Best Tesla Front License Plate Holder

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A front license plate holder is an essential accessory for any Model Y owner in states that need a front license plate. There are many great options for front license plate holders for your Tesla Model Y.

I reviewed several Model Y front license plate holders and found that the best Model Y front license plate holder is the Aujen Silicone License Plate Frame.

If you’re searching for a Model Y Front License Plate Holder that meets your needs, then these top 5 picks might interest you.

Our Model Y License Plate Holder

Best Tesla License Plate Holder Reviewed

Aujen Silicone License Plate Frame– Best Overall

Crafted from high-quality industrial-grade silicone. This license plate frame is soft to the touch and is built to withstand all weather conditions.

It protects your license plate from rust and damage and gives your car a sleek and modern look. And thanks to its plastic trim tool, installation is a breeze.

Moreover, this License Plate Frame won’t obscure any part of your license plate. That needs to be visible, like the state name. 

And with its small drain hole in the center of the bottom lip. This frame won’t let rain and snow build up, protecting your car’s paint from scratches and damage. The black matte material of the frame won’t discolor or rust over time.


  • Ideal for blackout plates
  • The license plate holder is rust proof
  • It comes with drainage holes


  • Dust and dirt particles may stick on the rubber

BGMVFK Front License Plate -Best Universal Front License Plate Frame

The BGMVFK Front License Plate boasts of a sleek 2-hole front license plate adapter. And a stylish black aluminum license plate frame. Making it ideal for cars with contoured bumpers or adding a touch of novelty to any vehicle. 

Not only is this bracket super stylish. But also, it’s easy to install with no drilling or modifications required. Plus, the added ventilation slots allow for seamless water drainage. Its silicone material ensures your car’s paint won’t get scratches during installation.

Designed for vehicles without pre-drilled holes in the front bumper. The BGMVFK Front License Plate Mounting Kit has a universal frame that fits standard US. Or Canadian front bumper license plates measuring 6×12 inches.

Made from durable aluminum, that is built to last. Also, the installation guide is easy to read and follow, making installation a breeze.


  • Easy to install Rattle and rust proof
  • Comes with a completed installation kit
  • It’s a Universal Front License Plate Frame


  • Some users may find the installation screws to be relatively short

Slipstream Bracket® Front License Plate Holder– Best for Minimalist Style

The Slipstream Bracket® boasts of robustness and durability. Installation is a breeze with two clicks, and it’s completed in two minutes! You don’t even have to drill holes or use adhesives.

It locks in place with the help of two security screws. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any scratches with the super thick cushion provided. Included in the set are screws and an L bar for your convenience.

Despite being small, even the minutest details are crafted to give you peace of mind. Constructed with all-metal, this bracket offers unbeatable solidity. No more worries about perforating your front bumper.

This patented one-piece design is car wash-safe, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum. Moreover, its fit and finishes boast soft edges. It’s painted with seven-point paint-safe.


  • Ideal for blackout plates
  • The license plate holder is rust proof
  • It comes with drainage holes


  • Some users may find the license plate holder difficult to install

Muray Creative Front License Plate Holder– Best for Customization

The Muray Creative No Drill Front License Plate Holder offers a sturdy and effortless fit onto your car without drilling or using adhesive. It comes with 2 keys that provide the convenience of removing the mount if necessary. Or keeping it locked in and secure. Installing and removing the bracket takes less than 1 minute.

Thanks to the security bolts that ensure a safe and fast fit. To further enhance security, the holder features a tamper-resistant design. And anti-theft screws that guarantee your plate stays in place.

Its adjustable bracket expands to fit the top and bottom surfaces of the grill. What’s more, the aluminum-based construction of the holder guarantees its durability. And ensures it remains in top-notch condition. Regardless of harsh weather conditions or mechanical shock.


  • It comes with anti-theft screws
  • It has a tamper-resistant design
  • No drilling of the plate holder is during the installation


  • Some users may find its anti-theft to be quite fragile
  • Some users may find the installation kit to be quite fragile

SnapPlate® Front License Plate Holder– Best for Ease of Installation

The SnapPlate® Front License Plate Holder comes in a patented design. That utilizes 3D printing technology, making it sturdy. This front license plate holder is paint-safe, grille-safe, radiator-safe, and autopilot-safe.

The breakaway latch design reduces damage to the plastic grille of the car in accidents. Or touch car washes with low-cost replacement parts available.

Its clean, minimal design blends with the Tesla front end. The 3rd gen height adjustable license plate mount with high, center. Also, low positions ensure you get the best fit for your car.


  • It comes in a clean and minimalistic design
  • Quick to install and uninstall
  • It has an adjustable height


  • The license plate holder may not be car wash friendly
  • Some users may find its build quality to be quite poor

Our Verdict

That’s it for our Model Y Front License Plate Holder reviews. We hope the above list will help when shopping for your new license plate holder.

Consider their sturdy and innovative design, ensures longevity and excellent protection against wear and tear. They are also straightforward to install and adapt to harsh weather conditions.

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