What Battery Size Does The Tesla Model Y Have?

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Choosing the right battery size for your Tesla Model Y is crucial if you drive long distances. 

They currently offer long-range and performance batteries and have four different types depending on the model of the car you choose.

In our guide below, we’ve gone into more detail about the type of batteries Tesla uses and more about the Model Y to see if it can compete against other well-known models.

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    Tesla’s Battery History Explained

    Initially, Tesla used a 18650 battery in their cars, known as the Roadster and the Model X, sourced from Panasonic. You will now find them using the 18650, 4680, 2170, or prismatic type.

    Tesla makes its own 4680 batteries but outsources the rest from different manufacturers. 

    After starting with the Panasonic 18650 batteries in 2013, they moved to cylinder 2170 types in 2017 after figuring it was better to use bigger battery cells. These had a higher energy density therefore faster charging.

    Now, you will find Tesla using their cylinder battery, which is bigger and better, known as the 4680 battery. You will find this fitted on the Texas Model Y cars.

    Some models still use the other batteries, which we will revisit next.

    What Battery Does The Tesla Model Y Use? 

    If you buy from Texas or Germany, the Tesla Model Y car currently uses the 2170 or the 4680. 

    A Tesla Model Y fitted with the 4680 battery has an mAH 9000 and is much more powerful than the 2170. 

    When buying from other factories like Shanghai, China or Fremont, California you will find the Tesla Y is fitted with the 2170 battery. This is due to the fact Panasonic has more in production making it easier to meet the high demand.

    Model Y’s fitted with 2170 can deliver a range of around 318 miles off a single charge.

    It has been in the talks that Tesla is now producing crossover model Y cars fitted with a structural BYD LFP-type battery, these have more stability and are cheaper to make.

    It has been said that these cars fitted with the new structural BYD battery pack are being made at the Gigafactory Berlin.

    There has also been evidence that Tesla and BYD are working together since the Netherlands Vehicle Authority did grant permission for this new type of model Y with a BYD battery back in 2022.

    Many people are surprised at this collaboration since they are competitors, but there is no doubt it would bring an affordable version of the Tesla model Y to Europe.

    Other Tesla Models & Batteries 

    So as you can see which Tesla cars use what battery, we’ve listed the basics below.

    Model X

    Model X, first introduced in 2015, was equipped with a 18650, this battery was an upgrade from the Roadster but still needed to be more powerful than the Model S. 

    You could get a maximum speed of around 163 mph with this power.

    Model S

    Equipped with the 18650 battery, too, the Model S has an extended range of around 405 miles off one charge. 

    Max speed is around 216 mph, much faster than the old Roadster.

    Model 3

    The Model 3 Tesla has a newer 2170 battery. There are plans to make the model with a prismatic type LFP battery in the future, like the Model Y. 

    Still, with its 2170 battery, you can achieve a range of 358mph off one charge and reach a speed of 163mph.

    How Big Is A Tesla Model Y Battery?

    The 2022 Tesla Model Y has a size of 81kWh, thanks to structural upgrades. However, if you choose the older Tesla model before 2022, it will likely have a 75kWh battery. 

    These batteries are under the Tesla Battery & Drive Unit warranty for around eight years. The base models range about 279 miles, and the performance/long-range models up to 330 miles.

    Tesla Model Y Battery Vs Competition

    So as you can see how the size and range of the Tesla Model Y match up to other competitors, we’ve made a comparison table below.

    ModelBattery CapacityMaximum Range 
    Model Y75-81 kWh330 miles
    Model 350-82 kWh350 miles
    Model X70-100 kWh300+ miles
    Hyundai Ioniq 558-70 kWh298 miles
    Volkswagen ID482 kWh220-330 miles
    Ford Mustang Mach-E75.7-98.7 kWh230-315 miles
    Volvo XC4069kWh260 miles
    BMW X524 kWh450 miles
    BMW X312 kWh490 miles

    How Long Can A Tesla Battery Last?

    Running out of charge before you reach your destination can be a worry. However, most Tesla cars can cover long distances, especially with long-range models. For example, the Tesla Y cars have an extended range of up to 330 miles. 

    There are thousands of Tesla charging points worldwide. You can get a range of 200 miles just off a single 15-minute charge. But, of course, different factors can affect range, like driving speed and environmental conditions.

    In terms of lifespan, the battery is covered for up to eight years with a warranty and lasts anywhere between 300,000-500,000 miles. 

    If you are averaging 20,000 miles a year with your model Y, this equals about 15-25 years.

    How Long Does The Tesla Model Y Take To Charge?

    The battery of the Tesla Model Y takes various times to charge depending on the current charging adapter that you have. 

    When talking broadly, these cars can take around 12 hours to charge. 

    You will get a choice of the NEMA 5-15, NEMA 14-50, wall connector and superchargers at Tesla charging points (the latter the fastest) which all have different charging times.

    When the Model Y is plugged into an AC charging station with a power of 11kWh, it will take, on average, 8 hours and 15 minutes, in a 7kWh charger this will be on average 12 hours.

    For a Model S in a 7kWh charger it will take anywhere from 11-15 hours in total. The Tesla model 3 takes around 8-12 hours with a 7kWh charger.

    The Future Of Model Y Tesla Batteries

    Very recently, there have been some exciting developments from Tesla talking about a new lithium-ion battery that could last up to 100 years rather than the current 20 years. 

    This nickel battery needs fewer battery cells, so it will be cheaper for Tesla to make and more eco-friendly since fewer batteries will end up in landfill.

    Our Verdict

    For most people, the Tesla Model Y battery size is more than enough for long road trips and will last you at least 15-25 years.

    If the future, if Tesla Model Y’s from Berlin are fitted with the new BYD LFP battery, it could mean that these cars in Europe become even more affordable and have faster charging times.

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