Best Tesla Cell Phone Holder For Safe Driving

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We’ve spent hours testing various phone mounts to find which one would be the perfect fit for Tesla owners.

The Topfit Monitor Phone Mount is a great option for those who want a convenient and easy-to-install phone holder. 

Of course, every Tesla owner has different needs and preferences. That’s why I also include other top picks in this guide. Read on to learn more about these fantastic products and find the one that’s perfect for you.

Our Tesla Cell Phone Holders

Best Tesla Cell Phone Holders Reviewed

Topfit Monitor Phone Mount – Best Overall

One of the standout features of the Topfit phone mount is its design. It fits with my Model 3 and Model Y, making it feel like a natural part of the car. 

The installation process is a breeze. You can choose to install it on either the left or right side of the display, depending on your preference.

What I appreciate is the silicone storage pocket on the back of the display. It’s a clever little addition that allows me to store my sunglasses and other small items. It’s a great way to keep my car organized and clutter-free.

The phone clips themselves are quite simple but effective. They hold my phone while minimizing the occlusion of the monitor when in use. This means I can still see my Tesla’s screen without any issues, even with my phone in place.

The placement of the phone when mounted is another great feature. It’s close to both the steering wheel and the center screen. Plus, it doesn’t obstruct my view or cause any interference when I’m driving. This makes it easy for me to glance at my phone without having to take my eyes too far off the road.

Worried about scratching your phone? The Topfit has a flocked lining that protects your phone from getting damaged. It’s suitable for 4.5 to 7-inch phones — anything bigger could cause the holder to flop around.


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Simple phone clips
  • Ideal phone placement


  • Cheap, springy mounting arm

ThinSGO Cellphone Mount – Best for Sturdiness

This mount holds smartphones between 5.5 to 7.1 inches. Made of flexible silicone material, it minimizes shaking and noise during your drive. Plus, it comes with a useful organizer for holding small items like cards and coins.

One of the best features of this mount is its dual connecting rod design. It allows you to fix the mount on either the left or right side of the screen, therefore this makes it versatile and suitable for different users. 

It has a triangular form that supports the phone bracket, allowing it to hold your phone in place. It also has a small silicone container you can use to organize small items.


  • Customized for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • Securely holds smartphones between 5.5 to 7.1 inches
  • Flexible silicone material prevents shaking and noise
  • Includes a handy organizer for sundries


  • Slightly obstructs the Model Y screen

Jowua Car Mount – Best Hidden Design

The 360° free rotation on the Jowua car mount offers great flexibility, which allows you to adjust your phone to the ideal viewing angle. Its hidden design preserves the Tesla interior aesthetics, as it retracts when not in use.

The adjustable premium metal arm has a silicone roller. This makes it easy to use, even for one-handed operation. Plus, it matches the back of the touchscreen for a seamless look and its adjustable clamps design fits all mobile devices. 

Alos this function makes it compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including the latest iPhone and Samsung models.

Another great feature is the extended warranty that Jowua offers. You can extend the standard 1-year warranty to an impressive 4 years or 100,000 miles. All you have to do is register your product via the manufacturer’s website


  • 360° free rotation
  • Invisible and hidden design
  • Adjustable premium metal arm with an innovative silicone roller
  • Compatible with various smartphone models
  • Adjustable warranty terms


  • Weak swivel joints can’t support larger phones

TEMAI Phone Mount – Best Minimalist Mounted Design

Custom-built to match the shape and stability of the vehicle, this mount is designed for a secure and seamless experience. 

One of the key features of this mount is the built-in vent for superior airflow, ensuring your phone stays cool while in use. The mount also securely locks in place, utilizing gravity to clamp the arms securely and safely around your phone. Removing the phone is as simple as lifting it out of the cradle.  

This mount is designed with a rugged and solid alloy mechanical linkage structure that offers noiseless and seamless performance, even when withstanding sudden stops and speed bumps. It’s also based on 3D precision scanning with the Model 3/Y, which ensures a perfect match in terms of shape and stability.


  • Custom-built for Tesla Model 3/Y (produced from April 2021)
  • Built-in vent for superior airflow
  • Clear line of sight through front and side windows
  • Sturdy alloy mechanical linkage structure
  • Secure locking mechanism using gravity


  • Not compatible with earlier Tesla models
  • Doesn’t come with a mini screwdriver for tightening screws
  • Doesn’t support horizontal phone orientation
  • May not work well with heavier phones or thicker cases

Spigen OneTap Pro – Best Wireless Charging Solution

This next mount allows for a secure and seamless experience. One of its key features is its built-in vent for superior airflow, so it ensures your phone stays cool while in use. 

The mount also locks in place, using gravity to clamp the arms around your phone. Removing the phone is as simple as lifting it out of the cradle.

It has a solid alloy mechanical linkage structure that offers noiseless performanceand can withstand sudden stops and speed bumps. It’s also based on 3D precision scanning with the Model 3/Y.

This ensures a perfect match in terms of shape and stability. 

The mount uses the same electroplated metal paint and CNC anodized sandblasting process, resulting in a textured and visually appealing product.

You can place the holder on the air outlet of the central control, offering easy access and visibility while driving. Furthermore, the phone is automatically locked in place after being set in the mount arm, providing a secure and convenient experience for the user.


  • MagSafe-compatible design for easy attachment
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Adjustable swing arm and viewing angles
  • Sleek and unobtrusive design
  • Residue-free adhesive for stable mounting


  • Charging interruptions reported by some users
  • May not work well with heavier phones

Our Verdict

We recommend the Topfit Tesla Model 3 Model Y Phone Holder as the top pick since it offers a solid combination of functionality, design, and durability, making it an excellent choice for most Tesla owners.

Ready to make your decision and purchase the ideal phone mount for your Tesla? 

Enhance your driving experience and ensure your phone is always secure and accessible while you’re on the road. Happy shopping!

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