Walmart Charging Station Guide

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Walmart has recently released a plan to build thousands of more electric charging stations nationwide to extend its charging network by 2030.

With already 1,300 charging stations, this addition would be very convenient for local shoppers. At least one Walmart or Sam’s Club is located within 10 miles of a Walmart.

How fast are these Walmart EV chargers, though? Do they charge all kinds of electric cars?

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    Walmart’s EV Charging Networks

    Source: Walmart

    Walmart currently offers on-site charging for electric cars at select stores in the US. Customers can charge while shopping or eating.

    Walmart joined Electrify back in 2019 to install chargers across their shops to promote environmental sustainability.

    They have installed both faster chargers at 350kW and regular chargers at 150kW.

    Walmart now wants to add even more EV chargers without being third-party-owned. This could see improved prices for Walmart customers and a more streamlined charging process.

    Can I Charge My Electric Car At Walmart?

    The EV chargers at Walmart use all the popular EV charging ports from big names like Tesla, Nissan, and Volkswagen.

    Walmart’s chargers are located conveniently along major highway routes in the US. With talks to build in more rural areas, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to find a nearby Walmart EV charger.

    How Do I Use An EV Charger At Walmart?

    With plans for Walmart-owned EV chargers, we could see how we use these chargers to change.

    But for now, to use these electric chargers, you follow the standard charging procedure

    • Download the Electrify America charging app.
    • Find a Walmart charging station near you.
    • Open the vehicle charging port and connect the charger from its holster.
    • Plug in, leave the charger, and check the status via the app to see when you are done.

    How Much Does Walmart Charging Stations Cost?

    There are a few different factors that influence the cost of charging your electric car at Walmart.

    The state can affect charging costs, depending on if they charge in kWh or by minute, plus the model of your car and the size of its battery.

    For example, charging a Tesla with a 54KwH battery from 0-100% per kWh at a Walmart charging station will cost you 43 cents per kWh, so a full charge would be around $23.

    By minute, it will cost 32 cents if you use a fast charger of 350kWh. This goes down to 12 cents if using a 90kWh charger.

    The best way to save money using a Walmart charger is to get the Electrify America pass, it gives you a discount on your charging fees.

    How Do I Pay?

    To pay for charging at a Walmart EV station, you can either pay via the Electrify app or the display’s credit card reader.

    How Long Does It Take To Charge My Car At Walmart?

    On average, it will take between 20-30 minutes to charge your car from 0-80% at a Walmart charging station.

    Charging speed and time depend on the connector you are using and the model of your car.

    For example, if you use the 350kWh charger at Walmart, this supercharger could give your car 20 miles of range in just one minute.

    Walmart also has a slower 150kWh charger. This is the better choice if your electric car’s battery has a maximum charging speed limit of 150kWh.

    How Do I Find A Walmart Charging Station Near Me?

    With more Walmart charging stations around the US, finding one is easier than ever.

    Use Google Maps

    Google Maps is one of the easiest ways to find EV charging stations near you. To find Walmart charging stations, follow these steps.

    1. First, tell google the type of plug you have. You can do this by clicking your profile icon, then scrolling down to settings, and clicking electric vehicle. You will then be able to choose the compatible plug for your car.
    2. Then, open maps and go to services. Click electric charging stations and sort by relevance or distance.

    Try An App

    There are many handy apps like Electrify and Plugshare in the US that can help you find charging stations near you. These apps allow you to filter stations by cost and charging adapters.

    Check On Walmart.Com

    Walmart has a handy charging map on its site that highlights all its current US charging stations.

    Using Your Sat Nav

    Most modern Sat Navs in your car can track electric charging stations near you. This software will be in-built if you have an electric car like Tesla.

    Your sat nav will be able to guide you to the nearest Walmart charging station, remember to take into account your current charger level and distance.

    Are There Any Benefits To Using Walmart Charging Stations?

    Apart from the convenience of the locations, there are lots of advantages to using Walmart charging stations.


    • There are discounted rates as a Walmart customer.
    • You can track the charging process via the Walmart app.
    • Renewable energy sources power all.


    • It could be slower than using a home charger.
    • Added expenses over time.

    Our Verdict

    With an ever-growing network of Walmart charging stations, charging your electric car on the road is easier than ever.

    Compared to other EV charging stations, Walmart’s charging stations offer convenience and affordability.

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