Best Tesla Full Door Handle Wraps

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The choices for Tesla full-door handle wraps can be overwhelming. But we’ve scrutinized the top options to make things easy. The Custom Cut Graphics Full Door Handle Wraps for Tesla is the best by covering every visible surface, using premium 3M materials, and offering over 20 color choices.

We’ve also found excellent Tesla door handle wraps in carbon fiber or crystal rhinestone. There’s a look to match your unique taste.

This article provides everything you need to know about the best Tesla full-door handle wrap choices. You can easily upgrade your Tesla’s looks with a fashionable touch.

Our Tesla Full Door Handle Wraps

Best Tesla Full Door Handle Wraps Reviewed

Custom Cut Graphics Full Door Handle Wraps – Best Overall

Creating a customized look for your Tesla is now easier than ever with these full door handle wraps from Custom Cut Graphics. They’re precision-cut using commercial equipment from 3M 2080 automotive wrap. They come with alcohol wipes and a guitar pick to make installation a breeze.

The Custom Cut Graphics Full Door Handle Wraps for Tesla are available in 21 different color choices. There’s a wide variety of unique gloss and matte colors to add a pop of color to your car.

The multicoat red looks OEM, almost the same color as the car with just the black outline showing. The deep blue is not an exact match, but the difference is only noticeable under direct light.

Plus, this set of six ensures you don’t have to order another set even if you make a mistake during installation. And Custom Cut Graphics stands behind what they sell with a full 90-day warranty with free replacements.


  • Precision-cut door handle wraps that cover every visible surface of the handles
  • High-quality 3M construction materials
  • Easy installation with extra wraps and an incredible warranty


  • These are wrap stickers, so keep reading if you want a carbon-fiber stick-on option

IPG Tesla Door Handle Wrap Kit – Best With Tesla Logo

What makes these Tesla door handle wraps unique is that they feature the Tesla logo on each one. It gives them a clean look as if they come straight from the factory. 

Beyond the style upgrade, I appreciate the fact that it hides fingerprints from the door handles. Before I was always rubbing them off from the original black handles.

Pick from any of the 25 color choices to add a dash of color that matches your vibe. With everything from brushed aluminum to gloss pink, there’s something for everyone.

The high-grade vinyl construction will last for years. They’ll protect your door handle from scratches and fingerprints. These Tesla door handle wraps are carefully-cut to the handle. But they don’t wrap all the way around. A sliver of the original handle pops out around the edge.


  • Tesla logo on each handle wrap
  • 25 color choices provide a full library of options
  • Protects your door handle from scratches and fingerprints


  • As a surface wrap, the edges of the original handle are visible

CoolKo Door Handle Sills Protection Kit – Best Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has always been synonymous with high-performance automobiles. And now with this set of Tesla door handle covers, you can add a carbon-fiber element to showcase your ride’s extreme capabilities.

These aren’t carbon fiber patterns. They’re the real deal. Constructed from actual 4k carbon fiber coated in resin, you’ll be able to feel the difference every time you reach for the handle.

By using 3D scan technology, the CoolKo Tesla Door Handle Carbon Fiber Covers is precision-crafted for your vehicle.


  • Resin-coated 4k carbon fiber construction
  • Well-secured sticker adhesive
  • Precision cut using 3D scan technology


  • Only available in clear-coated black carbon fiber

YHCDSEA Bling Door Handle Cover – Best Crystal Rhinestone

There’s nothing quite like the shine of crystals. And now your Tesla car can compliment your necklace, bracelet, and other jewelry. The YHCDSEA Bling Crystal Rhinestone Door Handle Covers provides that eye-catching look only gems provide.

Made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, these covers are easy to install with the included self-adhesive tape. There’s nothing to drill and the adhesive is strong so the rhinestones don’t fall off. They’re made of metal, not plastic, to ensure longevity too.

You’ll be happy every time you walk up to your Tesla after installing these brilliant door handle covers. The rhinestones will catch the light and give your car a look that showcases your elegant style.


  • Premium crystal rhinestones shine brightly
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Only available in silver crystal rhinestone color

Yeapop Bling Door Handle Protectors – Best Pink Rhinestone

If you love pink shiny things, then these are the best Tesla full door handle covers for you. Every pink rhinestone catches the sun’s rays, making your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y stand out from the crowd.

Not only is installation a breeze, but these rhinestone Tesla covers protect your handles from scratches. Plus, they help reduce their surface temperature. Even on those blistering hot days, your Tesla handles will stay nice and cool.

These pink rhinestone handle covers are super cute and girly. But they’re also made from surprisingly good quality and are heavier than you’d imagine.

Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Yeapop Bling Rhinestone Door Handle Protectors for Tesla are sure to put a smile on your face. They’re the ideal way to add a dash of glam to your car.


  • Stunning pink rhinestones shine bright all day and night
  • Self-adhesive material will stay put where they’re supposed to be
  • Designed for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y


  • 4 pieces per set so no room for installation mistakes

Our Verdict

Adding some flair to your car is now easier than ever with these Tesla full door handle wraps. They quickly transform your car with a punch of color that makes your Tesla stand out from the crowd.

You can go with the best overall from Custom Cut Graphics, high-performance carbon fiber, or crystal rhinestone Tesla handle covers. Whatever your choice, you’ll add that customized look you’ve been looking for.

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