Tescamp Refrigerator Review

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Whether you’re on a trip across the country or a long day around town, having some fresh food and cold drinks can come in handy. It not only cools down instantly, but it can also warm drinks or food while you’re on the go.

Tescamp Refrigerator

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Let’s start this Tescamp Refrigerator review by going over the main features.

Sleek Appearance

One other highlight of this Tesla Tescamp Refrigerator review is the appearance. This car fridge simply looks great. It fits in flawlessly with the cool, minimalist Tesla aesthetic. I’m a big fan of customizing my car to make it better and more comfortable, but I always prefer the sleek look. This fridge does a great job of doing everything in style.

And it doesn’t make a lot of noise. It’s rated at less than 45 decibels. Some of my friends didn’t even notice it at first until I pulled out some cold drinks. Then they thought it was a factory option. Now they all have one too.

Instant Temperature

When you’re looking for a way to keep your drinks or food cold in your car, it needs to be able to quickly cool down. Unlike some car fridges, this Tescamp refrigerator can go from room temperature down to ice-cold 21 ℉ (-6 °C) in just 15 minutes.

You can easily set the temperature to 43 ℉ (6 °C) for refrigeration or crank it up to 122 ℉ (50 °C) to keep things warm. And it shows the temperature right on the front. The prominent control panel features three buttons for these settings, freezer, refrigeration, or warming, to make it foolproof and instant. No fumbling around inside for a dial. And no overly complicated interface to learn.

Ideal Size and Capacity

The Tescamp Refrigerator is designed to fit underneath the rear side of the center console, just below the rear passenger vents. This floor-mounted position keeps it out of the way, yet accessible to anyone in the car. 

Plus, the perfect snug fit means it won’t slide around. You can be confident that it will stay put even through twisty or rugged roads. I’ve driven hundreds of miles and have never had to worry about it moving an inch.

The size is just right. Despite taking up minimal floor space, the interior is quite spacious. This isn’t some minuscule fridge only suitable for one. It’s 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) wide and 15.3 inches (39 cm) tall. That’s enough for you and your passengers to keep some food or drinks cold.

You can fit up to:

  • 8 standard size (12-ounce) soda cans
  • 4 full-size bottles of water
  • 2 pack 1L milk

How To Install

Getting the Tesla Tescamp Refrigerator installed and running couldn’t be easier. Before you drop it in, I recommend cleaning out the rear area first because it’ll probably stay there for a long time. You’ll also want to take out the fridge’s power cable and attach it to the fridge before installing it.

Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the supporting metal plate under your floor mat
  2. Put the fridge on top of the plate and slide it under the rear vents
  3. Twist the knobs on each side for about 8 turns, securing the fridge in place
  4. Plug to power cable into the 12-volt cigarette lighter

Using It When Tesla Is On

Now just tap the power button on the top left, then select the temperature you want on the top right (freezer, refrigerator, or warming). In less than 20 minutes, your Tescamp refrigerator will be at your temperature and ready to go.

With Tesla Parked and Off

Since the fridge runs off the 12-volt cigarette lighter, it has power when your vehicle is on or when it is in Sentry mode. If you need it to stay at your set temperature when parked, make sure to enable Sentry mode

Make sure that the power button for the Tescamp Refrigerator is turned on when you want to use it. Turning on Sentry mode will not turn on the fridge’s power button. But as long as the refrigerator’s button is on, you can pre-cool or pre-warm the fridge remotely from the app.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Tescamp Refrigerator

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This Tesla Tescamp Refrigerator review gives you the full story, and in this section, we’ll quickly go over some of the best highlights. But we’ll also dive into a couple of the issues to consider before pulling out your credit card.


  • Extremely convenient way to warm or cool food or drinks while on the go
  • Can easily reach the contents from any seat, including the driver’s
  • It rapidly reaches the set temperature in 10 to 15 minutes


  • It doesn’t stay on when the car is off unless you enable Sentry mode
  • The fridge takes up some of the footroom for the rear middle seat and a child sitting there might accidentally open it

Tescamp Refrigerator Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tescamp Refrigerator Fit In Any Other Car?

The Tescamp Refrigerator runs off a common 12-volt cigarette lighter and can be used anywhere with this outlet. It is shaped to fit securely inside the Tesla Model Y. If using it in something else, you’ll need to figure out how to mount it securely.

Does It Consume a Lot of Power?

To run the Tescamp fridge for an entire 24 hours, it uses about 1 kWh. This is equal to about 3.1 miles (5 km) of range from the battery pack. Overall, it has a maximum pull of 50W, making it quite energy-efficient. It’s not something you need to worry about with your Tesla unless your battery is running low. Since it rapidly cools within minutes, you can also turn it on and off as needed to save power.

Do You Have to Use a Metal Base Plate?

The metal base plate is used to stop the refrigerator from sliding around. If the floor mats are thick or hard enough, so the fridge is secure without any gaps, then you don’t need to use the metal base plate. It is not essential to the fridge’s function, just an accessory to help mount it.

Our Verdict

The Tescamp Refrigerator for Teslas is a great way to have cold or warm food and drinks on the road. You can use it to keep a few refreshments at hand always, or when you go on a long trip for all-day food and drinks.

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Tescamp Refrigerator

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