Tesla Model Y Color Wrap Guide

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Wrapping is among the many ways Tesla car owners use to make their cars look unique.

Sometimes, a car owner wants to protect the car from scratches. A wrap offers the needed protection while giving the car an elegant look. Moreover, you will feel better when your car reflects your personality.

This article will take you through the information about wrapping a Tesla model Y.

Tesla Model Y Wrap Cost

Wrapping a Tesla model Y does not change or alter any key operational features. The cost depends on the color, type of finish, shop location, and labor cost. Other factors include the parts getting wrapped and the type of wrap.

Typically, the price of wrapping a Tesla model Y ranges between $2000 and $10000. You can get accurate quotes from several shops that offer the service.

Why Do So Many Tesla Owners Wrap Their Cars

Customization gives Tesla users a unique feeling. There are four Tesla models, which come in five different colors. You can choose red, pearl white, deep blue metallic, solid black, and silver, depending on your taste. Wrapping increases your color options.

Wrapping makes a car unique depending on the type and color of wrapping. You can wrap your car to reflect your unique personality. Wrap cars can help you find your car quickly. Have you ever had the experience of not being able to open your “own” Tesla in a parking lot? Find out it’s not your car later.

Car wrapping adds more protection to the exterior part of the car. Tesla comes with weak, soft paint, which can be easily scratched or damaged. Moreover, wrapping helps hide slight damages on the exterior of the Tesla.

It would be best to wrap a Tesla when new or before a lot of damage has occurred on its body. Repair any major damages before wrapping.

Car Wrap Pros And Cons

There are several pros to wrapping a Tesla. First, it is cheaper than changing the original color of the car. Wrapping adds an extra layer of color on top and maintains its original color underneath.

You get to customize your car uniquely to your taste. Most Tesla owners want to be conspicuous when on the road. Car wrapping allows everyone to change the color of their car to any available color.

There is little downtime when wrapping a car. Changing the original color can take weeks. In some cases, wrapping can take a single day.

In addition, wrapping preserves the original color of your car. You can easily remove the wrap and retain the original look, which would still look new.

However, some wrapping does not last for long. The color may begin to fade after a few months. You may have to redo the process, which can be unplanned costs. We recommend you find good and reliable dealers.

Tesla Car Wrap Material Options

There are several materials to choose from when wrapping your Tesla. The materials vary in quality and cost.

Vinyl wraps are a blend of polyvinylchloride and other substances. A vinyl wrap is flexible, ultraviolet resistant, and comes in different colors.

A Vinyl wrap is too thin and can last a few years. It is easy to wrap a car using vinyl, and you can do it yourself with proper guidance. Ensure you have the right equipment for the job.

Vinyl wraps have an adhesive; hence they stick satisfactorily to the care surface. The vinyl is unlikely to fall off the car’s body.

There are different colors to choose from when you are using vinyl wrapping. Available colors are satin, metallic, gross, gross metallic, texture, super gross, and Matte. These colors have different prices.

Choosing the right wrap brand can be challenging, considering the many available options. The Avery supreme film SW900 is an outstanding brand many Tesla owners prefer.

What Parts Of The Car Are Wrapped?

It is possible to wrap all car parts with the existing paint. The wrapping varies with the needs and the preference of the car owner. Before committing to a purchase, check the number of parts that will be wrapped.

Parts commonly wrapped include wheels, calipers, mirrors, doors, fenders, trunks, hood, and bumper.

How Long Does A Wrap Last On A Tesla?

Most Tesla users change wrappings after five to seven years. The period depends on the amount of care you take when driving or where you park your car. If you take adequate protective measures, the wrap can last much longer.

Luckily, many of the manufacturers and shops have wrap warranties. If the wrap peels off or gets discolored within a specified time, you can have it replaced for free. Always check the terms of purchase and warranty when acquiring a new wrap.

Professional Wrap vs. DIY Wrap

Wrapping a Tesla depends on a few handy skills. Many Tesla owners prefer professional work; the skills are not hard to acquire. Wrapping professionals and shops have warranties and other services. These services are unavailable if you wrap the car yourself.

If you have the necessary skills, it won’t be a hustle to wrap your Tesla. However, it may take you over 30 hours to complete the job. It may take more hours if it is your first wrapping job.

We advise you to find the right skills and knowledge before doing it. You risk wrapping your car wrongly, which is an added cost. If you do not feel confident enough, find a professional service.

You will get quality service, a warranty and save time.

How Do I Wash It After It’s Been Wrapped?

Car wraps a bound to get dirt like other car paintings. Car wrappings need extra care when cleaning. You are likely to damage the wrapping if you wash it like a typically painted car.

An automatic car wash will damage the car. We recommend you use a waterless wash and wash your hands.

Washing the car with a bucket and a sponge is the best option. Ensure the sponge is soft and cannot damage the wrap. Ensure all dirt is removed as soon as possible to prevent stains.

How Do I Remove The Wrap?

Wraps can be removed without damaging the original paint of the car. You can remove the wrap and customize the car as often as possible. However, you must follow the outlined instructions if you are doing it yourself.

The wrap should come out cleanly when done by professionals. The wrap is like wallpaper, but you need the right skills. If you have not done it before, we recommend you find professionals who can do it for you.

Is Wrapping A Tesla Worth It?

People wrap cars for different reasons. Wrapping aims to achieve similar results like painting. However, the two processes differ in nature, cost, and installation duration.

Wrapping allows car owners to customize cars cheaply. The original paint is maintained in the process. Moreover, you can wrap it as often as possible without damaging its original paint.

Wrapping a Tesla is a worthy choice. It takes less time to change and is easily removable, and one can change more often.

Our Verdict

Wrapping allows Tesla owners to customize their cars. It is cheaper than repainting and can last for a long time. Always check terms of service and go for shops that offer warrants.

You can do it yourself if you have the right set of skills. If you feel less confident, find professional services.

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