Best Tesla Charging Cable Organizer

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Are you tired of tangled cords and messy charging stations? Look no further than the Best Tesla Charging Cable Organizer, the solution to your electric vehicle charging woes.

I reviewed several Tesla charging cable organizers and found that the BMZX Tesla Charger Holder is the best overall cable organizer.

Ready to upgrade your charging setup? Check out our review of the Best Tesla Charging Cable Organizers.

Our Tesla Charging Cable Organizer

Best Tesla Charging Cable Organizer Reviewed 

BMZX Tesla Charger Holder– Best Overall

Experience ultimate convenience and organization with the BMZX Tesla Charger Holder Cable Organizer. Crafted in sleek black and designed with a gentle curve, this hook is four inches wide at its widest point and stands tall at seven inches.

The hook flaunts a sturdy and reliable socket at the bottom to plug in your charger. A distinctive built-in hook feature ensures your charger is locked in place securely. With an intelligent mechanism in place, the charger cable cannot be pulled out straight. Instead, lift it to free it from the hook and pull it out.

This Charging Cable Organizer has a rectangular holster tailor-made for your Tesla Mobile Connector. It’s sleek and chic, in matching black plastic to the cable hook, with four screws to firmly hold it. The BMZX Tesla Charger Holder sits well with the LENZ J1772 Charging Adapter for Tesla Model 3 Y S and X.


  • Simple installation
  • Can withstand the test of time


  • Some users may not sit well with the plastic build
  • The base of the holder might be too narrow for some chargers

TOPlight Tesla Charging Cable Organizer– Easy to Install

Designed with efficiency and style, it is easy-to-set-up device ensures your cable is in perfect shape whenever needed.

With its lightweight construction and easy-to-follow installation guide. The organizer comes with adjustable magnets that keep your cable in place while allowing easy removal.

You can adjust the locking mechanism to secure your cable without worries about it getting loose or slipping away.

When installing the cable organizer, place it at a higher angle and lower it once in place so that it sits on the clip.

But that’s not all – TOPlight’s Tesla Cable Organizer has a built-in LED that makes it easy to locate in the dark. 


  • Supports up to 20 feet of charging cords
  • Has a straightforward setup
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some users may find the installation instructions to be quite shallow
  • Anchors and screws may not hold the organizer in place for a lengthy period

BougeRV Charger Holder– Best For Cute Style

Stylish and easy to use are words that best describe the BougeRV Charger Holder. Made from durable material that can withstand the test of time. This charging cable organizer boasts an adjustable and secure hook-and-loop fastener. It also has an anti-slip locking mechanism to prevent the cables from slipping out of place.

The BougeRV Charger Holder has two mounting options. Screws or adhesive strips so you can mount it wherever you prefer, indoors or outdoors. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and can accommodate up to 10 feet of cable length. And with its arm holder, it holds your charging cable when unplugged.


  • Comes with an easy-to-read installation guide
  • Ideal for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S, Gen 1&2 mobile chargers
  • Comes with a chassis holder that protects the control box and plugs from wear and tear


  • The anchors included in the purchase may not be ideal for a drywall
  • The charger holder may not be suitable for overhead mounting

Spigen Bespoke Cable Organizer– Best For Dry Walls

Its unique two-tone design makes the oval-shaped hook wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

Depending on the version ordered, the hook’s central body is black and accented by a white or dark silver ring. It is made of durable plastic and secured to the wall with four screws. And a set of masonry anchors is included in the kit.

The kit also includes a narrow, flat wall plate that easily screws into the wall. The main hook body slides over it and sits snugly against the wall, so it keeps your cables organized and out of sight.

Like the Seven Sparta holder, this kit also includes a mount for your Tesla Mobile Connector. The simple plastic frame does the job and eliminates the need to buy any extra fasteners.


  • Compatible with any Telsa mobile connector
  • Ideal for drywall installation
  • Comes in a sleek and stylish design


  • It may not be ideal for wall studs installation
  • It may need an extensive clearance space

PHEOKER Tesla Mobile Charger Wall Mount– Best For Minimalist Style

This wall mount organizer keeps your mobile connector neatly coiled, and securely stowed, transforming any outlet into a sleek charging station.

Specifically designed for the Tesla Gen 2 Universal Mobile Connector. The sturdy bracket wraps cords out of sight while the charger holder prevents wear and tear. This versatile organizer supports both orientations for maximum convenience.

Solidly built from premium plastics, it installs in moments. And holds your charger handle in place so it won’t slip or fall, even when using a J1772 adapter. End the chaos of loose cords and give your Tesla the showcase it deserves. This high-tech organizer brings order to your charging station so you can power up in style.


  • Ideal for Tesla Gen 2 Universal Mobile Connector
  • Simple installation
  • Portable


  • Some users may not sit well with its plastic build
  • The installation may not be very user-friendly

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an effortless way to house your charging cable, the BMZX Tesla charger holder is an ideal solution. This organizer facilitates safe and reliable cable storage.

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