the owners of a Tesla Model Y, you might want to know how to reset the screen. 

Although it doesn’t happen often, there is a chance that your Model Y could malfunction, leading to a black screen that requires a soft or hard reset. In this situation, you need to know how to reboot or reset your Tesla Model Ys screen to get back on the road. 

Since Tesla Model Ys are complex machines, and there is no easy reset button, we want to tell you how to reset the screen. So continue reading.

When Should A Tesla Screen Be Reset

Before we look into how to reset a Tesla Model Y screen, we want to tell you when you should reset it. See below to learn the scenarios when a screen reset is required. 

  • When you’re experiencing connectivity issues. 
  • When you’ve been contacted by a Tesla service rep who has told you to turn the screen on and off to reset it. 
  • When your Model Ys touchscreen is functioning erratically or is unresponsive. 
  • When the latest software update has stalled or isn’t working properly. 
  • When you’re encountering fault messages that don’t clear or are unhelpful. 

Why Is My Tesla Screen Black? 

Tesla Screen Black

There are four reasons your Tesla Model Y screen could be black. We have listed each of these reasons below:

  • eMMC Failure: One of the most common reasons for black screens is eMMC failure in Tesla Model Ys. Sometimes this multi-media memory card fails, and it needs to be changed by Tesla. 
  • User error: Many Tesla Model Ys experience touchscreen errors. Sometimes your screen could go black because you have too many applications open. So to fix this issue, you can close all the apps and reset your screen. Close your maps, music streaming services, and other apps to clear the operating system cache. Also, check for software updates, which could be another reason your touchscreen isn’t working. 
  • System overload: Unfortunately, if you overload your system, it can crash or lag, and this can cause a black screen in your Model Y. To avoid this, you can update your MCU1 data log. 
  • Touchscreen recall: You might not know this, but the touchscreen is one of the fastest-evolving technologies. That’s why most become outdated within six months of being released. This means that the Tesla Model Y has a lifespan of about six months to a year and can be recalled. If yours is recalled, it won’t work and will go black – sometimes showing updates or error codes. 

How Do I Reset My Tesla Screen? (All Solutions & Steps)

Although it might be difficult to believe, it isn’t too hard to reset a Tesla Model Y screen. Below we have mentioned how you can do a soft and hard reset by detailing the steps. If neither of these options works, you might have to take your vehicle to a Tesla dealership service technician. 

The Model Y Soft Reboot Steps

To perform a soft reboot, you need to do the following:

  1. Find, press, and hold the scroll wheels that control the screen. Keep holding them until the screen turns off. 
  2. After it has switched off, wait for the touchscreen and instrument cluster to turn on. It should restart after about 10 to 30 seconds. 
  3. You can perform this reset while driving, but it’s recommended to park first and then perform this reset. 

The Model Y Full Vehicle Soft Reboot (Reset)

If the above soft reset didn’t work, you might have to perform a full vehicle soft reboot. There are two ways to perform this reset, and we have listed them below. 

Method one

  1. Start by shutting all your doors and putting the vehicle into park. 
  2. Go to the touchscreen controls, select safety and security, and choose the power off option. 
  3. After you have done this, refrain from touching anything. This includes the touchscreen, brakes, doors, and windows. Usually, it’s best not to touch anything for at least five minutes. 
  4. After you have waited five minutes, you can open your door to start the Model y and initiate the reboot. This should activate your touchscreen if nothing is wrong. 

Method Two

  1. Place your Model Y in ‘Park’.
  2. Press and hold your brake pedal. 
  3. Find, press, and hold both scroll wheels. 
  4. Keep pressing the brake and the scroll wheels until your screen turns back on. 

The Model Y Hard Reset Steps

Before you perform a hard reset, you need to note that it could result in you voiding your vehicle’s warranty. Usually, a mobile service technician will perform a hard reset to fix your screen. If you are not close to a service center and are aware of the possibility of voiding your warranty, you can try this option. 

A hard reset is often required when codes won’t clear, error messages won’t resolve, or you have a stalled vehicle because of an update. Hard resets are challenging, so they aren’t recommended. 

Method: The Hard Reset For A Tesla Model Y

  1. Switch off your Model Ys Climate Control System.
  2. Open your driver’s window fully to avoid being locked out. 
  3. Open your front trunk and turn off the vehicle. 
  4. Once you have opened the front trunk, remove the top panel. It will be the one with the windshield wiper fluid. 
  5. Take a 10mm socket wrench and disconnect the 12V battery terminal. After doing this, isolate it from the post. 
  6. Open your passenger-side back door and fasten the back seatbelts. 
  7. Wipe your hand underneath the seats to release the clips that hold your seats down. After doing this, lift the seats. 
  8. Take out the foam cover for the wire harness and disconnect and unplug it. You will hear a noise if you’re successful. 
  9. Wait between two to five minutes for it to reset your screen, and then reverse your steps. Basically, replace the wire harness and foam cover, put the seats down, reconnect the 12V battery terminal, and cover the front trunk. 
  10. Get back in your Model Y and restart the vehicle. Your black screen should be fixed. 

Can You Reset The Tesla Screen While Driving? 

Yes.You can reset your Tesla Model Y screen while driving, but it isn’t recommended. If you try to reset it while driving, you risk getting into an accident, putting yourself and others at risk of injury. 

So if your screen goes black while driving, pull over and try to reset it using the tips we shared above. That way, you will have access to status displays, speed, backup cameras, and safety warnings when you’re ready to drive again.

Can You Drive A Tesla Without A Screen?

According to some, it is possible to drive a Tesla Model Y without a screen, but it isn’t recommended. It is unsafe because you cannot see your driving speed. So to avoid getting into an accident, it’s best not to drive your Model Y until you have fixed the screen. 

Does Tesla Have A Night Mode? 

Many will be pleased to learn that Tesla Model Y touchscreens have night mode. Yet, it isn’t known as night mode but dark mode. There are two other light modes as well, namely: light and auto mode. Night mode is suitable for driving at night, and many drivers prefer it. 

When It’s A Real Problem, Take It For A Service

Unfortunately, there are times when a reset won’t fix a Tesla Model Ys screen. If this is your situation, it might be time to consider taking your vehicle in for a service. A professional can tell you why your Model Ys screen isn’t working, and they can fix it. 

If they cannot fix it, they can replace it, so contact a professional mechanic or technician before any other issues arise. 

Our Verdict

As you can see, it isn’t too difficult to reset the screen in your Tesla Model Y. Your first option should be to perform a soft reset. If this doesn’t work, you can try a hard reset, but it isn’t recommended as it can void your warranty or cause damage. If you have tried a reset and it hasn’t worked, you should take it to a service technician to resolve the problem. 

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