Tesla’s Hidden Features (35 Tips And Tricks)

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Tesla’s electric cars have many innovative features that set them apart from traditional automobiles. 

They are equipped with over-the-air software updates to keep adding new features and updating old ones.

But how many of these Tesla’s features do you know of? Even as a Tesla owner, you may be surprised to learn about these hidden features we list below.

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    1. Remote Live Camera Access 

    In the Tesla app, you can access a live camera stream of your Tesla at all four main camera points. This allows you to see the environment around your car remotely. 

    The live stream will only work if Sentry Mode is activated on your Tesla. It is available on all Tesla models. 

    2. Customized Quick Control

    The quick control feature in the app allows you to place four controls into the widget buttons on the app, so you can get to them quickly. 

    You can add a fifth widget by long-pressing the icons to bring up your customized menu and then long-pressing the fifth widget you desire. 

    Drag these up to the four icons while still pressing the fifth icon. Take your other finger and move the first icon to the second, let go of both, and now your fifth widget should show.

    3. Keyless Start 

    The app allows your Tesla to be started, locked, and unlocked from a distance. To do this, you must set your phone up as a phone key with mobile data and Bluetooth enabled. 

    Go to controls on the Tesla app, then press start. You will be prompted to enter your account password. Beware, you only have two minutes to start driving when this feature is on.

    4. Defrost Your Car 

    Tesla’s app has lots of climate controls. One of them is the ability to defrost your car. It does this via the heat pump in front of the vehicles. 

    This does affect battery percentage significantly, however.

    Via climate controls, you can also set the preferred temperature for your car with options like dog mode and camp mode. This keeps your vehicle at a specific temperature while it’s parked.

    5. Megaphone 

    Believe it or not, Tesla has a megaphone feature. The megaphone feature was built upon the boombox feature in the Tesla. It projects a modulated version of your voice through the speakers via the pedestrian warning system.

    This update is only available on Tesla cars from 2019 and later.

    6. Automatic Blind Spot Camera

    Tesla now has an automatic blind spot camera feature that can assist when switching lanes in the car. It lets you view all four blind spots from the car’s front and rear. 

    To turn it on, go to controls, autopilot, then the automatic blind spot camera. After you’ve turned this on, you can touch the turn signal on the display at any time to view the camera feed.

    7. Bioweapon Defense Mode 

    The Bioweapon defense mode protects occupants from harmful air pollutants and particles. This mode works with a HEPA filter which can filter out 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

    To activate this mode, you should press the biohazard symbol on the screen. It’s available on all Tesla models except model 3 due to space constraints.

    8. Lightshow 

    One of Tesla’s more fun updates was the ability to do a ‘light show’. 

    This lets the car perform different light sequences with its taillight, headlights, and cabin lights. You can even load your custom light shows to music via USB or make a light show with the xLights software. 

    9. Voice Commands

    Voice Commands is a convenient feature on the Teslas. It allows you to perform basic voice commands concerning temperature, navigation, app interaction, calling, and many other functions. 

    For example, say, ‘Make it warmer’ for your Tesla to turn up the heat or ‘Open the glove box’. 

    To activate on the Model S and X, press the button above the right-hand side of the steering wheel. The Model Y and Model 3 can be switched on via the microphone button on the screen or the right scroll button on the steering. 

    Once you hear the chime, you can proceed with your voice command. 

    10. Home And Work Navigation Shortcuts

    You can add destinations as favorites in your Tesla navigation search bar and home and work locations. 

    To do this, you set an address to the location, then click save as work or home. You select the shortcut whenever you want to travel to these places. 

    11. Right Swipe To Delete Addresses

    Deleting addresses from your navigation system is simple. Select the address and swipe to the right till the address disappears. You can also tap and hold until an ‘X’ appears, then press to delete.

    12. Share Destination From Mobile

    There is a straightforward hack to share a location from google maps on your mobile to your Tesla navigation. 

    Find where you want to go on mobile google maps, select share on your mobile, then press the Tesla app.

    13. Trunk Height Adjustment 

    Tesla models with a powered trunk allow you to adjust the height of your trunk when opening. 

    This is an excellent feature to stop you from hitting your garage ceiling. To set it, manually open the trunk to the desired height, then hold the hatch button until you hear a chime. 

    Every time you open your trunk, Tesla will remember to open your trunk to the same height.

    14. Adjustable Seatbelt

    Tesla allows users in front seats to adjust their seatbelts via the shoulder anchor height, allowing them to lay correctly against your collarbone.

    To adjust, hold the button to release the lock, then move the shoulder anchor up and down so you can position the seat belt right.

    15. Sun Visor Extension

    Many people don’t know you can extend your cosmetic mirror to make it a sun visor. 

    To extend the mirror, release the visor from the pillar and move towards the rear mirror until the magnets snap in place. Now you can lower the visor extender. If you want to use the mirror, drop the mirror cover after. 

    16. Front Trunk Emergency Button

    Every Tesla model has a ‘frunk’ (front trunk) emergency button, which allows someone locked inside to get out. 

