Tesla AM Radio Guide

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Research shows that 92% of Americans listen to the radio over the airwaves. That is higher than 54% who use PCs and 81% who use smartphones daily. 

While the modern generation may prefer the FM radio’s superior audio experience, some people still love broadcasting AM radio. As a Tesla owner, you may realize the screen doesn’t have a direct selection for AM radio. 

But don’t worry, we will list some ways to listen to AM radio in the Tesla. 

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    Why Doesn’t Tesla Have an AM Radio?

    Tesla doesn’t have an AM radio, as the electromagnetic noise from the electric motor affects the broadcast reception and causes static. 

    Electric vehicles have a frequency convertor, electric motor, and a rechargeable battery. The frequency converter determines how much power the electric motor transmits by turning the voltage on and off. The process consumes a lot of energy and may cause electromagnetic interference, which is picked up by the radio. 

    The electrical vehicle motor affects the AM signals, leading to crackling and poor sound quality.

    Building and power lines also affect AM radio quality, so Tesla eliminated AM radio entirely. 

    How to Listen to AM Radio in a Tesla

    Although Tesla vehicles don’t have an AM radio, you can still listen to your favorite shows in different ways. Here are some ways you can listen to AM radio.

    Radio App

    You can use Tesla’s radio app to check the available AM radio stations. 

    Tesla has also partnered with Slacker Radio to provide users with a free Slacker Plus account if they have Tesla Premium Connectivity customers. It shows up as Tesla’s streaming service on the infotainment system. 

    Tunein Radio

    Tesla’s infotainment system comes with Tunein Radio as one of its services. TuneIn gives you access to hundreds of online streaming radio stations, including AM radio.

    The option is available from the drop-down menu in the Tesla media player, or you can click the TTI logo at the bottom of the screen.

    However, the service is only available if you have a premium membership, which costs $7.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. All you need is to set up a Tunein account by signing up for the premium account. After logging in, you can search for your favorite AM radio station and save it to listen to later. 

    iHeart Radio

    Alternatively, you can stream and listen to your favorite station on iHeartRadio. You only need to install the Amazon Alexa app and use Alex Skill for iHeart Radio. Use your phone’s Bluetooth as your audio source. With the Alexa Auto device, you can enjoy a hands-free experience. 

    AM Radio Stations From Your Phone

    The other option is to stream the AM radio station from your phone to the Tesla. 

    Turn Bluetooth on your phone and connect it to your Tesla via the Bluetooth button on the car’s touchscreen. Play your favorite station from your phone, automatically playing from your car’s infotainment system. 

    Portable Radio/ USB-C Chargeable portable AM Radio

    Nothing beats the reliability of a portable radio. You can tune in to your favorite AM shows with digital and manual tuning. Most portable AM Radios have internal antennae, making getting the best reception easier.

    A handheld radio in your Tesla gives you continuous access to AM radio stations with an easy station setup. 

    HD Radio

    Tesla also allows the driver access to AM stations via HD radio. It takes the AM frequencies content and broadcasts them on an FM band, which is easily picked up by your car.

    The HD radio also embeds a digital signal in the AM bands to provide more information about a program. Unlike regular radio, HD radio allows stations to offer several programs and formats on the same frequency.

    That means you can have up to three channels on the same frequency, each playing something different.

    If all the above options fail, you may stream your favorite radio shows from your phone from the radio station’s site. Steaming live radio will require the Internet connectivity and a charged phone. 

    Our Verdict

    Although FM radio is a popular option due to the higher sound quality, some people still prefer AM signals due to the wide variety of programs and shows. Tesla’s new models phased out AM radio. 

    Fortunately, you can still listen to your favorite shows via the radio app, streaming through iHeartRadio or the HD radio available in all Tesla models. 

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