Tesla Maintenance Cost and Schedule

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Tesla maintenance costs range between $587 to $832 per year, with an average 10-year cost as low as $5,867. It is one of the lowest maintenance costs for luxury electric cars.

This article has everything you need about Tesla maintenance costs. We’ll review the details of what you can expect to pay, what the warranty coverage looks like, and where to get repairs completed.

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    How Much Does Tesla Maintenance Cost?

    Reports for Tesla maintenance costs include estimates at $587, $623, and $832 per year. This is for all Tesla models sold in the United States.

    If you look at a 10-year period, the Tesla maintenance cost is $5,867. This beats the luxury industry average, which is as low as $6,177. Tesla car costs are usually among the best in the luxury EV market. For example, the Tesla Model 3 has the lowest 5-year true cost of ownership in the segment.

    Some outlets report even lower 10-year Tesla maintenance cost estimates:

    Plus, Tesla cars have a low rate of major repair needs that exceed $500. Tesla averages 9.87% over 10 years, compared to 25.27% segment average.

    Like any car, the cost of Tesla maintenance varies among owners, habits, and situations. But there are some things true about all Tesla maintenance and repair costs, such as:

    • No concerns for oil, spark plug, fuel filter, or engine air filter changes
    • Regenerative brake system slows wear of brake pads and rotors
    • Tire rotations and replacement needs for all EVs are worse due to battery weight

    Tesla Service Recommended Schedule

    The Tesla service recommended schedule is less intensive than most of the other cars. But there still are some things need to take care of.

    • Cabin air filter replacement: Removes pollen, road dust, and other particles.
      • Every 2 years for Model 3 and Model Y
      • Every 3 years for Model S and Model X
      • Every 3 years for any equipped with a HEPA filter
    • Tire rotations: Helps tire life, handling, and steering components.
      • Every 6,250 miles (~10,000 km)
      • Whenever the tread depth difference is 2/32 inches (~1.6 mm) or greater
    • Brake system:
      • Every 2 years brake fluid contamination test and replacement if needed
      • Every 12 months or 12,500 miles (~20,100 km) cleaning and lubricating brake calipers if in cold weather region
    • Air conditioning service: Replace the desiccant bag that helps remove moisture
      • Every 4 years for Model 3 and Model Y
      • Every 3 years for Model S and Model X

    You can watch this video to know a complete first-year annual service.

    Comparing Tesla Maintenance Cost to Other Brands

    The 10-year average maintenance cost for a Tesla car is $5,867. This is lower than top luxury brands, including:

    • BMW: $19,300
    • Mercedes-Benz: $16,000
    • Acura: $10,700

    When you compare Tesla maintenance costs to all brands, they are still impressive:

    • Ford: $9,900
    • Subaru: $8,800
    • Toyota: $5,500

    Tesla Warranty Coverage

    You can’t replicate the peace of mind from a comprehensive manufacturer warranty. Tesla’s warranty coverage is quite impressive. It offers bumper-to-bumper coverage and battery-specific terms.

    New Vehicle Limited Warranty

    Every Tesla comes backed by Tesla’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. This includes:

    • Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty: Bumper-to-bumper coverage
      • 4 years or 50,000 miles
    • Supplemental Restraint System Limited Warranty: Covers airbag system
      • 5 years or 60,000 miles
    • Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty: Kicks in if battery capacity goes below 70%
      • 8 years or 150,000 miles:
        • Model S
        • Model X
      • 8 years or 100,000 miles:
        • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive
        • Model Y Standard or Standard Range Plus
      • 8 years or 120,000 miles:
        • Model 3 Long Range or Performance
        • Model Y Long Range or Performance

    Used Vehicle Limited Warranty

    Tesla warranties aren’t only for new car owners. Any time remaining on the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty transfers to the new owner. You can transfer vehicle ownership through Tesla support.

    Every used vehicle purchased directly from Tesla comes with a Used Vehicle Limited Warranty. This adds 1 year or 10,000 miles to the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage.

    The Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty only transfers the original balance. There is no extension for used Tesla buyers, even when purchased from Tesla.

    Where To Go for Tesla Maintenance

    You can schedule Tesla maintenance through the Tesla app which includes the following options:

    • Over-the-air software updates: Requires no physical attention
    • Remote diagnostics: Technicians can address potential issues from afar
    • Mobile Service technicians: A fleet of specialists who meet you at your home or office
    • Tesla Service Centers: In-person option available in at least 34 states

    Can You Maintain a Tesla Yourself?

    Some things, such as the cabin air filter and tire rotations, are Tesla maintenance items you can do yourself. For testing brake fluid and replacing the air conditioner desiccant bag, it’s best to use an authorized Tesla service.

    Can You Take a Tesla to a Regular Auto Shop?

    Due to the advanced nature of Tesla cars, most auto shops are not equipped or knowledgeable about them. Plus, Tesla has issued the following warning about using unauthorized services:

    “If you choose to take your vehicle to a non-Tesla shop for maintenance or repairs, coverage under your warranty could be affected if any problems occur”.

    With that warning in mind, reports show that GM service centers can perform select work on Tesla cars.

    Our Verdict

    Thanks to no combustion engine, Tesla’s maintenance costs and needs are low, especially for a luxury car. 

    But all Tesla cars still have some maintenance and repair needs. You can get mobile service technicians to handle most repairs, or head to a Tesla Service Center when you need to maintain your Tesla.

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