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Are you looking for a spare key for your Tesla that you can easily carry with you? You can take a look at this Tesla ring.

After trialing a few Tesla rings for months, we’ve found the three best ones to consider. We’ve also detailed everything you need to know to make it easy to decide if buying a Tesla ring is worthwhile. 

Should You Buy The Tesla Ring? 

Whether or not you buy a Tesla ring will depend on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Yet, purchasing one is a good idea for many reasons, and we have listed these circumstances below for you to decide if you need one before you click ‘buy’.

  • Some Tesla rings act as a contactless method of payment in Europe. 
  • You love to wear jewelry. A few Tesla rings are stylish and comfortable to wear. 
  • They are easy to wear and durable. 
  • You’re a person who doesn’t like to carry car key cards.
  • You’re always afraid of a low battery on your phone and that it cant be used to access your Tesla.
  • You are an athletic person. You don’t want to carry your phone or wallet when you are exercising.

These are only a few reasons why buying a Tesla ring might be in your best interest.

Our Tesla Key Ring

The Best Tesla Key Ring Reviewed

CNICK Tesla Smart Ring – Best Overall

One of the best Tesla smart rings in the world is the one produced by the brand CNICK. The CNICK keys are the world’s first-ever key ring, and they have recently released their second-generation models. They are our best overall pick because they have many attributes and features that make them desirable. 

For example, these Tesla rings are convenient, reliable, durable, and incredibly convenient, so they are perfect as a backup or primary key. Unlike cheaper alternatives, the CNICK Tesla rings are handmade from Zirconia ceramic and gemstone materials to ensure a quality product. 

They are also the thinnest and lightest on the market, which ensures users experience a comfortable fit. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the CNICK Tesla rings don’t need to be charged, so you needn’t worry about being locked out or unable to drive your vehicle if you don’t have a key fob, card, or phone key on hand. 

Another great feature that sets these rings apart from the competition is that they are waterproof. This means you don’t need to take them off when you bathe or wash your hands, so there’s less chance of them getting lost. In Europe, you can also use CNICK Tesla rings as a contactless payment method in more than 32 countries.


  • One CNICK ring can work with multiple vehicles
  • It’s compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y Teslas and Model S and X cats made after 2021
  • It has the same security capabilities as the Tesla key card


  • Some people have had trouble operating it while it’s on their finger

COLMO Tesla Smart Ring – Best Budget Pick

If you’re on a somewhat tight budget and want a smart ring but don’t want to spend a small fortune, consider the COLMO Tesla smart ring. This ring is the cheapest of the three best options, but don’t let that fool you. It is one of the best Zirconia ceramic rings on the market, made for the Model 3. 

The COLMO Tesla smart ring can work with Model 3 vehicles because it has been installed with an original Tesla Model 3 key card chip. This means you won’t have any issues operating your vehicle since it’s reliably outfitted with original Tesla technology. 

Although this ring only comes in a stylish black color, it suits most Tesla Model 3 designs, and its smooth surface won’t scratch your car when it comes into contact with it. In addition, the COLMO Tesla rings are easy to use and convenient while coming in many different size options. 

You can even engrave your ring with a name or logo to personalize it and make it more unique. What more could you need? 


  • Super easy to use with simple touch functionality
  • It comes in US sizes 6 through 12, making it ideal for many people
  • The company offers a six-month 100% refund service for quality and fit problems


  • Some people have found its style to be too thick and uncomfortable to wear

Hansshow Smart Key Ring – Best For Customization

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If you’re after customization, consider the Hansshow smart key ring. Unlike the other option that offers customization on our list, this one takes it a step further. With this ring, you can create a custom design name, add a unique number, or add a simple image to make it match your preferences. 

Yet, this isn’t all. The package is very nice and the box it comes in is cool with a small light. The light will turn on when you open the box. The Hansshow smart key rings are also high quality because they are made of ceramic materials that have been tempered to ensure durability. 

You also don’t need to worry about your safety as these rings have been embedded with an NFC chip extracted from an original Tesla Model 3 key card. This means you need not worry about theft. 

The Hansshow smart key ring is also easy to use and convenient. You’ll also appreciate that it’s waterproof with an IP68 waterproof rating, so you can go swimming with it and not worry in the slightest. 


  • It only requires a slight vehicle touch to immediately unlock Tesla Model 3s and Ys.
  • Stylish and comes in two color options and multiple sizes
  • This ring is classical for men and women


  • It is more expensive than comparable rings
  • It can break if dropped from 3 feet or higher
  • The company only engraves in normal fonts

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How To Set The Ring As A Key

Since various companies sell different Tesla rings, the setup process might differ. 

Yet, the general setup process will likely remain the same, and luckily, it is very simple. All you must do is go to the locks menu inside your Tesla on its screen interface. Once there, simply add the ring device by pressing the ‘plus’ icon and following the on-screen instructions. 

You should also note that you will likely have to link the ring by placing it in the center console on the dash like you would a key card or fob. 

How to Use Tesla Ring 

Using a Tesla ring is incredibly easy. Gently touch your ring knuckles first to the rear end (known as the B pillar) of your Tesla’s front door. This pillar is found under the driver-side camera. The exact location of the model 3 Tesla ring used is 5 cm below the camera. The specific location of model y is shown in the following figure. After doing this, the door will immediately open. 

The specific location of the Tesla ring on model y:19 centimeters below the driver’s side camera, and then 2 centimeters to the right.

Just remember to pay attention to your hand position, as the locking system in the door needs to read the chip in your Tesla ring. If you fear you won’t be able to find the right position quickly, you can mark the spot on the B pillar where the key works with a black sharpie.

Our Verdict

Each of these Tesla rings is easy to use, comfortable for the most part, and reliable, so why not consider all three options and choose the one you like best? We personally recommend the CNICK Tesla ring because of its many capabilities, but you might like one of the other options. 

You can also have a look at this article if you want to stick with a key card but fear losing it. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to find a solution.  

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