Does Model Y Have Falcon Doors?

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No, the Tesla Model Y does not have falcon doors. Model Y was introduced in 2019 and is a compact SUV with standard doors. Many car enthusiasts and Tesla fans had anticipated seeing this model’s special features.

For years, Tesla has produced cars with unique features, including falcon doors. However, the Model Y is a classy car with standard doors. In this article, we will take you through Tesla falcon doors.

Does Model Y Have Falcon Doors?

The falcon doors are butterfly-like. These doors open on the upside and are gull-wing-like. Falcon doors are in the Tesla Model X. On the other hand, Model Y has standard doors.

Furthermore, the chosen door type should match the design and crucial features of a car. Tesla says that butterfly-like doors are best suited for larger SUVs. The Tesla Model Y is smaller than the Model X SUV.

However, Model Y remains an elegant and high-end car despite this major modification. Tesla owners and fans believe Model Y has a lot to offer and remains a dream car to millions.

Tesla Falcon Doors Downsides

Cars with falcon doors need a large parking space. Model Y occupants do not require much space when entering the car. The standard doors take less space when opening and closing. If Model Y had falcon doors, the car would require a larger parking space.

Falcon doors are expensive. The cost of falcon doors is an added cost to the car. Falcon doors are made from special materials to ensure they are reliable. The doors contribute significantly to the high cost of cars such as the Tesla Model X.

The falcon doors need special attention. Tesla designs reliable doors, but you should maintain them effectively. When they are at fault, the doors are expensive to repair. If adequately sealed, the doors may leak water when it rains.

For Model X, most users complain of a rubbing problem. The rubbing problem damages the car’s paint, an added cost. Some Tesla owners have to wrap their model X to protect the paint.

The Tesla falcon doors do not always work as expected. Some Tesla users have complained about falcon doors opening partially. This challenge is common when the door struts have problems. Tesla users need doors that make it easier to get in or out of the car without obstructions.

Why Does Model Y Not Have Falcon Doors?

Falcon doors are complicated to design. The skill and technology used are thus expensive. Tesla wanted a relatively cheap car for a larger market. For instance, falcon doors make Model X cost above average cars in the market. The Tesla Model Y is much cheaper because of the standard doors.

The standard doors speed up the rate of production. Designing and manufacturing falcon doors are complicated; It takes time to mass-produce them. Hence the overall car manufacturing process is time-intensive.

Tesla wanted a compact SUV that did not take up a lot of space. Cars with falcon doors need a larger garage. Therefore, standard doors are more suitable for small SUVs.

Moreover, the Tesla Model Y was an improvement of the Tesla Model X. Newer models are expected to be better because of the customer feedback on previous models. Many Tesla users were not satisfied with the operation of the falcon doors in the Tesla Model X.

The standard doors are easy to operate when there is no power. The front doors of Model Y have a manual release which you can use when the car is faulty. When there is power, the doors are easily operated.

Should You Get A Tesla With Falcon Doors?

There are various factors to consider before buying a car with falcon doors. First, a Tesla with falcon doors is expensive,but most Tesla owners prefer cars with standard doors, which cost significantly less. The falcon doors are luxuriousand you may consider a Tesla Model X, which has falcon doors if you need a car with prestige.

Second, falcon doors are helpful when the occupants have special needs. The elderly and those with disabilities can benefit from cars with falcon doors. The doors are easy to open and create enough space when getting in or out of the car.

Additionally, door types depend on Tesla models. Each Tesla model has unique features including the type of doors. If you prefer the Tesla Model Y because of its unique features, you will not enjoy falcon doors.

Our Verdict

Tesla Model Y does not have falcon doors. These doors are in the Tesla Model X, Tesla’s first SUV. However, the Model Y remains an elegant SUV with a classy touch.

Generally, Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV and takes less space. The car has standard doors, which occupy less space. Falcon doors open upwards and take up much space; hence inapplicable in Model Y.

Model Y is designed to be a cheap SUV. It’s aiming for a much bigger market than the Model X, which is an expensive SUV because of the falcon doors.

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