Best Color For Tesla Model Y

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Tesla colors are unique in their own way, and we’ll tell you why each is worth considering.

In my opinion, the Model Ys midnight silver color reigns supreme(smile), but we can see why other drivers like the other available color options. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and look at these colors. 

What Are The Best Color Coat Options?

As you now know, the Tesla Model Y has five different color options. Each color option is worth examining if you want to buy a new Model Y. 

Below, we discuss each color. Later on, we’ve provided a cost guide to help you determine which option suits your budget best. 

Tesla Model Y – Midnight Silver

I love the Tesla Model Ys midnight silver color because it has a technologically advanced feel. It’s a futuristic color that isn’t as dark as solid black. Thus it feels like you’re driving a state-of-the-art, tech-savvy vehicle.

This midnight silver color isn’t the same as the silver on other vehicles. You might find it looks the same on the Teslas website, but if you go into a physical store, you’ll immediately notice the unique difference.

Many people prefer the midnight silver to the solid black color because, in the dark, it looks like a solid black color, but in the day, it is wholly different. 

Moreover, the midnight silver color is great for those who don’t want to often see dirt specs since it is excellent at hiding them. Lastly, those looking for a beautiful finish should choose this color, especially if you frequently use your Model Y during the day. 

Tesla Model Y – Solid Black

One of the classic colors that many are drawn to is solid black. Many consider this color the coolest because of how striking it is, but it has drawbacks. 

For example, although this color is attractive, it is also the thinnest because it isn’t available in the multi-coat version. It will chip far easier than the other four colors available. 

Another drawback is that the solid black color shows dirt easily, so you will need to wash it more frequently than if you chose one of the other colors. It is also far more expensive as you will have to pay about $1,500 above the vehicle’s retail price. 

Yet, for some, these drawbacks don’t outweigh the coolness of solid black and the mature and stable samurai in the night feel it inspires with its beautiful taillights contrasting to the black. 

Tesla Model Y – Pearl White

The most elegant color is Tesla’s Model Y pearl white multi-coat. This color is the standard color for the Model Y, so you won’t need to pay an additional fee to have it. 

One of the biggest reasons people stick with the pear white color is because it falls into the ‘safest car color’ category. After all, white is easier to spot on the road, which is why it’s the safest car color. Even though it might not sound as cool as the other colors, it is one of the best because it is vibrantly striking. 

It looks great in all types of lighting, whether you drive most during the day or night. You’re guaranteed to be noticed. This color also does a brilliant job of hiding imperfections and is much better than darker colors when it comes to hiding road dirt. 

Additionally, the pearl white color best suits those who want to choose a white interior. Moreover, this color is also deemed the most environmentally friendly because it reflects about 60% of sunlight, making the interior cooler. 

With a cooler interior, people don’t put their air conditioners on as often, which saves on pollution and fuel usage. The Model Ys might not use fuel, but they do have aircon. 

Tesla Model Y – Metallic Blue

Those looking for a sporty style should consider the Tesla Model Ys metallic blue color option. If you don’t mind paying a little extra and want a vehicle that can aesthetically compete with other sports cars on the road, you need the metallic blue. 

This color comes in a multi-coat option but since it has a metallic finish, it is more likely to chip than the red or pearl-white colors. So although this metallic color is beautiful, it isn’t as durable as you might need it to be. 

Yet, although it isn’t as durable, it does look more luxurious. How luxurious it looks will depend on the lighting as it doesn’t look as good under all lighting as the pearl white color. In daylight, it can easily give a ‘wow’ feeling, but sadly, it doesn’t look as stunning in the dark. 

Additionally, it is easy to get tired of looking at this color, and you might want a respray in a few years. So be sure the metallic blue is the color you want before you pay the extra fee. 

Tesla Model Y – Vibrant Red

The Tesla Model Ys vibrant red color option is superbly stunning. If I buy a Model Y, I will choose this because it looks attractive. This color looks good and comes in the multi-coat option, ensuring it’s more durable than some of the other available options. 

Unfortunately, the one downside is that the red color option is more expensive than the others. But this might be worth it if you want to ensure you get noticed everywhere you go. As a performance color, it draws the eye and keeps people watching your every move. 

The red color is also not as commonly chosen, so you will be one of the few people who own a Model Y in this color. It also does a decent job of hiding dirt, but as a darker color, it isn’t as good as the pearl white color option. 

Consider the Relationship Between Color and Price

Since it can be difficult to determine which color to go with without knowing the price, we want to share how much each color costs in a few different countries.

Look at our table below to learn more and determine which fits your budget. 

