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My friends constantly ask me how I keep my vehicle so clean. The truth is that reaching in to clean all the cracks, crevices, and corners of your car doesn’t have to be difficult. With Tesla car cleaning gel, you can pick up all the loose particles and debris.

In this article, we’ll cover the best options for Tesla car cleaning gel, including everything from the best-smelling to the most versatile.

Our Tesla Car Cleaning Gel

PULIDIKI Cleaning Gel for Car – Best Overall

After using quite a few different brands, this one holds up the best, cleaned well, and has the right price. The product arrived sealed with the container filled to the brim.

This cleaning gel simplifies the cleaning process, saving my precious time and effort. The instructions are listed on the side of the package.

One issue with cleaning gels is that some of the low-quality ones can break apart and stick to your hands too much. This one doesn’t have that issue at all. It feels a little slimy, but actually isn’t too sticky. It has more of a liquid-like feel.

It held up to repeated use for weeks, helping me remove annoying crumbs and dust. How long it lasts depends on the size and how dirty what you’re cleaning is.

For those of us that like a nice clean car, you can say goodbye to the frustration of leaving stuff behind after your dust with a rag. This gel sticks on and then peels away every tiny crumb, leaving a surface that’s so clean, you won’t believe it.

And of course, you can’t forget the excellent price of this Tesla car cleaning gel. Others can cost twice as much and don’t perform as well.


  • Exceptional cleaning power
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent price point and value


  • It has a smell like a cleaner or mild cologne
  • It can adhere to the skin

TICARVE Car Cleaning Gel -Best Scent

This car cleaning gel’s main highlight is that it features a pleasant scent. There are three different ones to choose from. Since others can be a little smelly, this is a pretty important selling point.

Another unique characteristic of this Tesla car cleaner is that it uses natural guar gum. This eco-friendly material is common in foods. It acts as a thickener and stabilizer, helping this gel hold up to the cleaning process.

I found the performance of the Ticarve cleaning putty excellent. It reached far into every corner and also did a great job on the air conditioning vents in my Tesla’s rear seats.

I did encounter one issue before I used this. The seal under the lid was very difficult to remove. The tabs were nonexistent and I couldn’t pull it off, so I had to grab a knife to cut it out. Also, this Tesla car cleaning gel did great for 3 times. It started to lose its stickiness toward the end of the session. 


  • Three pleasant scents
  • Eco-friendly guar gum for stabilizer


  • Difficult to open the seal
  • Doesn’t last many uses

Albrta Car Cleaning Gel 5-Pack – Largest Pack

When it comes to getting a good value, this 5 pack is a great choice. These car cleaning gels can pick up so much dirt that they stop working well. So having five in one pack means you can tackle many projects without having to place another order.

And despite the multi-pack value, the Albrta Car Cleaning Gel still is a high-quality product. It relies on a high-tech solution with guar gum. So it sticks to your car’s surfaces with the right amount of power, but doesn’t stick to your hands.

Each of the five pieces included has a natural scent that’s filled with flowers and herbs. It’s like a nice spring day and that smell helps create a relaxing environment in your clean car. There are no concerns about chemical scents or other unpleasant issues.


  • 5 pack provides excellent value and many uses
  • Doesn’t stick to your hands


  • The price is a little high, but sensible for the number of gel packs included

JUSTTOP Cleaning Gel – Most Eco-Friendly

This one uses two natural alcohols, ethanol and glycerol, plus a guar gum stabilizer. It holds a lot of cleaning power. Yet manages to avoid the harmful chemicals and agents found in similar products.

I was able to use this one on my vehicle and then I turned to the home office to tackle the keyboard and a few other devices. It held up pretty well during this time. 

It’s available in five different colors. They feature a nice lemon citrus scent, which I always associate with nice, clean surfaces. Overall, I was very satisfied with this product. And it’s priced right too.


  • Fresh and soothing lemon citrus scent


  • Must keep away from hot cars

CLICK CLEAN Cleaning Gel – Most Versatile

It’s priced higher than other Tesla car cleaning gels. But after using it a few times in my car and at home, the extra money is worthwhile.

One difference is that it comes with 7 ounces of gel, which is more than most on the market. And when it’s pulling up a lot of dirt that is stuck in your car, this extra material helps it stay sticky. It also gets into the areas that other cleaning methods can’t.

I thought it was going to be light gray, but the color is actually quite dark. It’s easier to know when you have to throw it out when you’re working with a lighter color.

I also liked that this one didn’t stick to my hands. But it still did an excellent job picking up all the dust off my car’s surfaces. It even squishes down into the corners incredibly well. The trick is to pull it up nice and slow so it peels off the dirt and debris along with it.

While I understand those who go with the other options to save some money, this one is worth considering. 


  • Doesn’t stick to the skin
  • Large 7-ounce package
  • Can reusable many times


  • More expensive than other options
  • Overpowering smell

Our Verdict

If you want a long-lasting Tesla car cleaning gel, you can’t go wrong with PULIDIKI Cleaning Gel for Car. It performs very well but doesn’t have the most pleasant scent. 

Another great option is to get the Albrta Car Cleaning Gel 5-Pack. This makes it so you can pick up a ton of dirt, dust, and contaminants. But still have multiple gels that are clean.

These cleaning gels work best in tandem with other cleaning tools. First tackle your car with a brush or vacuum, then finish with cleaning gel. Push it into the crevices and let it settle for a moment. Then slowly peel it back up.

When you’re finished, make sure to put it back in the container and keep it out of the sun. Heat can cause these to melt. You don’t want a gooey mess in your car that’s impossible to get out!

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