Best Tesla Tire Caps

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Getting new Tesla tire caps is an easy way to add an elegant, unique touch to your car. After reviewing countless models, we found the stylish and robust VIHIMAI Tire Caps for Teslas are the best overall.

But if you want other Tesla valve stem cap choices, we have your needs covered too. After reading this, you’ll be sure to find the best tire cap to fit your unique personality.

Our Tesla Tire Valve Caps

Best Tesla Tire Caps Reviewed

VIHIMAI Teslas Tire Caps – Best Overall

Featuring a sleek look with robust details, the VIHIMAI Tesla Tire Caps add a layer of protection that’s superior to any other tire cap and look great while doing so. 

The top of each aluminum alloy tire cap features the Tesla logo, plus they’re available in black or red looks. These options are nice, but I wish they sold other colors like blue, red, and dark gray to match other Tesla paint options.

If you really want to increase the overall look, get the complete VIHIMAI package that comes with wheel hub center caps, lug covers, and tire caps.

By using a rubber o-ring in each tire cap, each one has a water-proof and dust-proof barrier. They help ensure a stable tire pressure, and stop everything from getting to your valve stems.


  • Incredible design with a waterproof barrier
  • Anti-corrosion aluminum will stand the test of time
  • Reinforced strong threading won’t strip


  • Only four per package

Tactilian Tesla Car Tire Caps– Most Stylish

These Tesla tire caps add a hint of color. Plus, they have a flawless polished surface to give you a unique look others will admire.

Available in 4 style to choose, these stem caps look great. Everyone will think they came from the factory as an upgraded option.

Whether you have the 22 “Turbine wheels on the Model X Performance or the 18” Aero on the Model 3, these stylish valve caps provide a dignified look people are sure to notice. They’ll look best on any Tesla since that’s the 4 style they’re available in.

They also provide more coverage and protection compared to the stock tire caps, while also enhancing your Tesla’s look. With a quick swap, you can add an elegant, yet subtle upgrade.


  • Flawless polished metal
  • Bold Tesla logo on each tire cap
  • Increases the lifespan of your valve stems


  • Only available as a black

JUSTTOP Tire Valve Caps – Best Color Options

With ten different colors to choose from, the JUSTTOP tire caps let you customize your Tesla. Despite the rock-bottom price, you can cover up to three cars’ worth of valve stems! 

The aluminum alloy construction is durable and polished to let whatever color you select shine through. The color options include black, pink, gold, red, silver, and two different shades of blue, plus more.

If you want to wrap your Tesla with a unique color, these tire stem caps are the ideal option to add a matching part to each wheel. It helps spread the customized look and give your wrapped Tesla a cohesive appearance.

After using them myself for a couple of months through the summer, the color is still vibrant. I also like that they are made of durable metal and won’t warp like plastic. 

The cool hexagonal shape gives off a hardened vibe that matches the high-performance acceleration of every Tesla. Just be careful when you tighten them. The strong construction can eat throw valve stems, so don’t twist too hard when you put them on.

Made with a universal fit, you can use this package of 12 to cover your cars, motorcycle, RV, or bicycle valve stems with the same lively color.


  • Ten different color choices
  • High-quality polished aluminum
  • 12 pieces per order


  • These tire caps don’t feature a Tesla logo

CKAuto Tire Valve Stem Caps -Most Durable

Made with powder-coated anodized aluminum with a plastic inner, these tire caps are certain to last a long time. The plastic interior gently grabs hold of your valve stem threads to prevent corrosion. And the durable exterior will last many years through all the elements.

Unlike some other cheaper models, these classy valve stem caps aren’t just coated plastic that look like chrome or aluminum. Plus, I strongly prefer stem caps that cover the entire brass valve stem, and these are perfect since they don’t leave any thread exposed.

I love the inner plastic liners that eliminate dissimilar metal corrosion on stainless valve stems and all-out corrosion in aluminum stems, but some people had problems with the plastic threads losing tension.

The trick is to not over-tighten them. They’re made to be gentle and provide enhanced protection without seizing on the valve stems, so treat them gently when screwing them on. I’ve taken them off countless times to check my tire pressure and have had no issues.

Available in six colors, they’ll look great as tire caps for your Tesla of almost any color. I like the cute pink color for a posh look, but the gleaming blue is also eye-catching. And they feature a universal fit so you can get matching sets for your other vehicles.

The design is sharp, giving off a high-performance vibe with an upscale touch. You’ll notice a big change after swapping out the original Tesla tire caps with these improved models.


  • Unique construction is durable yet protective
  • Six different color options
  • Stylish exterior finish and design


  • Not as many color choices as other tire caps

JIEOU Tire Valve Stem Caps-Best Minimalist Look

These Tesla tire caps are perfect for those who want to upgrade their valve stems without going overboard. By sticking to a clean-cut design, these use a more sophisticated look. Where other options can be bulky, these stick to a minimalist shape.

The fit is perfect so they’re easy to install and remove. Plus, they look incredible since they sit flush with the valve stem. I love the way they complement the black 20 “Slipstream wheels on the Model X. 

Featuring a Tesla logo on the top of each stem cap, they provide a factory look. But if you take a peek within, you’ll find a thick rubber o-ring. This helps provide a secure barrier to keep your tire pressure stable and your valve stems clean.

The electroplated aluminum surface looks brilliant, but it also provides anti-corrosion qualities that will last many years.


  • Clean minimalist look
  • Anti-corrosion electroplated aluminum
  • Rubber o-ring to seal the valve stem


  • Only available in black

Our Verdict

Changing your tire caps is a great way to add a touch of your personality to your Tesla. They’re easy to change, available in many colors, and can help your tire pressure stay stable.

The VIHIMAI Tire Caps for Teslas are the best overall, but the JUSTTOP Valve Stem Caps have ten color options to perfectly match your taste. No matter which you choose, they’ll be sure to enhance the style of your Tesla right away.

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