CountryPearl White
($ USD)
Solid Black
($ USD)
Metallic Blue
($ USD)
Vibrant Red
/Midnight Cherry Red ($ USD)
Midnight Silver
/Quicksilver ($ USD)
United StatesNo extra charge150010002000No extra charge
CanadaNo extra charge1474.73958.571917.15No extra charge
MexicoNo extra charge1645.971097.312194.62No extra charge
BelgiumNo extra charge1277.041702.722129.461702.72
CzechiaNo extra charge1402.691898.023739.053506.73
DanmarkNo extra charge928.991222.351515.711222.35
DeutschlandNo additional charge1277.041702.723405.443192.60
EstoniaNo additional charge1064.201489.881915.561489.88
GreeceNo additional charge1277.041702.722128.401702.72
SpainNo additional charge1277.041702.722128.401702.72
FranceNo additional charge1277.041702.722128.401702.72
CroatiaNo additional charge1271.191750.032187.541750.03
HungaryNo additional charge1201.471671.612089.511671.61
IrelandNo additional charge1276.671276.672446.951276.67
IcelandNo additional charge950.771338.122676.242394.53
ItaliaNo additional charge1276.671702.222127.781702.22
LatviaNo additional charge1063.891489.451915.001489.45
LithuaniaNo additional charge1063.891489.451915.001489.45
LuxembourgNo additional charge1276.671702.222127.781702.22
NederlandNo additional charge1277.041702.722127.781702.72
NorgeNo additional charge1016.221371.902743.812500
AustriaNo additional charge1276.671702.223404.453191.67
PolandNo additional charge1244.881629.673327.233123.53
PortugalNo additional charge1276.671702.222127.781702.22
RomaniaNo additional charge1276.671702.222127.781702.22
SlovakiaNo additional charge1063.891489.451915.001489.45
Republika SlovenijaNo additional charge1276.671702.222127.781702.22
SwitzerlandNo additional charge1294.121725.492156.861725.49
SwedenNo additional charge1264.951702.813405.633162.37
FinlandNo additional charge1273.871698.492123.111698.49
UKNo additional charge1356.391356.392589.471356.39
IsraelNo additional charge1164.621601.353202.692911.54
United Arab EmiratesNo additional charge1225.241633.662042.071633.66
China1,150No additional charge$1,150$1,1501,150
HongKong (China)1234.37No additional charge1234.371645.821234.37
Macau(China)1237.92No additional charge1237.921650.561237.92
Taiwan(China)No additional charge1222.35
JapanNo additional charge922.09922.091836.87922.09
SingaporeNo additional charge1107.021107.022214.031107.02
Thailand1431.00No additional charge1431.002289.611431.00
KoreaNo additional charge979.71979.711958.65979.71
AustraliaNo additional charge1014.201014.201960.791014.20
New ZealandNo additional charge1082.541082.542101.401082.54
Source: Tesla

How To Consider Tesla Wheel Color?

There are two versions of the Tesla Model Y: long-range and performance. In the long range, you will get to choose between two-wheel types, with one being 19-inch silver with gray accents and the other being 20-inch wheels with dark gray accents. The performance version has better-looking 21-inch uber turbine wheels. 

Which wheels you choose will depend on the interior color and exterior color you select. You will want to combine colors that complement one another. For example, don’t choose the red multi-coat exterior color with the long-range model version if you want the 19-inch silver and gray wheels, as it can make your Model Y appear too busy. 

Yet, there are exceptions to this rule. If you choose the standard pearl white multi-coat exterior color, it complements any interior and wheel color. So consider all of this before choosing your wheel size and color. 

How to Choose Tesla Interior Color Style?

According to the Tesla site, they offer two different interior colors. The black color is standard, while the black and white color is optional and costs an estimated $1,000 more, depending on your country. Which color you choose will depend on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. 

See the table below to check the relationship between interior color and price in different countries.

CountryAll Black FeeBlack And White
Fee – $ USD
Black And White
Fee – Local Currency
United StatesNo additional charge$1,000
CanadaNo additional charge$953.80C$1,300
UKNo additional charge$1,362£2,100
MexicoNo additional charge$1098.35 Mex$43,200
Puerto RicoNo additional charge$1,000
BelgiumNo additional charge$1277.67€2,200
CzechiaNo additional charge$1,404.41Kč59,600
DanmarkNo additional charge$931.73kr.7,500
DeutschlandNo additional charge$1278.71€1,200
EstoniaNo additional charge$1065.59€1,000
GreeceNo additional charge$1278.71€1,200
SpainNo additional charge$1118.87€1,050
ChinaNo additional charge$1,149.08¥8,000
FranceNo additional charge$1267.47€1,190
CroatiaNo additional charge$1272.85€1,194.50
HungaryNo additional charge$1,202.16Ft458,000
IrelandNo additional charge$1278.71€1,200
IcelandNo additional charge$1059.17kr*150.000
ItaliaNo additional charge$1278.71€1,200
LatviaNo additional charge$1,065.59€1,000
LithuaniaNo additional charge$1,065.59€1,000
LuxembourgNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
NederlandNo additional charge$1,278.71€1.200
NorgeNo additional charge$1,016.59kr.10,000
AustriaNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
PolandNo additional charge$1,252.45zł5,500
PortugalNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
RomaniaNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
SlovakiaNo additional charge$1,065.59€1,000
Republika SlovenijaNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
SwitzerlandNo additional charge$1,296.72CHF1,200
SwedenNo additional charge$1,275.04kr13,000
FinlandNo additional charge$1,278.71€1,200
UKNo additional charge$1,363.86£1,100
IsraelNo additional charge
United Arab EmiratesNo additional charge$1,225.24AED 4,500
ChinaNo additional charge$1,147.79RMB¥8000
HongKong(China)No additional charge$1,234.88HK$9,600
Macau(China)No additional charge$1,238.60MOP$9,900
TaiwanNo additional charge-
JapanNo additional charge$928.81JP¥126,000
SingaporeNo additional charge$1,111.60$1,500
ThailandNo additional charge-
KoreaNo additional charge$986.84₩1,286,000
AustraliaNo additional charge$1,024.03$1,500
New ZealandNo additional charge$1,093.87$1,700
Source: Tesla

Although these interior colors are limited, it narrows down your choices and helps you easily pick which looks best with your chosen exterior color. However, the white color will be a little more reflective than the black color, so keep this in mind when making your choice.  

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Our Verdict

Each of the exterior colors we spoke about has its strengths and weaknesses. Which color you choose will depend on which you like the most and which matches your lifestyle and personality. In our opinion, the standard pearl white color is a decent all-around option, but the midnight silver is uber-appealing if you want a modern futuristic look. 

Although limited, the wheel and interior colors go well with the exterior color options. So consider your style and how and where you plan to drive your Model Y before choosing your exterior, interior, and wheel options. Of course, keep your budget in mind, as some color choices are much more expensive than others. 

What is your choice? Welcome to vote and tell me your choice.

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