Best Tesla Boombox Sound

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Tesla cars can play a fart sound on their external speakers. They have a Boombox feature, enabling users to play custom sounds. Some of the custom sounds include fart sounds, applauses, and truck music.

The Boombox feature comes with preprogrammed sounds. Additionally, Tesla owners can add up to five custom sounds via a USB drive. Tesla owners always seek the best sound in their cars but don’t know how to go about it.

Here, we help you learn more about Tesla Boombox driving sound while highlighting the best options.

What is Tesla Boombox Driving Sound?

Tesla introduced the Boombox mode as a software update in 2020. Usually, a car has a horn sound as a warning to other road users. The Boombox mode enables users to use a variety of sounds beyond thy typical horn.

The Boombox feature is only available to cars built after 1st September 2019. Such cars support the federal requirement of pedestrian-warning noises.

You can use Boombox in Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model 3, and Model S. These Tesla models have in-built external speakers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommended the feature.

Naturally, electric cars are quiet when moving at low speeds. Federal regulations require EVs to produce system noises when driving below 18.6 mph. EV cars have no noisy engines; hence difficult to hear at slow speeds.

Tesla got creative with the warning sounds and introduced the Boombox mode. The feature was an over-the-air update applicable to cars with external speakers.

Furthermore, Tesla has made adjustments to the Boombox feature. The NHTSA raised concerns about safety issues around Boombox in 2021. Tesla updated the software to meet the new requirements. Notably, you can only change the sounds when parking.

You can adjust the volume of the Boombox from the display. However, be keen to stick to the set noise levels.

Best Tesla Boombox Sounds

Tesla is a luxury car, and its owners want to stand out. The Boombox feature allows them to play unique sounds.

Here are the best boombox sounds

Dukes of Hazzard Car Horn Sound Effect MP3

Speedy Gonzales Arriba Andale Sound Effect MP3

Baseball Organ Charge Sound Effect MP3

Price is Right Losing Horn | Free Sounds

Vincent Price Evil Laugh – Sound Button

Wind Howling

Screeching tires 

Car on a road

Car, starting, and departure

Screeching tires 3

Click here to download 70 custom Boombox.

How Many Sounds Does a Tesla Boombox Have?

Tesla made a list of ten preset Pedestrian Warning systems sounds. Some present sounds include a “La Cucaracha”, a bleating goat, and a fart sound. However, the Boombox mode allows you to add five more custom sounds.

The preset sounds are only interesting to some. Hence, you can only replace the default horn sound in parking mode. With simple instructions, you can make the warning sounds more fun.

How Do You Upload These Sounds into Tesla?

You will need a USB drive to add custom sounds to the Boombox system. Tesla gives you the option of using the existing USB drive. Usually, the USB drive is used for Dashcam or Sentry mode.

Normally, Tesla supplies you with a USB stick in the glove compartment. Also, other USB disks will work satisfactorily.

You will need to partition the USB and save the sounds in an MP3 format. The custom sounds need their folder, a separate folder from other items. The sounds can only be stored in a folder named Bloombox.

The sounds are usually small in size; hence you will need a USB drive of less than 1 Gb.

Begin by formatting the USB drive into ExFAT format. Give the USB drive a name, as it will be reflected in the sounds when setting up Boombox.

You can follow these simple steps to set up the Boombox system. The disc formatting instructions vary depending on the operating system of your computer.

For MAC, format the USB using the following instructions.

  •  First, go to the Disk Utility
  • Next, select the desired USB drive
  • Then, click erase
  • Next, name the USB disk ‘Boombox.’
  • Then, set the format as ‘ExFAT.’
  • Click ‘Erase’

If your computer is operating on Microsoft Windows, follow these instructions.

Once you have plugged the USB drive into the computer

  • Click ‘computer’.
  • Proceed to ‘Manage’.
  • Next, click ‘Disk Management’.
  • Then select your USB drive.
  • Next, click ‘Format’.
  • Proceed to select the ‘Yes’ option.
  • In the name section, input ‘Boombox’.
  • The file system is set as ‘Boombox’.
  • Finally, click ‘OK’.

The USB drive is now ready to use.

Save the custom sounds into the drive. Ensure the sounds are in mp3. Other sound formats may have compatibility challenges.

Moreover, ensure that there are no spaces within the names of the files.

How to Play Boombox Sounds?

The custom sounds should be easy to play if you follow the set-up instructions.

Proceed to insert it into the car USB port. Most Tesla cars have a USB port in the glovebox.

To play the sounds, 

  • Go to Gamebox on the Tesla Display.
  • Navigate to the Boombox.
  • Next, select ‘use as horn signal’.
  • Proceed to select the desired custom mp3 sound. The sounds will be named according to the prefix of the USB drive.
  • Select ‘preview’.

You can now honk the horn, and the speakers will play the sounds.

Our Verdict

Tesla Boombox is the feature you need to change your Tesla’s warning sounds. You can use customized sounds to sound unique or even irritate others.

Tesla introduced the Boombox as a federal government requirement for EVs. The feature only works for cars with external speakers.

The Tesla Boombox feature comes with ten preset sounds. You can add five more sounds at a go. Don’t hesitate to use this feature to make your car unique.

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