Tesla Valet Mode

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If you’ve ever handed your car over to a valet before, the chances of them damaging your car are always possible. 

This is why Tesla created the valet mode. It allows you to protect your car when passing it over to strangers by restricting certain features. 

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    What Is Tesla Valet Mode?

    In 2015 with an over-the-air software update, Tesla introduced the Valet Mode. This is available on all Tesla cars shown as a driving profile.

    The valet mode’s purpose is to protect your Tesla and your personal information. It does this by restricting certain features like speed, driving features, and virtual information.

    Most of the time, this would be used when handing your Tesla over to a valet or someone who you don’t want to have full access to the car. 

    What Does The Tesla Valet Mode Do?

    When the Tesla valet mode is turned on, it restricts and disables certain features to protect your car. 

    The main restriction activated in Valet mode is the speed. This is limited to 70mph and acceleration is reduced to 50%, putting the Tesla in ‘chill’ mode.

    Some safety features of the mode are the automatic locking of the Tesla glove box and frunk. It disables the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too.

    It also prevents access to your contacts and addresses and driver profiles. The driver will not be able to activate upgrades, navigation/autopilot, and certain features like HomeLink and Smart Summon.

    On performance models, the Tesla valet mode disables ludicrous mode which is a performance upgrade setting on the car. It turns off updates and voice commands too, restricting control.

    How Do I Turn On/Off The Tesla Valet Mode? 

    Since the Tesla Valet mode is a driver profile, it is very easy to switch on and off. You can do so via the Tesla touchscreen or the mobile app. 

    Using The Tesla Touchscreen 

    To switch the Tesla valet mode on via the touchscreen, put your Tesla in park mode then go to the driver icon. Press the valet mode. 

    If it’s your first time, you will then be asked to set a four digit pin. Make sure to remember this since you will need it when you disable the valet mode.

    Using The Tesla Mobile App 

    Launch the Tesla app then go to the security and press valet mode. Set the four-digit pin if it’s your first time. If it’s not your first time, your identity is automatically verd.

    How To Disable Tesla Valet Mode 

    When you want to turn off the valet mode, go into your settings on either the touchscreen or mobile. Find the valet mode, press it, then enter your four-digit pin. The mode will be disabled.

    How Do I Know If The Tesla Valet Mode Is Activated?

    To know if the valet mode is active on your Tesla, the touchscreen will be displaying the word valet. The driver profile will show valet mode too.

    The Pros & Cons Of Using The Tesla Valet Mode

    Although using the Tesla Valet mode has benefits, there are a few cons to this mode that are worth considering.

    Pros Of Tesla Valet Mode

    • Your valet can still charge – One of the best things about valet mode is that it doesn’t prevent charging. This allows your valet to charge your car for you while it is parked.
    • Easy to turn on/off – With a four-digit code and a few buttons, valet mode can be switched on/off in a matter of seconds, making it very convenient.
    • Customizable speed limit – The four-digit pin on your Tesla can also be used to set your preferred speed limit by going into speed limit mode in your settings.
    • Gives peace of mind – When giving your car over to a stranger in valet mode, there is no thinking ‘what if’. Valet mode secures your car and gives you peace of mind.
    • Protects your privacy – Apart from protecting your car from unneeded accidents, it also stops people from accessing all your private information.
    • Good for teen drivers – Valet mode is perfect for teen drivers since it stops them from driving your car too fast and accelerating. This gives you insurance that no speed-related accidents will happen.

    Cons Of Tesla Valet Mode

    • You can forget your pin – The 4-digit pin is what allows you to disable the valet mode. If you forget this, you would either need to verify your identity via the app or enter your full account credentials.
    • Hard for new valet drivers – Since the valet mode restricts a fair amount inside the car, this can make it confusing for valet drivers, especially if they need to access the glove box or frunk to bring you something.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla Valet Mode is a welcomed software update. It protects your car from accidental damage while valets are using it, giving you peace of mind while it’s parked.

    It can be used for teen drivers and strangers, preventing access to your personal information or speeding with your car.

    While some may think this Tesla mode is overkill, it is a useful security feature to keep your car safe, along with sentry mode and cabin cameras.

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