What Capacity Can A Tesla Tow?

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Tesla was one of the first electric car companies to produce a model with an officially rated towing capacity and unique trailer modes.

It’s essential to know the exact towing capacity of your Tesla model. 

Our guide below will discuss everything you need to know, from different models’ towing capacities to if a Tesla could pull an RV or even a boat.

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    Important Towing Terms To Know

    Let’’s start with the important towing terms you need to know if you plan to use your Tesla for towing.


    GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating. Unlike towing capacity, it means how much the car will weigh with passengers and cargo included without the trailer.


    GTW is the total of the trailer’s weight and the cargo inside combined: it stands for gross trailer weight.


    The car manufacturer states GCWR, also known as your gross combined weight rate. It is the total weight your vehicle can handle safely, including the trailer weight, car weight, and any passengers and cargo. 


    The gross axle weight rating represents the maximum weight your car’s front and rear axles can take. 

    This is shortened to the FR rating for the front axels and the RR rating for the rear axels.

    Tongue Weight (TW)

    The TW is necessary to know for control of your vehicle. It means the downward force exerted onto the car’s rear end that you are towing. Tesla suggests that Tongue Weight must not exceed 10% of the maximum trailer weight.

    You can check these information on the Vehicle Certification label, located on the driver’s door pillar.Vehicle Certification label as follow:

    How Much Can A Tesla Model Y Tow? 

    The Tesla Model Y can officially tow 3,500 lbs, equal to 1,600kg. The long-range Tesla Y and the performance model have the same tow capacity. 

    The amount a Tesla Model Y can tow varies if you pull unbraked or braked. 

    A Tesla Y long range and performance can only tow 750kg when the trailer you are towing doesn’t have its brakes.

    The table of Model Y maximum towing capacity and trailer tongue weight as follows:

    Wheel/Rim Size# of PassengersMaximum Towing CapatityMaximum Towing Capacity
    19″,20″ and 21″up to 33500 lbs(1588 kg)350 lbs(159 kg)
    19″ and 21″4 – 53500 lbs(1588 kg)350 lbs(159 kg)
    20″4 – 52300 lbs(1043 kg)230 lbs(104kg)
    19″6 – 7*2000 lbs(907 kg)200 lbs(91kg)
    20″6 – 7*Towing not permitted
    21″6 – 7*1200 lbs(544 kg)120 lbs(54kg)
    *Applicable only to vehicles with seven seating positions.

    How Much Can A Tesla Model X Tow?

    The Tesla Model X was the first electric car to get an official tow rating in 2015. It can tow 2,250kg making it one of the best Tesla cars for towing. 

    The Model X long-range and plaid have the same tow rating, and the newer models come with a trailer mode and tow package, which can help keep the trailer stable by adjusting braking and speed automatically.

    An unbraked trailer being towed with your Model X has a maximum towing capacity of 750kg.

    How Much Can A Cybertruck Tow? 

    The Tesla Cybertruck has a towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds, making it one of the best electric pickup trucks for towing. 

    Tesla’s Cybertruck is split into three trim levels or motor powers with variable towing capacities.

    • Single motor – 7,500 pounds tow capacity.
    • Dual motor – 10,000 pounds.
    • Trimotor – 14,000 pounds.

    Can I Use A Tesla Model Y For Towing?

    Tesla Model Y can be used for towing without any issues up to 1,600kg. 

    The Model Y now comes with a tow package which Tesla has made. 

    This includes – 

    • 1x trailer harness. 
    • 1x tow mode software package. 
    • 1x steel tow bar with a 2-inch hitch receiver and 7-pin connector.

    Be aware that towing with your Tesla Y can impact its range by up to 50% due to the extra weight and drag. For example, with a trailer, a Tesla Y long range is estimated to have a range of 163 miles while performance has 151 miles.

    Can You Tow An RV With A Tesla?

    With most Tesla models, you can tow an RV if it’s within their towing capacity. Range will be reduced, though. 

    Most small RV’s weigh between 800-1,500kg while bigger RV’s could be between 1,500 to 2,000kg: make sure you consider the GCWR.

    Tesla Model Y 

    Towing Capacity – 1,600kg

    The Tesla Model Y can tow up to 3,500 lbs and, therefore, can tow a small RV without trouble. This goes for both the long-range and performance modes.

    Tesla Model X

    Towing Capacity – 2,250kg

    With a towing capacity of 2,250kg, the Model X is ideal for larger RVs with both the plaid and long-range versions. 

    Tesla Model S 

    Towing Capacity – 1,600kg

    Like the Tesla Y, the Model S could tow a small RV or trailer under 1,600kg. 

    Tesla Model 3

    Towing Capacity – 1000kg

    The Tesla Model 3 is the least suitable for towing an RV. It has a limited towing capacity of 1000kg, which is best for small trailers.

    Can I Pull A Boat With A Tesla?

    The Tesla X or the Tesla Cybertruck will be the most suitable options to pull a boat since they have a better towing capacity. 

    You can tow a small boat or jet ski easily with a Tesla. Just ensure you check the boat’s total weight first and the car’s wheelbase, the longer this is, the more stability.

    The Hazards Of Overloading A Tesla 

    Exceeding the towing capacity of your Tesla and overloading it is not a good idea and could be very dangerous. 

    If your Tesla’s motor is working correctly, it will likely cut out and turn off if it senses that the car is overloaded or gives a warning sign. 

    However, if you manage to tow over the recommended limit, you could also experience increased instability when driving, vastly reduced range, and potential damage to the brakes and tires of your Tesla.

    Our Verdict

    For towing caravans or oversized loads, the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Cybertruck are ideal for towing between 5000 and 14,000 pounds.

    The Tesla Tow package is worth buying for your Tesla if you want extra software to help with towing, it is not available on the standard Tesla. 

    Never exceed the towing capacity of your Tesla due to the increased risk of damage.

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