    This interior button is illuminated. When pressed, you have to push up to release the front hood.

    17. Mechanical Door Handles 

    Most people assume Tesla’s doors are electrically powered only, opening and closing via the electric buttons. 

    But, there is an emergency manual door opening mechanism in case your Tesla has no power. 

    Pull up the manual door release, located just in front of the window switches. 

    18. Quick Reboot 

    If you’re having software issues with your Tesla, like the display freezing, you may need a quick reboot to solve them. 

    Hold both of the scrolls on the sides of the steering wheel for up to 10 seconds to perform a reboot. The display will then turn off and reboot.

    19. Screen Cleaning Mode

    The clean screen mode on Tesla automatically darkens the display to prevent you from accidentally pressing any buttons when cleaning the screen. 

    The dark display also makes it easier to see smudges and dirt. 

    To turn the screen cleaning mode on, press the touch controls, then the screen clean mode.

    20. Car Wash Mode 

    All Tesla models are fitted with a car wash mode option. 

    This mode protects your car from water damage by automatically closing the windows, locking the charging ports, turning off the window wipers, and more. 

    You must ensure you are parked and not charging the car to activate the car wash mode. Then, go to controls, service, and select car wash mode.

    21. Rear Seats Arm Rest

    There is a hidden rear console in between the back seats of your Tesla, which can be lowered into an armrest. It also has a wireless charger and cup holders under the cover.

    To expose this armrest, press the button which is located at the top of the center seat, then to raise it, push upwards.

    22. Hidden Hooks 

    Above each rear window in your Tesla, there is a hidden coat hook in the roof beam. The hooks extend and retract to remain hidden.  

    23. Autopilot Speed Limit 

    Tesla has a speed assist limit on all its models. This can be set automatically, or you can manually specify a speed between 20 mph – 140 mph. 

    You can also set this speed limit. For example, if you go +10 km/h over the speed limit, Tesla will show a warning on its display or sound a chime.

    24. Autopilot Off 

    The autopilot system on Tesla can easily be turned off at any time by overriding the steering, stepping on the car’s brake pedal, or tapping the cruise control stalk upwards. 

    25. Rainbow Road

    If you’ve played Mario Kart before, you’ve probably come across the rainbow road race track. 

    You activate something similar on your Tesla’s display by pressing the gear changer four times for this fun effect. 

    26. Adjusting The Steering Wheel 

    You can adjust the steering wheel position using the left scroll button on your wheel. To do this, go to controls, then select the steering wheel icon. 

    Now move the scroll button up and down to adjust the height and angle of the steering wheel. 

    To move the wheel closer or further away from you, roll the scroll button left or right. 

    27. Joe Mode 

    If you have passengers in the back of your Tesla trying to sleep, you can activate Joe Mode. Joe Mode reduces sounds from your Tesla’s system, like chimes and alerts, by up to 50% so that it cannot disturb rear passengers. 

    Enter your Tesla’s controls to activate Joe Mode, select Safety and Security, then press Joe Mode. 

    28. Quick Climate Control 

    On the climate control display in your Tesla, there is a power button. You can quickly turn the climate control on or off by pressing this. 

    You can press the < or > to show the climate pop-up to get quick access to these controls.

    29. Priority Device 

    There’s nothing worse than getting into your car only to find that Bluetooth has connected to the wrong device.

    With the Tesla Priority Device feature, you can avoid this by assigning a priority device to each driver profile. The closest phone to the car upon entering will determine who’s the driver’s profile. 

    To assign a priority device go to controls, tap Bluetooth, select the device, and tap priority device. You can set this to multiple profiles if you want. 

    30. Parking Brake 

    Pressing the parking brake button on the right hand of the steering wheel stick while in motion brings the car down to a complete stop. This means it could be used as an emergency break.

    31. Battery And Range Icon 

    Switching between battery percentage and miles on your Tesla is very easy. To do this, tap the number next to the battery icon, which will change to your mileage. 

    To see your charge, tap the battery icon.

    32. Opening Charger Port Via Charger 

    On your Tesla mobile charger and supercharger, there is a button that you can press to open the charging port. The Model X and Model S also have a button next to the port.

    33. Unlocking The Charge Port 

    If you need to manually release the charging gun because it has got stuck, there is a release cable you can pull inside the rear trunk. 

    Ensure your Tesla is not charging while you do this. Open the trunk, find the charger release cable, and pull down. Now, pull out the charging gun.

    34. Drag Strip Mode

    If you are into drag racing, Tesla has equipped its models with a Drag Race Mode

    This mode primes the car’s battery and drive unit to keep it optimal for drag racing and have the best performance.

    35. Tesla Theatre Mode 

    Stuck waiting for your Tesla to charge? Switch on the Theatre mode. This Telsa Theatre mode allows you to watch onboard entertainment via your display with options like Netflix and Hulu.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla hasn’t designed its fleet of EVs to be standard cars. What sets Tesla apart are these fun and exciting features, which can be surprisingly helpful in many unique situations. 

    The best part is that once you buy your Tesla, you won’t miss out on these cool software updates since they are all done over the air.

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