How To Make a Hail-Proof Car Cover

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When hail comes, knowing how to make a hail-proof car cover can be the difference between driving home safely and calling your insurance to fix serious damage.

If you want to know how to make a hail-proof car cover to keep your car in pristine condition, you’re in the right spot.

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    Buy a Hail Car Cover: Hail Protector Portable System

    What you need during a hailstorm is an impenetrable layer between the falling hail and your car’s body and windows. The Hail Protector Portable Hail Car Cover System is the best hail-proof car cover thanks to its innovative design, quick setup, and stellar customer service.

    The Hail Protector Car Cover is available in six sizes to match your car’s size perfectly. It drapes over your entire vehicle and has a built-in fan system that inflates the cover and puts a large air gap above every square inch. No matter what size hail rolls through, you’re protected.

    It also comes with a patented hail forecast and alert system, letting you know exactly when you need to step outside and quickly put on the cover.


    • The best hail protection from a superior product
    • Fast setup and multiple ways to power the fan
    • Patented Hail Protector alert system


    • The price may seem high, but it doesn’t compare to hail damage costs

    Create a Hail-Proof Cover With Moving Blankets and Zip Ties

    If you want a more affordable method for how to make a hail-proof car cover, you can reach for thick moving blankets and zip ties to take care of the job.

    Moving blankets are affordable and feature dense padding that will protect your car from hail. By carefully stringing them together with zip ties, you can easily cover your whole car without spending much money.


    • Moving blankets provide wide coverage and dense padding
    • Zip ties help you easily customize the hail-proof cover
    • Incredibly affordable way to protect against hail damage


    • Takes time to customize the moving blankets

    Drape Your Floor Mats Over Your Car

    Sometimes hailstorms can catch you off guard when you’re out. When that happens and you don’t have anything else around, your car’s floor mats can make an excellent hail-proof car cover.

    Since most floor mats have a thick rubber layer under the fabric top, they absorb the hail’s impact and save your body panels from massive dents.

    The problem is that they might not cover your entire vehicle. It can be worthwhile to place them together over the roof and windows, creating a solid cover on those components while leaving other areas uncovered. This way, at least hail damage only happens to select parts.


    • Floor mats are always inside your car
    • You don’t have to spend any money or take up extra storage space


    • Doesn’t provide enough surface area

    Cardboard Box Hail Car Cover

    As another item that you likely have around the house, cardboard boxes can make a decent hail-proof car cover.

    While regular cardboard is better than nothing, corrugated cardboard boxes are incredible for hail protection since they have a double-wall design that can take hail’s punishment. 

    You’ll want to tape some together if you can use something heavy to weigh them down so they won’t fly away during the storm.


    • Double-walled cardboard can quickly and cheaply cover your car
    • Provides hail damage protection to keep your car out of the body shop


    • Cardboard doesn’t hold up well to moisture

    Layers of Old Blankets and Comforters

    If you have some old blankets or comforters laying around the house, they can be a good thing to use to stop hail from damaging your car.

    How to make a hail-proof car cover with blankets is easy, just drape them over your car, then open your doors and/or windows and put the blankets through. Close your doors or windows over the blankets to secure the blankets and comforters in place.

    You could also tuck some cardboard underneath for dual-layer protection.


    • Blankets can easily convert to a hail-proof car cover in a flash
    • You probably already have some laying around 
    • Easily store in your car for many purposes


    • Not the thickest protection so large hail can still cause damage

    Used Yoga Mat Hail Barrier

    Yoga mats are soft yet cushiony and cover a lot of surface area. With two or four of these linked together, you can create a customized hail-proof car cover that is surprisingly effective.

    Since they roll up neatly, keeping used yoga mats around your car or home doesn’t take up much space. But when the worst hail storms come through, they provide a robust barrier that can avoid the nasty dents and damage hail can create.


    • Yoga mats are sufficiently padded to protect from hail
    • You can quickly roll them out over your car as a hail-proof cover


    • It will take two to four yoga mats to provide adequate coverage on most cars

    Old Cat or Dog Mattress

    When you replace your pet’s bed, it can be tempting to throw the old one away. But before you do, consider sticking it in a storage spot to use as a hail-proof car cover.

    Even when they’re old, most cat or dog mattresses still have a lot of padding in them. These soft layers are perfect for absorbing hail’s impact. You can turn what would otherwise be trash into a device that could save you thousands of dollars.


    • Uses an existing item to its fullest potential
    • Pet mattresses are thick and cushiony


    • You’ll need to save up a small collection

    Our Verdict

    Hail can cause detrimental damage to your car by destroying body panels, smashing windows, and breaking headlights and mirrors. If you act quickly and have a hail-proof car cover, you’ll avoid time-consuming and costly repairs.

    Various household goods can make a hail-proof car cover, but if you care about your car and want to keep hail damage in the rearview, get a Hail Protector Portable System right away.

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