How To Open the Tesla Glovebox (Voice Command)

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Unlike most other vehicles, Tesla’s glove box is no physical opening mechanism and can only be opened using the center screen, while the way to close it is the simplest and most brutal, pushing the glove box directly upward.

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    How to Open Glove Box On A Touch Screen

    You can open the Tesla glove box by touchscreen technique, voice command, and Manually Release the Latch.

    Using the Touchscreen for Model 3 & Model Y  

    Step 1. First, select the touch screen by tapping on the automobile symbol. By doing so, the controls menu will appear

    Step 2. Search for the icon that resembles an open glove box. Similarly, it will also be written beneath “Open GloveBox”

    Using the Touchscreen for Model S & Model X (2021+) 

    Step 1. You may tap Quick Actions or Controls

    Step 2. Then on the touchscreen, tap the button of the Glove box. Automatically, the light comes on and the glove box opens  

    Manually Release the Latch for Model 3/Y

    You could attempt manually opening the glove box with a little bit of DIY. stuck. It is not difficult.

    The following are steps that should be taken in order to manually access the glove box easy way: 

    Step 1. Access and open the side of the passenger door by unlocking it

    Step 2. On the passenger side at the end of the dashboard, remove the side panel

    Step 3. Using an angled pin like a hex key (Allen key) or even a screw driver manually release the latch 

    You ought to now be capable to manually open Tesla glove box. If this presumably sounds like too much for you, possibly you could schedule your vehicle for servicing with Tesla company using the Tesla app

    Open Glove By Voice Command

    One of the simplest methods to open a glove box on your Tesla Model is by using the voice command. Here is how to go about it:

    Step 1. Simply hold down and press on your steering wheel the voice command button (the one on the right-hand)

    Step 2. By saying “open glove box”, the screen would display a message letting you know that the glove box is opening.

    The lights would be on and the glove box will open instantly. You are done! If you have a setup for a glove box pin, the command would bring up the entry screen. To open Tesla glove box, you will be needed to enter the pin.

    Tesla Glove Box Pin

    You may wish to consider installing a glove box PIN in case your glove box holds any sensitive information, for example USB drive for Sentry Mode. Each time somebody tries to unlock the glove box, it will be obligatory to enter the PIN number.

    Put into consideration that the glove box is not intended to act as a safe. By obtaining accessibility of the dashboard on the side panel and disengaging the clasp by hand, the glove box could be opened manually. Access is required to open and unlock the passenger-side door. 

    How Could the PIN on a Tesla Glovebox Be Reset?

    The Tesla owner manual mentions how to reset the glove pin.

    If perchance you have forgotten your glove box PIN, rest assured you might reset it by entering in your Tesla credentials and subsequently following the instructions on-screen.

    Is the Glove Box Locked When the Car is Locked?

    The glovebox locks each time it is closed as well as the car is locked using authorized phone, mobile app, or a key card (given that WalkAway Door Lock is activated) or when Valet mode is in usage. Tesla does not lock whenever there is a tapping that triggers the lock sign on the touchscreen.

    Tesla Glove Box Won’t Stay Closed

    You might determine the trigger no longer respond by springing back probably if your glove box won’t stay closed. You can check if this is the problem by physically releasing the circular triggers on the right and left sides of the glove box as well trying to close it, you could check to see whether this is the problem.

    If it keeps on closing, there is certainly an issue and they require to be adjusted. This specific component is covered by the Tesla warranty.

    FAQs About Tesla Glove Box

    How Do You Open the Glovebox on a New Tesla Update?

    Step 1. Simply hold and press on your steering wheel the voice command button (on the right hand). 

    Step 2. Just say “open glove box”, the screen will show a message confirming to you that the glove box is opening.

    Can I Open the Glove Box in Valet Mode?

    No. If you try to access the glovebox while both the Valet mode and Glovebox PIN are on active mode, you would be prompted for the Glovebox PIN and debarred from Valet mode. If you keep the glove box open, the light eventually goes out.

    Our Verdict

    There you have it- the three ways your Tesla Model S/X (2021+) and Model 3/Y glove box could be opened. I hope this guide has helped you understand how to open the glove box. Feel free to ask any questions in our comments section below, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

    If your Tesla glove box is stuck, read this post to fix this problem.

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