Tesla Software Update Complete Guide

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An exciting thing about Tesla cars is their advanced software features. Such features offer the cars more longevity than traditional cars. For the software to work effectively, it requires constant updates. 

Luckily, Tesla offers continuous firmware and software updates over the air (OTA). But how can you achieve a successful update? Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is Over-the-air (OTA) Update

Any embedded device requires constant updates to remove software bugs and improve performance. Over time, having a technician perform daily updates has proven inefficient. And this is where the OTA (over-the-air) update comes in. 

OTA is a firmware update method that happens without a technician’s intervention. Mostly, updates happen from a cloud-based server through cellular connections. The current firmware is replaced after authenticating the received update and its source. 

OTA updates enable a Tesla car’s performance and user interface to be updated and improved. This happens in all Tesla models. 

How Often Does Tesla Update Their Software?

Tesla rolls out their software update after every 30 to 40 days. The updates always happen in a consistent yet irregular manner. Generally, the update depends on your Tesla model and the region you drive it. 

Your Tesla software will get new bug fixes and features during these updates. However, there is no need for an update if your Tesla car software is up-to-date.

How To Download Software

A software update in any Tesla car occurs in the download or install phase. Normally, the download phase happens when a new over-the-air update is available. This occurs before the actual installation happens in your car. 

During the download phase, you can freely drive the car. When this phase begins, a green download icon appears on the touchscreen. Just tap on the icon to download the software. A yellow download icon means there is an update, although there is no network to start the download. 

Always keep your Wi-Fi connection on during the download phase. 

How Do I Install The Update Software?

There are at least three approaches to installing your Tesla update software. To begin with, Tesla allows you to schedule an installation. But first, check the “Software” tab for software update availability. 

Tap the yellow icon for the scheduling window to appear. You can select a convenient time and date for the updates. After successfully scheduling an update, you’ll note the yellow icon turning white. Tesla allows you to make adjustments by simply clicking on the icon.

What if you prefer automatic installation? In this case, tap on “controls” then “software” and select “software update preference.” From the arising options, choose “advanced.” This allows an automatic installation immediately after there is an update. However, for the installation to succeed, you need a Wi-Fi connection. 

Finally, you can start an update from your Tesla app. The app is available on both App Store and Google Playstore. 

How Long Does It Take To Download and Update The Software?

The software update process might take up to 3 hours to complete successfully. For the process to be seamless, avoid driving the car during the download phase. You should also be connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. 

Game Module Updates

Tesla’s infotainment system upgrade provides a smoother and more advanced user experience. Those who own Tesla models S and X developed before March 2018 can buy this infotainment upgrade. With the feature, you can access Tesla Arcade games such as Cuphead and Stardew Valley.  

Additionally, the feature enables gamepad compatibility. Apart from gaming, your car gains access to music streaming and internet radio. 

How To Get The Latest Software Update Immediately

You can’t force your Tesla car to get an update. However, once an update has been allocated to it, you can facilitate an immediate download and installation. But how? 

Set the software update preference to “Advanced” for immediate access to the latest software updates. Apart from the advanced option, you should always have your Wi-Fi on. 

Always Take advantage of a new software update and install it immediately. Refusing to make updates can render certain features inaccessible. 

However, you can’t revert to the previous version after a new software update on your Tesla car.

How To Check Your Software Version

Click the ‘software’ option on your touchscreen to determine the latest software update. The same is possible by checking in your Tesla app. You can locate the latest software version under your VIN. 

Our Verdict

Tesla designs electronic vehicles with advanced software features. These software features undergo continuous firmware and software updates over the air. As we have highlighted, the main thing required for a software update is a strong Wi-Fi connection. 

Ensure your Tesla car’s software is updated for reliability and safety. But remember, you can’t charge or drive the car while an OTA update is in progress.

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