Tesla Easy Entry Guide

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Tesla is well known for its innovative features to give a better driving experience. 

If you struggle to get into your Tesla, or you have mobility issues, Tesla’s easy entry is an amazing feature you need to try.

Below we’ve discussed exactly what this feature does, why we need it, and how to use it to make your life easier.

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    What Is The Tesla Easy Entry?

    The Tesla easy entry is an automatic feature on the Tesla models (X, Y, S, and 3). It starts when the driver places the car in park and unbuckles their seat belt to make entry and exit easy.

    This feature pulls back the steering wheel and seat, so the driver can climb in and out of the car.

    After the brake pedal is pressed, the car reverts the steering wheel and seat to its original position.

    This setting is only available in the driver’s seat, not the passenger’s.

    Why Do We Need Easy Entry?

    The whole point of this feature is to avoid having to change your seat every time you enter and exit the vehicle.

    Apart from being convenient, it’s great for pregnant women, fat people, and tall people. As well as anyone with mobility issues who struggles to get in and out of their car. 

    For example, if you suffer from joint or muscle strain, the auto pullback of the seat and wheel stops you from entering the car in uncomfortable positions.

    It gives the average user more room and stops them from hitting the steering wheel. It’s also great for people who shop a lot and struggle to squeeze in their bags when entering the car.

    How To Set Up Easy Entry Profile

    To set up your easy entry profile on your Tesla, you need to go into your driver profile in the Tesla settings.

    Your driver profile is what you create when you first operate your Tesla. It stops you from having to change the settings of your car each time when a different person uses it. Examples of these settings are the seat position, side mirror alignment, or steering wheel position.

    Once you’re in the driver profile settings, scroll to Tesla easy entry and switch on. Now adjust the positions of the steering wheel via the left scroll button. For the driver seat, move it back until it feels comfortable with enough legroom and space in front of the wheel.

    Hit save each time to make sure the positions are saved. The easy entry is set according to who was the most recent driver profile to use the car.

    Do note that the positions can also change according to the key you are using and what driver’s profile it is linked to.

    When setting up your easy entry profile, consider if you can reach the brake pedal to deactivate the mode.

    There are also safety considerations when setting your positions. For example, if you have a child seat behind, it might damage the car seat or even harm the baby when the seat pulls back. 

    How To Edit Easy Entry Profile

    If you want to adjust your saved Tesla easy entry settings, click on the driver profile. Then, go to the easy entry to access your settings.

    Adjust the steering wheel and seat to your new preferred position. You can then save your new settings and they will change next time you enter or exit the car.

    To delete your whole easy entry profile, go into the desired driving profile and select driver profile settings. Next, select the easy entry, and then you will see a delete option.

    How Do You Activate Tesla Easy Entry?

    If you want to activate the easy entry setting, go to your profile, then toggle the button for easy entry. The feature will now be switched on when the car is in the park each time you enter and exit.

    How To Turn Off Easy Entry

    To turn off the easy entry feature, go to your profile and toggle the easy entry button off. 

    If you have easy entry switched on other driver profiles, your Tesla will use these entry easy positions universally.

    You would need to turn easy entry off on all profiles if you want the car to keep the wheel and seats in their original position.

    Why Is Tesla’s Easy Entry Not Working?

    One of the most common issues when setting up your Tesla’s easy entry is that the positions are not saving. To fix this, ensure your seat and wheel are collaborated by using the in-car menu. Also, make sure you are up to date with your Tesla’s software updates. 

    If these fixes don’t work, a system reboot may be needed. You may need to create a whole new driver profile and set your easy entry settings again.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla’s easy entry is one of the many features designed by Tesla to enhance your driving experience.

    All Tesla models have the easy entry setting. Make sure to set the correct positions for the steering wheel and seat for all drivers. The settings will be the same for each driver and take into consideration about safety issues like baby seats. 

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