How To Open Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Door

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If you own a Tesla or are considering buying one, you should learn how to open the doors. It might seem simple, but Tesla models are different from most cars, so you need to follow different directions to open them. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered as we’ll speak about how to open the Tesla Model 3 and Y doors from the outside and inside. Let’s get to it.

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    How To Open Model Y & 3 The Outside Door

    Look below to learn how to open the Tesla Model Y & 3 doors from the outside. 

    Here’s a brief list of the steps you need to take to open your doors from the outside: 

    1. Using your thumb, push in the wide part of your Teslas handle. 
    2. After pushing the handle in, it will pivot toward you. You can then pull the edge of the door or pull on the handle to open it. 
    3. Once the door is opened from the outside, let the handle go. It will automatically retract. 

    If you have failed to close the door properly once inside your Tesla Model y, your touchscreen display will tell you so by illuminating the ‘Door Open’ indicator light. 

    Additionally, you should be careful when opening your door from the outside if you have acrylic nails or loose jewelry. These things could cause injury or damage if it gets pinched in the door handles mechanism. 

    How To Open Model Y & 3 The Inside Door

    See below to learn how to open the Tesla Model Ys and Model 3s doors from the inside. 

    Let’s look at the steps you need to take to open your Tesla from the inside: 

    • The Model 3s and Model Ys doors are electronically powered. This means all you need to do to open your door from the inside is press a button found at the top of the interior door handle. 
    • Once you press this, you can push the door open. 
    • If you don’t want to use this button, you can use your car’s touchscreen popup to open your door from the inside. Yet, this feature only works if your vehicle is in ‘Park’.

    There is also a manual way to open the door if there is no power which we will share soon.

    How To Use The Tesla Manual Door Release To Open The Front & Back Door

    If you’re ever in a situation where you need to use the Tesla manual door release, you will need to know how to use it. Follow these steps to open the front door:

    • To open your Tesla Model Ys front door with no power, you need to use the manual door release. This means you need to pull up this manual door release. 
    • You must find the manual release in front of the window switches to do this. When you find it, pull it up. 

    Now that you know how to open the front door when there is no power, you need to learn how to open the back door manually:

    • Find the floor mat at the bottom of your Tesla’s rear door back pocket and remove it.
    • Removing the mat will reveal a red tab. You must press this red tab to remove the car access door. 
    • After doing this, find the mechanical release cable and pull it forward. 

    You should note that you must only manually open your front or rear door if it is a true emergency. This is because these manual door releases are designed only to be used when there is no power and you are stuck without help. 

    Tesla Door Handle Frozen – What To Do

    Useful Tools

    If your Tesla door handle has frozen closed, there are a few useful everyday tools you can use to help you open it in the winter. Below we have briefly listed two tools and told you what to do with them: 

    • A hairdryer: Although slightly unconventional, you can use a hairdryer to open your Tesla’s door in the winter. All you need to do is have an extension cord long enough to reach your car to plug in a hairdryer. Next, you simply turn it on and, using the hairdryer, hover it back and forth over the door handle until it opens. Yet be careful not to warp it.
    • A garden hose: During the winter, if your pipes aren’t frozen, you can use a garden hose to spray water on your Teslas door handle until it opens. If the winter temperatures are too cold, this might make it worse, so just be careful of this. 

    Method From Tesla Manual Book

    Black Door Handles – Rocking Method

    One of the simplest methods to use when opening a frozen Tesla’s black door handle is the rocking method. All you must do is forcefully press the frontmost section of the door handle and rock it inward and outward. 

    This will break the ice and should grant you access to your car. Yet, ensure you rock the handle back and forth a few times after opening the door to eliminate excess ice build-up. 

    Silver Door Handles – Fist Bump Method

    If your Tesla has silver door handles, you can use the fist bump method to open them if they are frozen closed. Perform the below to gain access to your car: 

    • Find the rearmost part of the door handle and forcefully press it in. Press it down as if you were trying to open it as you usually would. 
    • Using a circular motion around the perimeter of your Teslas door handle, use the bottom of your fist to bump the door handle repeatedly. Do this while pressing it in to see when the ice is broken and you have gained access. 
    • After doing this, keep bumping the handle but move to the rearmost end of the wide part of the door handle. Increase the intensity of your bumps and repeat these steps until it opens. 

    Once you’ve opened the door handle, open and close it a few times, like with the black door handles, to remove excess ice. 

    Unlatch The Door On The App

    With so many people experiencing problems in the winter with their Tesla door handles freezing, the company developed a solution. To help Tesla owners in colder climates, the company created a simple in-app feature. This “Unlatch Door” feature allows owners to unlatch their frozen doors with the press of a button via the Tesla phone app.

    Preheat The Car Cabin In Advance

    Another easy way to melt the ice in your door handles and unfreeze them is to preheat the car cabin in advance. When you heat the cabin, you will provide heat to the doors, and this helps thaw frozen locks. 

    Yet, this will take some time, so try to be patient before determining it has not worked. To speed up the process, you can remove ice and snow build-up on the exterior of your Tesla. 

    Try A Bucket Of Hot Water

    Although unorthodox, you can fill a bucket with hot water and pour it evenly over your Teslas door handle. Running hot water over the handle should make it open easily, but be careful not to warp the handle or burn yourself.

    Our Verdict

    In this article, we have shared every detail you need to know to open your Tesla Model 3 or Ys door from the inside and outside. We have also given you the information you need to open your door during the winter easily and when you have no power in your car. 

    Thus you shouldn’t have any issues gaining access to your Tesla and can breathe easier knowing you know what to do. 

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