How Much Does Xpel Stealth Cost?

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The Xpel Stealth protects your car and gives it a unique satin finish, ensuring you get to enjoy both style and substance.

But the question that often arises is, how much does this advanced protection cost? In this blog, we’ll look at Xpel Stealth’s cost.

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    Overall Looks and Styles

    When it comes to Xpel Stealth, there are plenty of options available.

    The film comes in a matte black finish that can be left as-is for a murdered-out look. Or you can get creative with different overlays and textures.

    The matte black pairs well with glossy or satin black paint since the finishes contrast. Consider a carbon fiber overlay that adds dimension with a textured pattern for a sportier style. Brushed metal overlays like titanium or stainless steel give an industrial vibe.

    If you want to get custom, Xpel offers custom-printed overlays. Add racing stripes, custom graphics, or photos to your Xpel Stealth wrap. The options are endless!

    Xpel Stealth comes in different grades, from entry-level to high-end show car quality. The thicker, higher grades tend to have better durability, and higher gloss overlays adhere better to the film. But for most daily drivers and enthusiasts, the mid-grade Xpel Stealth is a great choice.

    With Xpel Stealth, you get the best of both worlds: durable, self-healing paint protection with a custom matte finish and overlays.

    How Much is an Xpel Stealth Wrap?

    The price of the Xpel Stealth Wrap can vary depending on several factors, including the vehicle’s size and the installation process’s complexity. Generally, installing the Stealth Wrap ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

    Is it Possible to DIY?

    DIYing Xpel Stealth can be an excellent option for protecting their vehicle’s paint. While achieving a sleek, matte finish. But, it’s essential to note that this process can be difficult and time-consuming.

    The Xpel Stealth film requires precision, and careful installation to ensure that there are no bubbles or imperfections. This installation process requires special tools, and knowledge of the film’s properties to ensure the best results.

    While some may have the expertise and patience to complete this process. Leaving it to the professionals may be the best option.  Since it guarantees a flawless and long-lasting finish.

    Additionally, many Xpel authorized dealers offer a warranty for their installations, which provides added peace of mind.

    How Long Does Xpel Stealth Wrap Last?

    XPEL Stealth Wrap effectively shields against potential damage from rocks, insects, and other debris encountered on the road. Also, it offers protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and preventing fading of your vehicle’s paint.

    This wrap comes with a generous 10-year warranty, ensuring its durability and reliability. With an expected lifespan of 7-10 years. This wrap offers long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s paint job.

    Best Selling Colors in Xpel Stealth

    When considering Xpel Stealth for your vehicle, you have several popular color options to choose from. Some of the best-selling colors are:

    Black Stealth

    The black Xpel Stealth film is one of the most popular choices. It provides a subtle, satin-black finish that helps hide minor swirl marks and scratches in the paint. The black film is opaque, showing a hint of the underlying paint color.

    Dark Smoke

    For those wanting a tinted look without too much opacity, dark smoke is a top choice. This charcoal-colored film provides a smoky, metallic sheen. While still allowing a good part of the original paint finish to be visible. Dark smoke works well on a variety of vehicle colors. Especially brighter shades like red, yellow, or white.

    Matte Clear

    A clear matte film gives your vehicle a frosted glass appearance. It helps dull the surface and tone down the gloss for an understated, matte look.

    Matte clear film works on any color vehicle, and provides light protection from scratches and swirl marks.

    For the most natural-looking matte finish, Matte clear pairs best with factory paint colors.

    Is Xpel Stealth Self-Healing?

    Yes, Xpel Stealth is indeed a self-healing paint protection film. This means that minor scratches and swirl marks in the film can repair themselves over time when exposed to heat, like sunlight or warm water. So, don’t worry too much if your vehicle’s Xpel Stealth film gets scuffed up. Give it a bit of time in the sun or a warm wash, you might be surprised at how those little imperfections disappear.

    Note that this self-healing feature generally applies to light, superficial damage. Deeper cuts or tears in the film might not be able to self-heal, it may need professional attention.

    How Much Does Xpel Stealth Cost

    The price of Xpel Stealth paint protection film depends on the model and the make of THE Tesla

    Xpel Stealth Model Y Cost

    A full Xpel Stealth wrap for a Tesla Model Y can range between $5,000 and $7,000. This price can fluctuate depending on the provider as wellb as the specific needs of your vehicle.

    Xpel Stealth Model 3 Cost

    The cost of a full Xpel Stealth wrap for a Tesla Model 3 ranges between $4,500 and $6,000

    Xpel Stealth Model S Cost

    A full Xpel Stealth wrap for a Tesla Model S can cost roughly $6,000 for the full exterior. But if you’re only looking to cover certain parts like the hood, fenders, and front bumper, and side mirrors, the cost could be about $3,000

    Xpel Stealth Model X Cost

    The cost of a full Xpel Stealth wrap for a Tesla Model X can range between $6,000 to $8,000 per stealth model X cost.

    To get an accurate estimate for your specific vehicle, it’s best to get quotes from a few local Xpel Stealth-certified installers. Xpel’s website also has a cost estimator tool where you can input your vehicle information to get a ballpark range. But for the most precise quote, have installers evaluate your vehicle in person.

    Find XPEL Stealth Wrap Near Me.

    Search for “XPEL Stealth installers” or “XPEL PPF installers” along with your city and state. XPEL’s website has a handy installer locator where you can enter your zip code to find specialists nearby. Check reviews from other customers to determine the best place to go.

    · Look for installers with a lot of experience, with XPEL Stealth, for the best results.

    · Ask if they offer a warranty on their work.

    Is XPEL Wrap Worth it?

    Is XPEL wrap worth the investment? In a word, yes. XPEL stealth wrap acts as a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint. Also the elements that can damage it.

    For the cost of a quality wrap, you get peace of mind knowing your paint is shielded from scratches, dings, stains, and environmental damage. Moreover, it’s a durable, long-lasting solution that keeps your car looking showroom new for years.


    Can You Go Through the Car Wash with XPEL Stealth?

    Yes, XPEL Stealth is designed to withstand automated car washes without damage. The durable, self-healing film is resistant to swirl marks and scratches, so you can keep your car clean without worrying about the finish. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

    • Avoid car washes that use harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes. Or high-pressure jets, which could potentially damage the film over time. Stick to touchless washes or those with soft mitts and low PSI for the best results.
    • Rinse your car thoroughly after a car wash to remove any remaining dirt or debris. As you drive, lingering grit and grime on the paint can lead to swirl marks.
    • Apply a wax or paint protectant to your vehicle every few washes. This will help prevent water spots and add an extra layer of protection for your XPEL Stealth wrap.
    • Consider hand washing your car occasionally using XPEL’s recommended wash and wax products. While automated washes are fine in moderation, a gentle hand wash is always the safest approach for any vehicle wrap.

    Our Verdict

    So there you have it, an overview of how much Xpel Stealth costs for your vehicle. As you can see, prices will vary depending on factors like the size of your car, the number of panels treated, and whether you want just a partial or full vehicle wrap.

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