Best Model Y Under Seat Storage Organizer

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Finding the ideal place to put some extra items is easy once you look below your seats.

This list of the best Model Y Under Seat Storage options helps you stay organized like nothing else. Keep emergency supplies, daily items, and other small things at your fingertips.

Our Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage Organizer

Basenor Model Y Under Seat Storage Organizer – Best Overall

It has a surprising amount of storage capacity and makes it easy to bring along more items without them scattered about. And the flock inside is a nice touch that matches the original carpet fibers well.

What sets Basenor Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage Organizer apart is the use of a superior ABS material. Other brands turn to a more common PC material, but this ABS offers a more robust build in comparison. It’s long-lasting and durable.

I also found the plush interior, which is nearly identical to Tesla’s material, does an excellent job at cradling my things without harming them. It’s perfect for hard items like my roadside toolkit and also holds an extra pair of shoes and gym clothes easily.

The installation is effortless. With the included Velcro strips, it firmly grasps the sides of the seat base. It stays in place while driving, even on curvy roads.


  • High-quality ABS material with a plush interior
  • Maximizes storage area
  • Simple and quick installation


  • Imperfect for all-weather floor mats with a higher lip

Bomely Model Y Under Seat Storage Box – Best Budget

This storage box has a great design that easily holds my things without getting in the way. It fits spot on and the quality looks like it actually came with the car.

The ABS material is sturdy, but the inner flocking. It’s amazingly resilient and can handle everything I throw at it. Another added benefit is that it helps keep noise down. Other storage bins can be annoying when hard items roll around and make noise. But the flocking inside of this storage box keeps that to a minimum.

It slides right under the seat, making for an effortless installation. And each side has foam braces that keep it snugly in place and centered between the seats. The foam sides also help ensure it stays put while driving.


  • 30-day replacement warranty
  • Soft inner flocking surface


  • Does not come with a lid

VION Tesla Model Y Front Seat Trays – Best Silicone

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like this product’s design that uses large silicone inserts. But after a couple of weeks and a few spills, I fell in love with these. The rubberized silicone lining isn’t quite as soft as the other inner linings, but it is cushiony and doesn’t harm things. Best of all, it can come out and be washed down.

I had a bottle leak under my seat and I was able to remove the whole thing and easily get rid of it.

I also like that this one has clean vertical walls with just a couple of front tabs that keep it in place. It doesn’t squish between the seats like the other types, which is a flaw that can result in them sliding a little forward under extreme braking. But in regular daily driving, I had no issues and they stayed nicely tucked under my seats.

Another downside to be aware of is if you’re using hard floor mats. Some brands have larger floor mat lips that tuck under the seat a little. It’s great for total coverage, but it also edges into the under-seat area a little bit. This overlap makes it a little difficult to squish in the storage box and they aren’t as easily accessible.


  • Unique two-layer design with a washable silicone upper
  • Instant access under the seat


  • Doesn’t easily slide out past large floor mats
  • Only suitable for front-seat installation

KropBom Under Seat Storage Box Organizer – Best With Lid

The KropBom Under Seat Storage Box With Lid is made from a very sturdy reinforced plastic. It is covered in a nice felt material, inside and out. 

The other brands usually only put the soft liner inside, but this one uses an automotive style carpeting around the entire organizer. It blends in extremely well with the Tesla interior, making it look like a factory option. And it doesn’t slide around as much as naked plastic might.

Another great characteristic of this Tesla storage box is the way it provides airflow channels above and below the box. This keeps the car’s air conditioning or heat flowing and ensures accurate climate control everywhere. 


  • The lid helps keep items out of sight
  • Surface entirely covered in felt that matches Tesla
  • Designed to allow airflow over and under


  • Extra air flow might cause the storage box to get warm
  • The exterior carpet does attract lint and dog hair

KUNIST Under Seat Storage Box – High Quality

It uses a unique honeycomb design and a non-slip, eco-friendly TPE material. It does not feel or look cheap, and it doesn’t have the bad plastic odor. The result is a Model Y Under Seat Organizer that stays put and looks great.

There is a large front lip that runs side-to-side, making it easy to grip and pull out from under the seat. The lid is made from durable ABS and fits snugly into place. Both pieces are precision-fit to the Tesla Model Y seats and do a great job at filling the entire space.

Another added benefit of the TPE material is that it’s very easy to clean. While it’s not as soft as other options, it can be wiped out with a damp cloth. It’s also entirely waterproof, so the inevitable spills happen, it’s not a big deal.

There are three color choices available. If you have a white interior, the white storage box is going to look the best.


  • Eco-friendly TPE material
  • Easy to clean glossy surface
  • The honeycomb design helps it grip and stay put while driving


  • No soft inner lining

Our Verdict

When you want to enhance your Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage, the Basenor Organizer is a great option with strong ABS material and a soft interior. 

If you are concerned about the under-seat storage box sliding forward during hard braking, you can fix this with more felt. Place a few strips of wide felt on the box, and it will stay securely in place even if you have to slam on the brakes. These Woolous Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Felt Strips are perfect for the task.

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