What Should You Do When Air Conditioning Weak Or Not Working

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Is your air conditioning weak or not working in the summer? Before you call a mechanic, try these tips and tricks to see if it resolves the issue.

This post covers a whole range of troubleshooting tips and is divided into sections to make it easier to find the answer.

Why Your Tesla Car Air Conditioning is Not Working?

If your air conditioning is not working, there are a few reasons. Each section below covers the most common reasons.

Ac And Inner Loop Not Open

The Ac and inner loop not open is a problem we hear about on the forum nearly daily. This is because owners often overlook it as they mistakenly think that their air conditioning is broken when it’s just a simple fix.

Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Turn On

If your air conditioning doesn’t turn on, the first thing you should check is to make sure that the car is in ACC or Drive. 

You can do this by putting your Tesla into the park and then back into drive. If it still doesn’t work, check to see if you can hear the compressor. 

If you cannot, it may be because your fan is stuck on high, preventing the compressor from turning.

The Tesla Compressor Is Making Loud Noises

If your compressor is making loud noises, the bearings may fail. This can easily be diagnosed by having a mechanic check to see if the car‘s compressor is spinning freely.

The Tesla Air Conditioner Shuts Down Suddenly

If your Tesla air temperature shuts down suddenly, you may have a faulty compressor. The reason for the high-temperature shutdown could be due to the water pump failing. 

It can also be caused by a faulty condenser, which occurs when corrosion has built up on the fins.

Have Warm Or Hot Air Blowing In Tesla Car

If you have warm or hot air blowing into the car at the base of your windshield, it could mean that you have a faulty defrost pump. 

To diagnose this issue, you will need to see if the condensation is coming from under your windshield wipers.

Temperature Sensors 

If the temperature of your Tesla is not as cold as you set it to be, then this could be due to the temperature sensor malfunctioning. To check this, take your car out and see if the air blowing into the car is actually cold enough.

The Ac Isn’t Working After A Software Update

If the air conditioning stops working after a software update, this could mean that the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) has reset. To fix this, you will need to access the settings and go through the troubleshooting checklist.

Summer Heat And Sun Exposure – Give More Time

Air conditioning needs time to adjust to summer heat and sun exposure, so give it the time it needs.

Refrigerant Leaks And Other Mechanical Issues

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak or other mechanical issues, it’s best to contact a Tesla mechanic.

Coolant Pipe Problem

The coolant pipe could be blocked, which prevents the cold air from blowing into the car. Try resetting the aircon and see if it blows hot or cold air. You may have a coolant pipe problem if it blows hot air.

How To Solve Tesla Not Working Air Conditioning

Having air conditioning that doesn’t work as expected can be frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting tips you should check before you call a mechanic.

Step 1: Turn Off COP

Tesla cabin overheat protection(COP) keeps your seat warm for a short period, so it will only heat up to the set temperature(Touch Controls > Safety > Cabin Overheat Protection). However, if your air conditioning does not work, maybe the cabin overheats protection is malfunctioning.

Step 2: Perform A Soft Reset 

If the cabin overheats, protection is not the problem. You will need to use a soft reset. This will reboot the HVAC unit and should fix any glitches that have caused it to stop working. To do this, turn your car off and then on while holding down the scroll buttons until it resets.

Step 3: Perform A Full Power Down And Restart 

If you think it might be the Temperature sensor, you would want to try a soft reset first. After that, perform a full power down and restart; step on the brake to power on). This can sometimes fix some issues with the Temp sensor.

Step 4: Check the A/C screen if the message “climate keeper unavailable due to system fault” has disappeared

The climate keeper is a feature that keeps the temperature inside your car at a humidity level of 35%. It will turn on when the climate in your car reaches 72 degrees, or it can be turned on manually by pressing the A/C button. If you want to prevent the climate keeper from turning on, then you can disable it.

Step 5: Re-Enable Cabin Overheat Protection

In some instances, the cabin overheats protection can be turned back on if there is an issue with the climate keeper. To do this, you need to allow the climate keeper to turn on for at least 24 hours and then switch it off again.

How to Reset theTesla AC ?

Use this guide to reset the air conditioning.

1. Soft Reset

A soft reset resets the system and can solve issues to do with the Tesla AC but won’t fix physical problems like lack of airflow or cold air coming out of the vents. 

It will reboot the onboard electronics and settings and is the preferred method if there are light indicators on your dash or screen, as it doesn’t take any further action than that. 

2. Hard Reset

A hard reset will permanently remove all of the settings and systems on the system and requires a complete restart, so remember if you reset it, you will need to start it over.

Our Verdict

Hopefully, these tips will help you resolve your issue with your air conditioning. If not, contacting a mechanic or taking it to the Tesla service center. Good luck and happy driving.

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